music, to music
music, to music
music, to music
music, to music
music, to music
music, to music
music, to music
music, to music
WillySpreadum, to world in Japan same-sex marriage ban ruled unconstitutional again by courts, remains the only G7 country not to recognize avatar

Justice Alito cited the 13th century English legal treatise De Legibus et Consuetudinibus Angliae when he allowed states to ban abortion so I guess it’s pretty inspiring.


music, to music
music, to music
music, to music
music, to music
music, to music
music, to music
music, to music
tagestipp, to random German


.. die föderierte Zeitleiste als Tab anzeigen.

Während früher die föderierte standardmäßig bereits als definiert war, kann dies in neueren Version jederzeit manuell definiert werden. Übrigens: Wie auch andere Tabs.

Im linksseitigen Menü hierzu "Profileinstellungen" auswählen, dann anschließend "Tabs". Nun sieht man die aktuell aktiven (in früheren Versionen von Tusky maximal fünf möglich).

Unten rechts befindet sich ein "Plus"-Symbol. Wählt man dieses, kann man anschließend einen neuen Tab hinzufügen.

In der "Tabs"-Ansicht selbst kann die Reihenfolge der Tabs durch Ziehen der Einträge via des "Sechspunkt"-Symbols angepaßt werden. Mit dem "X"-Symbol kann ein Tab wieder entfernt werden.

music, to music
music, to music
music, to music
Vivaldi, to Football avatar

Don't forget to separate your “Work” tabs from your “totally not watching football” tabs with Workspaces 😉

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mikemathia, to random avatar

I'm surprised this needs to be said:

  1. Never split a check.

  2. Credit card roulette is amusing in your twenties, but after that, it’s time to grow up.

  3. Don’t take credit for picking up the tab if you’re expensing it.

  4. Skip the theater and drama where people reach for their wallets or argue over a bill. At the beginning of a meal, discreetly hand the waiter your credit card.

  5. It evens out over time, and cheapskates get culled from the herd. Regardless, in my experience, the person paying the has more fun (and control).

  6. The man should always pay on a date.

  7. Ladies, if you a guy asks to split a tab, simply say, "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm happy to; I just didn't want to emasculate you." And then, never call him again.

  8. Always more than you think you should. It makes a huge difference to a server or bartender. And if it’s actually a meaningful amount of money, you probably shouldn’t be going out.

kubikpixel, to webdev avatar

I don't understand why some #WebDev "professionals" often use only ready-made #CSS libraries for website design. No, not everything is easy but, for example, creating #links so that users can see how they lead outside the #website is standard in my opinion.

I have illustrated it for clarification. You can of course change the #logo's to other UTF-8 characters or position according to the desired #design ;)

kubikpixel, avatar

🧵 …I am of the same opinion and you can see how WebDev can also mark links via CSS above in the Toot.

«Arguments for opening links in a new tab or window»


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