Nicole Scherzinger Bringing Her Norma Desmond to Broadway in ‘Sunset Boulevard’ Revival (

Nicole Scherzinger is ready for her close-up. The “X-Factor” judge and Pussycat Dolls singer is bringing her acclaimed interpretation of legendary diva Norma Desmond to Broadway with a new production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Sunset Boulevard.” She’s taking on the fading screen star — a role that was memorably...

From screen to stage and back to screen, this time trying to carry a tune (

The films "The Color Purple" and "Mean Girls" were transformed into Broadway musicals; now both are heading back to movie houses in musical form. But this combination of shape-shifting and baton-passing is a tricky task, and the third time is not always the charm....

Nicole Scherzinger Sets Sights On Broadway For ‘Sunset Boulevard’ Revival (

Starring an electrifying Nicole Scherzinger, Sunset Boulevard ends its limited run at London’s Savoy Theatre on January 6. However, Deadline can reveal in its 2024 West End look ahead that the singer will lead the Andrew Lloyd Webber show to Broadway in November, according to insiders connected with the production....

magicaltrash, to Disney avatar

Casting updates: The Lion King (US tour), Sunset Boulevard (Connecticut), The 12 (Connecticut), Tiananmen (Arizona)

The Lion King North American Tour to Welcome Back Mukelisiwe Goba as Rafiki beginning performances on September 26 at the Showcenter Complex in Monterrey, Mexico, where the award-winning musical will play a two-week premiere engagement from September 19 through October 1, 2023. Goba, who previously played the role from 2015 –...

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