bluenagoon, to 80s avatar

I should be promoting my new album but I got distracted recreating sounds for songs I might want to cover live. I'm guessing many of you will recognize this one right off the bat. It's not perfect but I think I got pretty darned close!

I'm using a sample from a Novation Nova which is a 1999 synth so I'm assuming that patch was in turn a recreation of the original. Which I think was an OBX, but don't quote me on that.

A screen recording of a computer running Ableton Live and playing a single MIDI track arpeggio. Caption reads, "Pop Quiz: What song has this classic synth arp?"

polykit, to modularsynth avatar

Eurorack DIY kits from arrived today plus a little extra! Looking forward to assemble them. Thanks a lot! Make sure to check out his Youtube. He sells some kits on Tindie and I think all the modules are on Github as well. @synthdiy

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amadeus, to diy avatar

When I decided to move to Thailand, I sold almost my entire .
As a kind of 🫣 I bought a bunch of (s) (3) and (s) (3).
Today I'm finally making (s) for them out of and brass tubes. 😎

Acacia wood side panels
Threaded brass tubes

c64tone, to singapore avatar

Had great fun at the Group's monthly meetup yesterday.
Highlight was getting to see and play the Soma Terra. Such an interesting instrument!


MattCrumpLab, to random avatar

Jamming with osmose presets to "The Blue Room".

Matjoe, to repair avatar

Looking for a serious #Synthesizer #repair shop in the UK for a handful of repair jobs a month. pm for details.

#eurorack #modular #electronics

lehto, to newmusic German avatar

Hello everyone,

my new Fysen EP releases this Friday and today we gonna have a listen party on Bandcamp. It will start at 7pm CET (Berlin) time. I will be available in the chat, if you wanna join please check here:

Maybe see you later! 👋

arizzoschettino, to random avatar

It's decided, the Bass Station II is going to be going to the Culture Vulture, the reason is in this video:


Adding hashtags is making me look phoney, isn't it?

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polarity, to Musicproduction avatar

Why I like analog synths and use them now and then. Might be interesting if you're also toying with the idea of getting an analog synth. Plus, there are a few chord tips.


#musodon #musicproduction #hardware #synthesizer

polykit, to SynthDIY avatar
composergreg, to synths

Winter afternoon improv solo jam with cozy late-winter vibes... possibly dreaming of summer.

Live studio performance exploring sound design on the Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave, Sequential Prophet Rev2, and Korg Arp 2600.


composergreg, to synths

Saturday synth soloing over a new track from Doctor Body, duo w/@alisynthesis.

see DOCTOR BODY on Bandcamp for more:


amadeus, to UI avatar

Wow, is an absolute , a beast, utterly in its .
And even though the is alien too, so far it has been a joy to use. I think I have to get a license. 🫣️😝️ Still on so far.
Check it out here:

composergreg, to synths

Warm up your skillet 'cause I've got a lil' ham n' eggs comin' at ya...

Yup. It's time for a good ol' fashioned Synth Lead Shootout!

#3rdwave #groovesynthesis #synthesizer #moog #subsequent37 #yamaha #cs30 #letsmakemusic #studioexperiements #synthsolo #livemusic #livejam #synthesizer

polykit, to SynthDIY avatar

I'm looking at pole-mixing filters again which I implemented in my voice card design. Instead of having fixed filter responses I think of mixing the five signals with VCAs and have full voltage control on all signal components. This would mean you can dial in all possible filter responses but also shift them over time with an ADSR or other voltage source. Take a look at this great article on Electricdruid on the topic:

amadeus, to random avatar

Although I honestly don't understand how this is supposed to be working right away, Audio Damage has released their new Axon 3 today – for the usual suspects as well as for too! 😝️
Axon 3 in their own words: "A drum sequencer that thinks outside the box."
Check it out here:

douglasvb, to synthesizers avatar

If I wanted to get into what would a good budget option be to start experimenting and having some fun?

amadeus, to random avatar

One of the most underrated devices I know: the nord drum 3p
A fascinating .

polykit, to analog avatar

The PCBs for the input section of my polysynth arrived! I’m going to try a hot plate and stencil for the first time for soldering the SMD parts🤞 @synthdiy

composergreg, to synths

This morning I'm taking a journey to try and get a modern wavetable polysynth to stand in as a surrogate for one of the best monosynths Moog ever produced.

Can I tame the 3rd Wave? Only one way to find out!


jeanvoguet, to ai French avatar

I'm currently testing Stable Audio, a music generator using text.
And it's very impressive!
You have to be very precise in the textual request, both technically and descriptively and poetically, for an interesting result to follow ...
A chord composed of 148 microtones realized in a few seconds, whereas it would take me hours to realize it on VCV with a lot of RAM in the PC : What the heck !


nund, to synths German avatar
emnullfuenf, to Arduino avatar

The Korg NTS-1 is one of my favorite synthesizers. It doesn't have a sequencer, so i built one with an e-ink display.

MIDI TRS on ESP-32 is simple:
10 ohm resistor from tip to TXD2
33 ohm resistor from ring to 3V3
Sleeve to GND

The new MKII will have a built-in sequencer!

E-ink sequencer and Korg NTS-1 synthesizer.

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