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Los Angeles traffic today (as we approach rush hour).

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People apparently were forced to walk to Chicago O'Hare this morning due to Gaza protests (one of many today, apparently). #protests #aviation #ORD

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Another rockslide at the Malibu Canyon tunnel. Closed until at least tomorrow. #Malibu #rockslide #traffic #rain #CAwx

Photo from LASD of a rockslide in front of a tunnel

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Electric vehicles are making an increasingly bigger dent in oil use, both globally and in Australia. In 2022, they displaced the use of 1.5m barrels of oil a day. Daily global oil demand is around 97m barrels, so there's a long way to go.

But it is not electric cars doing most of the work. It is e-bikes and mopeds. These devices are ten times as common as electric cars globally (led by widespread adoption in ), and twice as popular as e-cars in Australia. In 2022, electric micromobility devices globally displaced more than four times as much oil as electric cars.

If you've never tried one, consider giving it a go. Most bike shops will give you a free test ride. Personally, getting an has been one of the best decisions I've made in the last few years and has been one important way of maintaining our household record of never having owned a car.

See also:
This illuminating video from Simon Clarke, titled "How bad are e-bikes for the environment?"

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Missed this post from yesterday from CHP Moorpark... "Six separate crashes within 5 minutes snarled traffic on US-101 NB on the Conejo Grade heading into Camarillo during this mornings commute. Original cause? One car with a flat tire in the center divide. That caused this chain reaction of crashes"

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Why is it that some people get so agitated when you suggest that some other people can happily live without their own car?

I mean, sure, some places are extremely car-centric! But not all places where humans live are extremely car-centric, and some of the places that are extremely car-centric could be changed to offer more options to people who want to live without their own cars!

Why is this notion seen as a threat?

#traffic #cars #urbanPlanning #bicycle #publicTransit

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LOL it appears that Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers has an ideal location for capturing consumers in Kerrville, TX, where half the roads out of town are blocked and closed (for their Eclipse event, I believe)...

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First major eclipse traffic jam starting... Kerrville to Dallas, I believe. Big eclipse event in Kerrville... people going back to their hotels in San Antonio? #eclipse #traffic

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Caltrans Update on 5 hour full closures on the 101 Wildlife Crossing in Agoura Hills through mid to late April.

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My mother suffers from a serious case of

She drives to the post office to mail a regular letter

and are for other people

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And she is thoroughly soaked in fossil fuels

Every phone call includes
• a mention of buying
• too much
• her favorite car wash
• unnecessary errands

I’ve learned not to respond

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Unintended release of Chinook into a river in Oregon, due to a traffic accident. (minor injuries to the driver, and not all the Chinook made it into the river... but the ones that did should survive).

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife: "On March 29 near Lookingglass Hatchery in northeast Oregon, a fish tanker truck was involved in an accident while transporting approximately 102,000 spring Chinook smolts for release in the Imnaha River.... The accident occurred alongside Lookingglass Creek, a tributary of the Grande Ronde River. About 77,000 smolts made it into the creek when the tanker overturned"

#fish #accident #traffic #oregon #chinook

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"The proposal would make it a class 6 felony for a pedestrian to interfere with traffic on any bridge, tunnel or highway with more than 25 people or cars on it, or any roadway that leads to an airport if they don’t have legal permission to do so and have already been given a warning. "

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I don't know what's going on (besides rush hour), but Los Angeles traffic looks extra-bad today.

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Whew, going to the airport extremely early just paid off. I'd be right there if I had gone on the original, requested schedule. Appears a semi ran over at least one sedan... 3-4 vehicles (or more) involved. SIGALERT. I-405 North, Getty Center Drive.

Stand still traffic reported on the 405 North
Mar 30 2024 9:46PM [54] Tow Request Cancelled: 1250500 [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:42PM [53] TMC COPIES SIGALERT - 1039 MEDIA [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:35PM [46] 79-62 START SIG ALERT FOR 30 MINS ALL LNS EXCEPT HOV [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:18PM [42] [Rotation Request Comment] 1039 ALL CITY TOW (XXX) XXX-XXXX ETA 20 MINS W/ 2ND FB [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:16PM [40] [Rotation Request Comment] 1021 TIP TOW NO FB AVAIL [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:15PM [39] 1021 ALL CITY TOW CPY 1022 HD // CONT FB [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:14PM [37] 79-62 ROLL ADDL FB [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:08PM [28] [Rotation Request Comment] ALL CITY TOW (XXX) XXX-XXXX ETA (XXX) XXX-XXXX ETA 40 MIN HD [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:08PM [27] C79-062 ALL LNS STOPPED [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:06PM [26] [Notification] [CHP]-PER WIT 1 MILE PRIOR TO TC WAS RED VEH WAS HI SPD USING CD AND I/O LNS = WRECKLESS [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:05PM [25] RP ADV SEMI RAN OVER SDN // PTY IN SDN NEG INJS [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:05PM [24] [Rotation Request Comment] ALL CITY TOW (XXX) XXX-XXXX ETA 20 MIN W/ FB [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:04PM [23] PTY ADV NEG INJS [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:04PM [21] PTY ADV INVLD IN SEMI POSS HBD [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:02PM [33] [Appended, 21:12:20] [3] RP ADVS THERES NO SEMI INVLD IN HIS ACCIDENT / POSS 20001 Mar 30 2024 9:01PM [10] CORR LINE7 -

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Massive traffic accident on the 101E (south) in Calabasas, multiple cars involved, at least one vehicle on its roof, other vehicles off the side. (no doubt as a result of the intense rain band moving through).

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New York City clears way for the first congestion pricing in the U.S., charging cars $15 to enter parts of Manhattan.

NBC News reports: "Congestion pricing will impact any driver entering what is being called the Central Business District (CBD), which stretches from 60th Street in Manhattan and below, all the way down to the southern tip of the Financial District."

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Sigh. For every example of how removing traffic or from a downtown location helped foot traffic and livability there seems to be a counterexample. Bottom line: things are complex, and engineering the urban world we want to live in is not as simple as one might think.

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August 2017 solar eclipse traffic, in a nutshell... apparently turned some routes into hours and hours long traffic jams.

Photo of Eclipse Traffic jam on Aug 21, 2017

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Colombo, night traffic


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Love to stuff about our model. Here we have expected computational load for nodes in our simulation network.

I am actually doing something else, but wanted to see, how this is distributed in our model.

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