irfan, to macos

The thing I hate most about is how simple problems which should have simple solutions on any other operating system almost ALWAYS have no solution at all. The Forum's super helpful too, can always count on them to give you the "welp, you should've not had that problem in the first place - too bad <3".

In this case, the context is: you cannot copy over your backups from a drive to another - which seems like a very fucking logical thing to do for when your backup is growing or your drive is aging. The solution provided by everyone is to just "start a new backup on the new drive" or "you should've used a bigger drive 3 years ago". These fucking bitches.

marioguzman, to Mac avatar

Is there a reason why the Photos app doesn't work with Time Machine in the same way that iPhoto did where you can open iPhoto, then go into Time Machine to restore individual photos you've might have deleted by accident?

With Photos, you need to restore your entire library from Finder + Time Machine so good look knowing where said individual photo was last copied over to Time Machine?

#iPhoto #Photos #Mac #macOS #TimeMachine

davemark, to apple avatar

Rephrasing my question:

If I turn off iCloud (say, I stop paying the monthly fee), I assume I will lose access to all files in the cloud but NOT downloaded to my Mac.

Is there a way to backup ALL my Mac's files, both on device and in the cloud?

Happy to buy a large enough drive. My concern is that Time Machine only backs up what's on my device, depends on iCloud to back up the cloud stuff.

ottaross, to TimeTravel avatar

"No backups for 10 days"

Jeez, you couldn't have told be before this? Is there a setting for earlier and more vociferous warnings?

TimeTravelResearchCommunity, to TimeTravel

Astrophysicist says he's cracked the equation for
By Sanjana Gajbhiye, 22 Mar 2024

…''[Prof. Ron] Mallett’s theory comes with a significant constraint. “You can send information back, but you can only send it back to the point where you started operating the device.”

In this sense, the is like a one-way message service to the past. You can’t travel to a point before the machine existed''…



rasterweb, to macos avatar

I came in this morning after being out for a week and had to close about 150 warning dialogs in macOS.

It's a shame no one gives a fuck about what happens in a UI when shit goes wrong.

(I ended up writing a script to click and close them all.)

adingbatponder, avatar

@rasterweb That is funny. NOT funny is that - if there is no external disk attached and auto backup is on - seems to fill your internal disk with time machine backups! and the only way of finding and eliminating them I found is to buy a piece of software and upgrade to "professional" and bravely delete the 700 GB of junk time machine backups discovered. Apple is really really spooky creepy stuff. Now I ONLY trigger backups manually ... not good but hey.

bevanthomas, to literature

"Scientific people," proceeded the Time Traveller, after the pause required for the proper assimilation of this, "know very well that Time is only a kind of Space.... That line, therefore, we must conclude, was along the Time Dimension."

  • H. G. Wells, "The Time Machine"

i_am_future, to TimeTravel German
mpi_grav, to TimeTravel German avatar

“Can information travel to the past? Wormholes that function as time machines are a theoretical possibility within the laws of physics”

An article in El País by Ana Alonso-Serrano, researcher at the Humboldt University of Berlin and at the @mpi_grav in Potsdam.


ncrav, to eattherich avatar

Whatever you think of them: Morlocks did in fact eat the rich!

waltergianno, to history Italian

📷 30 novembre 1915

Un soldato francese, durante la prima guerra mondiale, benda la zampa di un cane della .

waltergianno, to TimeTravel Italian

🔵 Ottobre 1945 - Copertina di per celebrare la fine della Seconda Guerra Mondiale.

odrotbohm, to TimeTravel avatar

TIL about , a tool to exclude build target folders for various tech stacks from a backup. Be sure to install the latest head (for support) and have your folder permissions set correctly (I had to fix mine to see my projects).

FreiGuy86, to movies

Happy !

It's a short one, but its making good progress.

Im an artist in the industry. Working on becoming a artist.

Check out my Artstation for for more renders. And Follow for future projects.

bitprophet, to TimeTravel avatar

I am this || close to disabling on my and just adding a second target for whatever this year's S3-a-like service is called on my .

May as well just do the latter anyways (assuming I have the space 🤔) and then I can at least find out if TM's incredible slowness is its fault or, somehow, the Synology’s.

DJDarren, to TimeTravel avatar

Got the on bang on today.

Went on quite a journey mind. Started at ‘82, then ‘85, then ‘87.

mgorny, to opensource Polish avatar

Typowa sytuacja we współczesnym , na przykładzie ekosystemu języka .

Wiele projektów używa biblioteki , by nadpisywać wskazania zegara na potrzeby testów. FreezeGun powoli przestaje być rozwijany. W końcu zaczyna mieć problemy z nowymi wersjami Pythona. Dystrybucje, takie jak , są odporne na te problemy, bo mogą łatwo dodać lokalne łatki.

Tak więc projekty zaczynają korzystać z . Niestety, time-machine opiera się na hakowaniu detali implementacji CPythona (w imię wydajności, bo przecież nadpisywanie czasu w testach to wydajnościowe wąskie gardło), więc na nie działa w ogóle. Niektóre projekty wspierają FreezeGun i time-machine równocześnie, inne nie.

Czasem time-machine łapie segfaulty na CPythonie. Z czasem coraz więcej segfaultów zostaje zgłoszonych. Nie ma więc zaskoczenia, że nowe zgłoszenia błędów nie spotykają się z odpowiedzią. W międzyczasie, FreezeGun na nowo zaczyna być rozwijany. No i zgadnijcie, co teraz się dzieje…

AlexSanterne, to TimeTravel avatar

If you were given a , what would you do ? ⏳

Answer below 👇

jfparis, to TimeTravel

/ capsule backup to a server on or any other ? Is that ever reliable (I have the feeling I always have to fix it and restart from scratch)

Is there any other cheap open source backup option for Mac? Duplicati is utterly broken with that silly permission system

adingbatponder, to macos avatar

Apple with multiple . My 2Tb disk was getting for unknown reason.
does not show file sizes.
Tried using to clean disk. No change.
Massive 'system data' shown in storage menu 'about my mac'.
Only installed as free standing app NOT from (Apple Store!) using scan as administrator was able to find the 1) users with large video files 2) delete 'purgable space' presumably containing junk.
Can anyone justify Apple design?

schenklklopfer, to apple German avatar

Kann #Apple mittlerweile auch #TimeMachine Backups auf #NFS oder #SMB Freigaben?

So wie jede andere Software auch?

Oder muss ich nach wie vor eine blöde USB HDD anstecken oder eine komische properitäre Software benutzen?

patamystic, to Mac

users, is there any that works reliably with a ? keeps failing for unspecified reasons. , which works fairly well with external drives, is still chugging away after two days with lots of errors and exceptions

this shouldn't be so hard

elshid, to TimeTravel

I have a quite full schedule today... So many interesting talks and stuff. I would need n > 3 units of myself to visit everything I would like. Anyone having a that I can use?

kytta, to TimeTravel avatar

stopped working for some reason. Copying 6 gigabytes takes up to four hours, and then it gets stuck at ‘Freeing Up Space’, even though there is enough room for a full backup, let alone an incremental one.

Internet search didn’t yield any results other than ‘Reformat drive as APFS and try again’. I don’t have a spare drive on hand at the moment, so I guess no backups for me.

kylewritescode, to apple avatar

When you forget your Time Machine encryption password and have to wipe the drive and start over.

Bored Will And Grace GIF by Cameo

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