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Do people ( & )) still care about the country assignment of their & networks used on their servers? Or don’t you mind about it anymore…?

Example: Coming from .de and using a French IP is ok for you?

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Almost 10 yrs ago it already started w/ 3x G5 (3rd in another rack). Each of them w/ 64GB RAM and 2 CPU setup. Nowadays, even larger VMs already come with this amount of RAM. I love building my own and independent and .

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Smart firewalls are less computer science and more esoteric philosophy.

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Coming in 2024

V4V based, multiply redundant object store with decentralized CDN for PeerTube self-hosters. Removes 99% of the bandwidth costs of media hosting, as well as the storage costs of online hosting.

Scored some good year contract server deals on black friday to set this up.

Using SeaweedFS and PeerTube. Open Source all the way down

Happy to help anyone wanting to setup their own SeaweedFS or CDN federation for PeerTube as well, decentralization is the way.

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I'm doing in .

I'm a public-interest technologist and consultant and trainer. I'd be happy doing , , and , but open to positions involving some amount of incident response and strategizing.

14+ yr work experience, 10+ in .


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If you didn’t know already then go and open a console and do a traceroute of

You can thank me later.

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How often do you reboot your Mastodon server? It's so tempting to run apt and reboot... but...

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Wow, Matrix is not the most straightforward to install when compared to Mastodon. Tutorials and docs are all over the place. I have now managed to install and run Matrix, Matrix synapse admin and Element, but still need to figure out how to enable federation and S3. Well, gotta have hobbies...

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I miss the dial-up :) Glad we can still telnet or SSH to the ones still in operation by those loyal !

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I have now my 4.1.2-nightly ready to go and tested locally...

Let's see how much I break things in production.

We'll be briefly offline.

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...and I'm back in v4.1.2~mementomori-social-mods + Mastodon Bird UI. Had to revert because for some reason things didn't work out as they did in development environment.

Does someone know what are the right steps to install nightly on production?

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Is OpX a term in devops / gitops / sysadmin world?

If not, I call dibs for Operator Experience.

(Like UX but the experience for operators)

#opx #devops #sysops #gitops #ux

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My Mastodon server was offline this morning for 2 hours and 2 minutes. The root disk was full for some reason. Reboot cleared 60% of the space. Those damn phantom files again...

Is there anything to do about this or do I just need some regular, timed reboots? How have others solved this? (my db and media are not on the same disk)

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This one's gonna be a little long.

Before I talk about my odd little niche WordPress projects, what are some of your blogs or personal projects, WordPress or otherwise? If you comment and link to them here, I'll definitely check them out! I like to see people's projects, what they've made and what they continue to work on. The fediverse has been really cool for seeing a lot of that. I'm also interested in how long we're able to keep passion projects going amidst the crazy chaos of life. It can be tough! But writing and making things is always super rewarding, as well-- at least it has been for me.

I think I've always liked writing, I like music and that's basically mostly or all writing. At least it is for the lyrics of the vaguely rock type stuff I usually end up making. I write a lot of lyrics, short little bits, phrases. But for longer pieces, I've always liked the ease of writing and reading blogs and digital journals. I'm not one for writing in physical journals. I do like reading physical books, but for writing, but I prefer to type.

Over the years, I've had the chance to experiment with different forms and styles of blogs, just as I've liked to do when designing websites. That was the initial appeal of microblogs like Twitter, things like Livejournal before it, and the huge appeal of WordPress, which of course you can use for short OR long form writing.

I first started playing around with WordPress back around 2008. It was different back then! If you had a free plan, you could change the name of your blog to whatever you wanted as much as you wanted (something they don't allow anymore but was super useful if you needed to rebrand) etc, and all kinds of other differences (no block editor back then, either, obviously!)

I do still have a blog running from back then. It's called space. time. tech. ( The topics I wrote about on the blog are probably obvious from its title. I've been (pretty infrequently) updating that one for 15 years this year. Wow.

The second oldest blog I still run I've mentioned here before. It's called Animated TV Blog (, and again, as its name fairly obviously suggests, I write about my favorite cartoons. I started Animated TV Blog in 2010 and it's been a blast, even just doing the infrequent updates. And I've been doing it for 13 years this year- another really long-running blog I've been able to maintain somehow (you gotta love the content!) I had a pretty active linked Twitter account too that I ran alongside ATB (back when Twitter was just microblogging, and not a fascist wasteland) for many years. Again, I believe the key to good blog writing is picking a topic or topics that you really love-- something you're really passionate about (not just a fad or a passing interest). That way, you'll be more likely to continue to want to write on the blog. At least it worked for me, in the case of ATB!

My most recently created WordPress blog isn't updated anymore, but the posts are all still up and viewable. It was called Tech User Today ( and it was an experiment to try and make something a little more professional, to try and monetize with affiliate links (there's a lot of competition out there). I ended up taking on a bunch of outside reviews, and it was pretty cool, but it also quickly became overwhelming and not enjoyable. I started that one in 2018 and I stopped writing posts for it around two years later, in 2020.

One last thing I've learned from writing WordPress blogs, always make sure to update and maintain your themes! Older default themes tend to start to look outdated or crappy. Just like any good website, it's best to just make sure you like the look of what you're making, and to remember you can always switch up the look of it- I've definitely done this several times over the last 15 years.

If you read all this, you're awesome. And make sure to comment with your own projects!

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@jake4480 I used to use WordPress for my blog in the past. But when I restarted it, I went with a super-minimalist Hugo installation.

I almost exclusively blog about and stuff at

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