cazabon, to privacy

> Depending on the [smart TV] platform, turning off [Automated Content Recognition, i.e. spyware]
> took us between 10 and 37 clicks.

37 clicks! And you thought MS Edge was difficult to shut up.



I will never, ever connect my TV to the internet. If it has no network access, it can't phone home.

When the manufacturers start shipping them with builtin LTE modems and no way to disable them, then it's pitchforks-and-torches time.

itnewsbot, to random avatar

High Voltage Turns Welder into Plasma Cutter - For doing basic steel welding, most of us will reach for a MIG welder. It might no... -

itnewsbot, to random avatar

Fiery Torch Build Is Remarkably Stylish - Hollywood movies, RPGs, and Dungeons and Dragons campaigns are all full of flaming... -

jonthegeek, to ArtificialIntelligence avatar

We're launching a new book club in September to read Deep Learning and Scientific Computing in R torch (! Join @R4DSCommunity Slack at, then head to the -torch channel for details! The club begins Wednesday, 2023-09-13.

christiansilvermooon, to Discord

I am SO sick of joining Servers for everything and anything.

I do NOT want to join your server of 400+ people I do not know and have no desire to talk to because you wouldn't link me your GitHub or site directly or put necessary information in your README for a thing I just want to download and use.

Please, for the love of Celestia STOP doing this. IF your server gets deleted, that information is GONE. If Discord shuts down, that information is GONE. If someone doesn't want to join a 400+ person chat room, they're SCREWED. PLEASE STOP.

You people know that there are limits to the number of servers people can JOIN right?!

Sweet Luna's Moon! Seriously, just make an RSS Feed..! Put up an info page on GitHub Pages, it's FREE.

I miss forums you could browse without an account :fluttersad:

Please... please...


Rarity smiling while vibrating with internal rage

kkarhan, avatar

@christiansilvermooon not really.

I'd call it only "dark web" if you can't find it because or haven't indexed it.

CharlieKruse, to random avatar


If they don't open the next Olympics with this woman, they should just pack it up and call it a day.

GetMisch, to Wyze avatar
rbreich, to random avatar

Nurses went on strike.

Then graduate students.

Then school teachers.

Now it’s hotel employees, writers, and actors.

UPS drivers and auto workers may be next.

Many strikes, similar story:

Workers are sick and tired of billionaires and corporations hoarding wealth and power.


🥥 Eye just stopped by to append the hashtag, to this toot from the eminent economist Mr. .
In the meantime, I'm purchasing stock in , , and companies just in case. 🥥

MsLiz, to poker

or red hot
~ plant, lily
~ road frontage of a farm paddock

West , New Zealand. 29 January 2023

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