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Der gute Denis hat sicherlich recht. In beiden Fällen 😊 #buch #bookstodon #boyle #stories #geschchten #autor @bookstodon

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Folklore read live!

These saintly defenders of the High Alp's fauna live under vaults of glittering crystal!
But why do they leave paradise to help us?

Find LIVE right NOW:

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My friend, Natalie, is taking me out on our first friends date night, next week. She has an extra ticket & invited me.

For event:
at PechaKucha Night VOL. 20, happening MAY 16th at The Vic Theatre!

12 BRAVE LOCAL , & will inspire, entertain & educate us with dynamic and captivating presentations (PKN-style: 20 slides x 20 seconds) with a wild variety of topics!

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Take advantage of a whole new dimension in the fediverse with Pixelfed Stories!

  • Stories can be posted from web or apps
  • Stories can be viewed from web or apps
  • Stories are federated, and reactions/comments/likes and views are federated as well!

Pixelfed Stories

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Good article on how England's outlier emphasis on phonics as the main method of teaching children to read is failing children and wider society.

Phonics isn’t working - for children’s reading to improve, they need to learn to love stories

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✨ Pixelfed Stories

Share your daily adventures through photos and videos that disappear in 24 hours.

It's a simple way to give friends and followers a peek into your life without cluttering your main feed.

Perfect for those moments that are worth sharing, but not necessarily saving forever!

Pixelfed Stories

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Pixelfed Stories are one of the most complex ActivityPub activities, using Bearcaps and custom types.

I look forward to publishing the spec so other projects can implement ephemeral stories like we have!

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Wow so many views on my latest story!

Did you know you can share photo or video stories to your @pixelfed account that automatically disappear after 24 hours.

Your followers on other Pixelfed servers can see your story, and comment/react as well!

Pixelfed Stories

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A short based on and inspired by the story which can be found on Rumble. It has multiple endings and the player has to make choices to determine the outcome of the story. One of the endings is the true ending.

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Did you know you can post photo or video Stories to your @pixelfed account using our official Android or iOS app?

I just posted one about my extra large hat lol

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i know "every deserves compassion and regardless of their circumstances prior to becoming homeless" etc. etc. but it really is crazy hearing from who were like, or otherwise people who had One (1) misfortune happen that caused them to become homeless. like that "you are one away from " thing is terrifyingly

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Did you know @pixelfed has Stories, and they even federate?

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Windows to Linux victories ✌️ 📈

"I just switched to Linux and i feel like i got a new PC.

Linux just fixed a lot of problems i had on Windows. For example my Steam dl speed on Windows sucks hard, 15MB/s max and stuttering.

I thought my SSD just dying cuz i always had that issue on both win10 and 11.

But after installing Nobara Linux i got surprised .. dl speed 60MB/s without stuttering.

Games also run much better which is weird".

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