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The Moscow attacks have brought terrorism concerns back to the fore. How well-equipped is Southeast Asia to thwart extremism? The bag is mixed.

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Bangkok River, Bangkok, Thailand #travel #essayist #bangkok #thailand

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The XYZ girls !
Thailand, late 1980's
#Thailand #ThaiPop #ThailandMusic #1980s

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Title: กุ๊ก กุ๊ก กู้
Genre: Thai Pop / Pop
Release: Grammy Entertainment Records, Thailand 1990.
#NowPlaying #Thailand #ThaiPop #1980s #vinyl #vinylrecords #vinylcollection #vinyladdict #vinylcollector #vinyllove #vinyllover

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Title: แวบเดียว
Genre: Thai Pop / Pop
Release: Grammy Entertainment Records, Thailand 1988. EP edition (6 tracks)

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Title: ดอกไม้บาน.... เ เจ้าเอย จ้ า เ
Genre: Thai Pop / Pop
Release: Grammy Entertainment Records, Thailand 1987.
#NowPlaying #Thailand #ThaiPop #vinyl #vinylrecords #vinylcollection #vinyladdict #vinylcollector #vinyllove #vinyllover

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Myanmar resistance fighters burned the flag used by the military government and raised their own banner at a newly captured army base. #asiapacific #myanmar #thailand

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A resistance group fighting Myanmar's military rule said its fighters had repelled an attempt by junta troops to advance on the key town of Myawaddy along the Thai border that was seized by the rebels last week.

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It’s water festival time in Thailand where many are marking the country’s traditional New Year, splashing each other with colorful water guns and buckets in an often raucous celebration that draws thousands of people, even as this year the Southeast Asian nation marks record-high temperatures causing concern.

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Rebels claim they drove out last junta battalion in Myanmar border town

> Anti-junta rebels and allied forces on the #Thailand-#Myanmar border have driven out the military’s last battalion from a major trade hub in Myanmar’s Kayin state,

> The Karen National Liberation Army – the armed wing of – the Karen National Defense Organization, and allied forces overran junta Battalion 275’s base in Myawaddy at around 4:30 a.m. Thursday #SouthEastAsia

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Happy new year !

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Kämpfe in Grenzstadt: Thailands sorgenvoller Blick auf Myanmar

Der Bürgerkrieg in Myanmar hat sich an die Grenze zu Thailand verlagert. Bislang hatte dort das Militärregime das Sagen, nun übernehmen die Rebellen. Das lässt nicht nur Thailand aufhorchen. Von A. Henkel.


#Myanmar #Thailand

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Why do you have 2 guns?
I didn't think one would be enough 😎

#thailand #songkran #iJoinedMiamiVice

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Exodus to Thailand continues after fall of key Myanmar border town

> MAE SOT, Thailand, April 12 - A stream of people, some fearing air strikes, queued at a border crossing to flee early on Friday, a day after the strategically vital town of near fell to anti-junta resistance that is gaining strength.

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SLAPPED: Speaking Up In #Thailand. “When 10s of millions of baht disappeared from funds supposed to help…Thai farmers out of poverty, journalist & [#HumanRightsDefender] #ChutimaSidasathian…uncovered a banking scandal that…devastated her local community... a public figure implicated in the alleged #fraud…filed #CriminalDefamation complaints against her... 101 East investigates how…lawsuits are…used to intimidate #whistleblowers & conceal #corruption...” | Aljazeera 👉

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About 200 military personnel withdrew to a bridge to on Thursday after a days-long assault by the resistance, which declared it had won control of the critical border town of , the latest in a string of rebel wins. The military has already lost control of areas along Myanmar's borders with , and , while suffering a significant loss of manpower.

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Thai armored cars patrolled the town of Mae Sot on Wednesday as the deep boom of artillery thundered across the border in Myanmar, where the junta and an ethnic armed group fought for a second day near a vital trade hub.

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Uneventfully home from 2.5 weeks visiting family and travelling a bit in Thailand during its hottest time of the year - 40 degrees or over every day up in the North East where we visited Buriram and, at long last, Khon Kaen; high 30s in Bangkok every day. I’m looking forward to jeans and a jacket, once more. Photos will be up soon for wider public consumption - I’ve got a bit of processing to do of the ones from the “nice” camera.

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Thailand says it is prepared to receive 100,000 people fleeing Myanmar

> Thailand is prepared to accept 100,000 people fleeing Myanmar, its foreign minister said on Tuesday (Apr 9), as fighting near a crucial border town rumbled on.

> shares a 2,400km border with , which has been embroiled in a civil war since the junta overthrew the democratically elected government in 2021.

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Thailand's attorney general will postpone a hearing with influential former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra on whether to indict him over a royal insult complaint, his lawyer has said, adding that the investigation was ongoing. #asiapacific #politics #thaksinshinawatra #thailand

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I am now in , Phuket near the ocean. Ill be working remotely from here for 3 months... im ready.

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