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@opensuse has successfully migrated and upgraded our platform to a hosted solution! This is expected to deliver faster response times, a more intuitive user interface and a more robust set of tools for .

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is looking for help with the for the app

It was 69% complete, right below the threshold. Since then there has been no significant change. If you are a K-9 Mail user and a native Korean speaker, please consider helping out.

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Come si dice “sputtanare” in inglese?

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Quarantine in the 1600s

Quarantine was the main method of prevention of the black plague in Venice, and the lazzaretti served that purpose.

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: "Unreadable translations of pirated books flooding the internet show that the process cannot currently be fully outsourced to computers. Instead, publishers have begun to use AI-assisted translation. Some European presses work with Nuanxed, which employs humans to edit machine-translated books. The company aims “to maintain the quality of traditional translations”, offering savings to publishers and “market rates” to linguists.

The threat of being undercut by machines is an ongoing concern for translators. In its recent survey, the European Council of Literary Translators’ Associations recommends that professionals avoid editing AI-generated texts or charge translation rates for such work. In our age of jet-propelled information, translating by hand could become the new green travel; the appeal of sustainably translated books would then grow, hopefully benefiting their creators.

When asked about quality, even some of the proponents of AI believe it may be good enough for a potboiler but not for a poetry collection. Kristoffer Lind, the CEO of the Swedish publisher Lind & Co, told me that his company only uses machine translation for genres such as crime and romance. While the suitability of AI is often debated in economic terms, for Eva Ferri, the publisher of Europa Editions UK and the Italian press Edizioni E/O, the choice is ethical. “Hiring a human being is the right thing to do,” she says, “even when the alternative is much more cost-efficient.”"

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The ASV Indice by Andrea da Mosto

The L’Archivio di Stato di Venezia : indice generale, storico, descrittivo ed analitico (shortened ASV Indice) by Andrea da Mosto is a very useful reference to all the major and minor institutions and offices of the Republic of Venice.

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The Dizionario del Dialetto Veneziano by Giuseppe Boerio

The Dizionario del Dialetto Veneziano by Giuseppe Boerio from 1829 is the essential dictionary of the late Venetian language for anybody trying to read old Venetian texts.

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Però l’anderà parte — vadit pars

Legal texts from the Republic of Venice often contains some particular Venetian idioms, such as “però l’anderà parte” and “vadit pars”

#Glossary #Laws #Sources #Translations #Venezia #Venice

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The Lessico Veneto by Fabio Mutinelli

The Lessico Veneto — Lexicon of the Veneto — by Fabio Mutinelli from 1851 is another of those must-have books for anybody interested in Venetian history, which is exact why it was written.

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Hey, @crunchyroll, if you remove humanity from language, I quit you. And I hope everyone who likes/favs/retweets/reposts/retoots this does too. Put out a press release stating you will never use AI for , or face waves of revenue loss.

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The for the has been installed!!! 🥳​

It’s not like it was forbidden to translate the manuals before, or to propose translations for installation, but that just never happened.

Now, as Eli wrote:

"So now this stuff is in its place and ready for adding more translations. What is still missing is the Make wizardry to produce the translated manuals as part of the build and install then as part of "make install". Patches welcome. When this is done, we should call out the translations in NEWS."

I’m not sure I’ll have the time to learn that new skill set any time soon (well, not before the summer anyway), so if anyone wants to give it a go, please do so!


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A Venetian Law

Ignorance of the law is no excuse — so the Serenissima sometimes published laws on inscriptions around the city.

#MonumentsGreatAndSmall #Laws #Sources #Translations #VenetianState #Venezia #Venice

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For a ongoing series where I use the whole text of Georges Perec’s book La disparition to create monochrome prints, I am searching for the digital text versions of the Dutch, German, Italian and Swedish translation of the book. Any clues to find/ search are welcome.
Searching for PDF’s online is risky business and e-books are copy-protected. #perec #ladisparation #translations

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Season of KDE, KDE's mentorship program for new contributors, is kicking off with 18 new projects.

Covering #translations, #videoediting software, #math and #data #analysis tools, and software #sustainability and #accessibility, this year's edition will help new contributors to get started in #FOSS software development and help push apps and projects forward.

#SOK #mentorship


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Looking into the possibility of adding #translations to my #WordPress #website and wondering if anyone else is doing so. I think initially I'd be using one of the automatic translators, but would eventually go to manual so I can make sure the style fits my own. My website is about #woodworking but I welcome recommendations from anyone who is using a translation service for their website.

Also interested in how to test my site for #readers for the #blind.

#translate #WordPressPlugin #blog

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Mezzo (Calle di) – Curiosità Veneziane

“Mezzo (Calle di) in Ruga Giuffa, a S. Maria Formosa.” from Curiosità Veneziane by Giuseppe Tassini

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In the same vein that I asked what would clothing look like if it were poetry, what would a quilt look like if it were silent?

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Only one week left until the final release of Django 5.0! 🥳 💚 Dear Translators 💬 strings are frozen 🧊 🥶 this is now the last moment to check your Django translations are complete on Transifex!

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'Subtitle' is an open-source AI-powered caption generation project that utilizes machine learning algorithms and natural language processing techniques to generate accurate and natural-sounding captions for videos in various languages.

The tool can run on your own server for enhanced control and privacy and utilizes the open-source ASR model for high-quality speech recognition.

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Django 5.0 release candidate 1 released

Django 5.0 release candidate 1 is the final opportunity for you to try out a deluge of exciting new features before Django 5.0 is released.

The release candidate stage marks the string freeze and the call for translators to submit translations. Provided no major bugs are discovered that can't be solved in the next two weeks, Django 5.0 final release is planned for December 4. Any potential delays will be communicated on the Django forum.

Please use this opportunity to help find and fix bugs (which should be reported to the issue tracker), you can grab a copy of the release candidate package from our downloads page or on PyPI.

The PGP key ID used for this release is Natalia Bidart: 2EE82A8D9470983E.

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Are you a enthusiasts? Do you want to share insights on the projects you work on? Or foster contributions? The at 2024 awaits. 🗣️📚 .

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Passing on some handy language translations for common weather conditions.

"Red Flag Warning" = "Edray Lagflay Arningay"
"Heavy Rain Expected" = "Eavyhay Ainray Xpecteday"
"Sunny Labor Day Forecast" = "Ittleay Iggypay Unray Astfay, Arbecuebay Ayday!!!"

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Bug report lost in translation

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It's back baby!

Malicious translation to blame for Ubuntu 23.10 being pulled (Update: It's back up) - Desk Chair Analysts

#Linux #OS #Translations #Ubuntu #Ukraine #Canonical #TechNews

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