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Most listened to music in the past week:

Nine Inch Nails, Ferry Corsten, !!!, Daft Punk, BT, Kanga, Venus Hum, Hatari and Sneaker Pimps.

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Most listened to music in the past week:

Nine Inch Nails, Ferry Corsten, !!!, BT, Kanga, Venus Hum, VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk and Icon of Coil.
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Pierwsze dwie godziny wczorajszej imprezki: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyeTmYfSWko


Naprawde fajny, kameralny, plynacy i wakacyjny klimat 😎 Nawet troche sie chlopakom wkradlo, ale to juz chyba bylo poza streamingiem :D
No i fajnie bylo pogadac z ludzmi, ktorych sie nie widzialo -nascie lat 🤣
Musze sprawdzic co graja w katowickim , bo jesli podobnie to bede tam czestym bywalcem


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Attention #BandcampFriday people! If you have club style #techno techno or #minimal techno tracks between 128-134 BPM or #trance that leans more traditional rather than progressive between 142-145 BPM, drop me some links in the comments.

#Music #Bandcamp #Friday

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#dnalounge #cyberdelia #electro #bigbeat #trance #cyberpunk #industrial #sanfrancisco

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Good 💗 Morning 💗 PsyTrance 💗

Great track from a great mix!

Galactic Riders

Goa vol 66

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I'm more partial to music but good on the German government for recognizing more recent aspects of culture as part of Germany's valuable intangible cultural heritage!


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zapowiedziany na ... i teraz zaczynam sie zastanawiac jak sobie tam skombinowac nocleg, kiedy najblizsza miejscowka jest ze 40 km od imprezy bo reszta juz zarezerwowana 🤣

edit: no dobra, przesadzilem - 22 km bo w Lesznie




EmmyFur, to Trance


EmeraldX - Over And Out

I tried to combine and with this project. The result is a song that aims for you to feel like you're flying or giving you the feeling of weightlessness. I hope you enjoy it!


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I przy piątku nie mogło zabraknąć od


Anjunabeats Vocal Trance DJ Mix (Above & Beyond, ilan Bluestone, Andrew Bayer) February 2024


> · Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/anjunabeats?sub_confirmation=1· Follow the Anjunabeats New Releases playlist: https://anjunabeats.co/newr...

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Kevin and Perry go LARGE – Signum coming on strong – Ibiza club mix, nostalgia for the generation. 3.3k likes, 330,745 views as of 5/9/2023 – https://statusl.ink/kevinandperrygolargesignumcoming-917.htm

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: This week's Tune Tuesday from @Kitty has a theme of "Sing It" from @pgs - songs whose lyrics have a special meaning to you.

Not Japanese today. Two songs come to mind, one for when I am in a dark mood and one for when I am in up mood.

Down: Before I got into chika idols I was a serious gearhead and followed German Industrial and Dark Pop.

Blutengel - Sing


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#2 And then there are the up times. This tune also has the same bittersweet theme about life's nature but focuses on why we keep going. And what better place to find something uplifting than Progressive Trance.

Aurosonic & Stine Grove - In Euphoria We Rise (Progressive Mix)


@Kitty @pgs

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After nearly 30 years, “Offshore”, the Balearic Trance classic first released in 1996, still kicks ass. And this newly released symphonic version is just as good as you can imagine. 🎵🎶


#Chicane #ChicaneMusic #Offshore #Trance #IbizaTrance #BalearicTrance #music #songs #EDM

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111 tracks mixed over 6 sides. There's been previous year mixes From this but nothing like this.
This is the first time Armada records got the OK for licensing and put it out on vinyl via Music on Vinyl albiet limited to 1500 which is very under the radar for a online radio show as big as A State of Trance.

Absolutely solid bass and soundstage on good 180g vinyl and I'm so glad it's actually mixed.

Armin Van Buuren - A State Of Trance Year Mix 2023
@vinylrecords @waxandbeans

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Excuse me for 2 hours

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🚀 We have some fresh Breakmaster Cylinder beats for ya!

🕺💃👯 Dance Party! 👯 💃 🕺

Enjoy the drop 🫳


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After last night's hurricane of technical difficulties, how about some trance to chill out the week?


witewulf, to music

This is a lovely story:


…with a very happy ending:


One man’s 30 year obsession with a mystery mix tape. Hats off to you @k

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to the album Further by kiwi electronic producer Grouch;


The first track, Chops, is a deeply moving psy-dub mediation on the undirected death of a friend.

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