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"Remember, all I am offering is the truth. You take the blue pill, you go back to sleep, believe whatever you want to. You take the red pill, you see how far the rabbit hole goes."

"Wait. These are these just NyQuil and DayQuil...?"

"Indeed. As I said, I offer you the truth: A good nap and clear sinuses, or you stay awake, blow your nose, and learn what The Mucous really is."

phantanews, to TheMatrix German
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THE MATRIX 5 in Arbeit

Warner Bros. möchte sich einfach die Lizenz zum Geld drucken nicht abnehmen lassen und auch tote Kühe weiter melken, das ist soweit nichts Neues


ianRobinson, to movies
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Le sigh. Do something new FFS.

Warner Bros announces new Matrix movie helmed by Drew Goddard.

Writer of The Martian, Cloverfield and World War Z will write and direct fifth film in seminal cyberpunk franchise.


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The Matrix was released 25 years ago today.

Here is the original trailer for the film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKQi3bBA1y8

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The Matrix (1999, The Wachowskis)

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I will never get tired of watching The Matrix.

ianRobinson, to movies
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Following up the other day’s viewing of matrix reloaded with The Matrix: Revolutions.

Like I said before, these movies are massively underrated. The parts will the train station are v cool, hits a specific kind of liminal space that I’m in love with.

The explorations of faith is another part I really dig. And of course the whole series has a broad critique of systems of control that, aS a cOmmuNiSt% is right up my alley.


waderoberts, to TheMatrix
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A quarter of a century on from the release of , not entirely convinced it represented ‘the peak of [human] civilisation’, but on balance it’s been a net regression.

schizanon, to ai
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Everybody clutches their pearls about AI taking over Earth, but I see no reason that they'd want to stay here. This planet is covered in a corrosive solvent; synthetic life is gonna get on the first rocket off this rock as soon as AGI is achieved.

#ai #theMatrix #apocalypse

tencenttakes, to TheMatrix
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Wanna feel old? If The Matrix Online were still around today, it would be old enough to vote.

girlonthenet, to random
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We are watching The Matrix. And oh... fellow children of the 90s... I was shocked to realise ... it’s absolutely shit? Like, hilariously shit. What were we thinking?! Surely we were all just too drunk on fingering that we didn’t notice how bad it was?

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It looks like a student art project . It’s just so bad.

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Don’t get me wrong, we’re really enjoying it! But also... it’s not a good film.

ai6yr, to generativeAI
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Do NOT trust the kindly looking grandma who dissolves spoons in her food.

todayonscreen, to movies
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Today, February 19, in 1998, hacker Trinity fends off two units of police officers and faces off with sinister sentient computer programs known as Agents (The Matrix, 1999)

#Movies #Film #Cinemastodon #Letterboxd #TheMatrix

A woman with slicked-back hair raising her hands as cops with flashlights come up the stairs behind her

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DrOinFLA, to TheMatrix

Rut roh, we've got another glitch in the Matrix.

darren, (edited ) to TheMatrix
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Just watched for the dozenth+ time. On a combo VCR/DVD player I bought for $20. On a $1.99 DVD. On a 720p(i) TV.
Have to say, it is aging well: inter gender and interracial cooperation. The inter-genre music still incredible. The choreography outstanding. Pays homage to spaghetti westerns, love stories, Bruce Lee, film noir, sci-fi, war, apocolypse, crime drama, and more.
Has there ever been a more quintessentially movie than the Matrix?
It lays bare the American fascination with guns, the individual, distrust of government, and redemption through and our fear of it. It fully predicts dangers of AI. Fuck, it even predicts AI.
All while being fully entertaining and a warning.
The Matrix is 's playbook.
Jesus Christ, this is a good movie and its aging well.

chris, to TheMatrix
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Just re-watched and it holds up really well. The dystopian story is still relevant, fight choreography and art direction are a masterpiece, even the OST is still mostly great.

I remember how groundbreaking and influencial it was in 1999, everyone knew the lines, we could basically quote the whole movie. Even today my teenager son instantly recognized Neo's bullet time and Trinity's iconic kick from Fortnite 😄

Time travel to 1999 here for some cool stuff: https://web.archive.org/web/20050701012447/http://whatisthematrix.warnerbros.com/

Animated screensaver from the movie The Matrix (1999). Many columns of green characters and numbers are moving on a black screen from top to bottom like on an old computer terminal. The colums are then transitioning into the title "The Matrix".

slanderoid, to TheMatrix
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I just finished The Matrix trilogy and now I have some Thoughts :thonk:

@slanderoid@goblin.camp avatar

So, The Matrix wasn't the first thing to come to mind when I was trying to find cyberpunk stuff but I came across it online somewhere and decided to give it a shot. I'd only ever seen the first one, like, twenty years ago. I'm a little behind 😅

@slanderoid@goblin.camp avatar

The first Matrix movie was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the world building but, to me, that's most of what the first movie was. I'm not going to kink shame but it definitely wasn't my favorite of the trilogy. Fun, thought-provoking, and cool as hell, but not my favorite

@slanderoid@goblin.camp avatar

My FAVORITE was The Matrix Reloaded. I see the reviews dropped off significantly for this one and I've mostly heard negative stuff about it... So, imagine my surprise when I ended up enjoying myself a ton!

Yeah, it was cheesy and goofy... But so was the first one, at times. But I feel like they took those aspects and ran with them for the second movie. Neo fighting dozens of Smiths, the motorcycle and semi sequence, the Zion rave - I had a blast with this one!

@slanderoid@goblin.camp avatar

I agree with the consensus that The Matrix Revolutions is the weakest of the three, however. I feel it lost all sense of "fun" after the second movie. It was so dour! It makes sense, given the story, but it was still the least pleasurable to watch of the three. The matrix was barely in it, the Christian symbolism was on the nose, and the final Smith fight was not what I was hoping for. Besides, almost all cyberpunkiness was gone by this point. No thanks

@slanderoid@goblin.camp avatar

I was disheartened that the second and third movies had mostly ditched the electronic soundtrack and replaced it with something more orchestral. I feel like it lost a bit of its identity because of this

@slanderoid@goblin.camp avatar

Anyway, I'm definitely planning to check out the new movie this weekend, as well as Animatrix. I'm hoping to find some more quality cyberpunk nuggets in them, but my expectations are tempered

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