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A friend of mine (who shall remain anonymous) keeps tabs on far-right churches in the Portland area. They have been feeding information to a reporter who just published this article in Rolling Stone:

These are very evil, unscrupulous people who run pyramid schemes and other scams as well as advocate for violent Christian Nationalism and oppose rights for LGBTQIA+ people.

#ChristianNationalism #transphobia #antilgbtq #scam #PDX

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If true we HAVE to make this the biggest flop in , as in 'destroys the ' levels of gaming flop as in a 'lesson must be taught' gaming flop, as in 'E.T. destroyed atari' gaming flop

if any of you pay $150 for a single video i am breaking into your house and stealing something

brought to you be the same that bought the blood libel game

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From @ErinInTheMorn:

Next it will be marbles.

Anti-Trans Activists Now Claim Trans Women Have An Advantage At Darts

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From @ErinInTheMorn:

It’s never been based on reality, just hate. I'm glad some allies are finally stepping up.

21 State AGs Sign Amicus Brief: No Negative Incidents From Trans People In Bathrooms

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i keep thinking about what i learned a long time ago:

you know the true heart of a person by how they treat those who they see as the lowliest of people. in the United States, that's trans people with BLACK trans women being in the bottom of that group.

fuck Dave Chappelle.

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Republicans want to give transphobic employees more legal protections.

Sen. Ted Cruz's bill attacks federal employees' right to go by a nickname even though "Rafael" is his real name and "Ted" is a nickname.

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From @ErinInTheMorn:

CW: This article gives disturbing details about the murder. The article itself also has a CW.

Brianna Ghey Murder Trial Texts Show The Moral Imperative To End Anti-Trans Hate

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This was a vile, premeditated murder of a child, and EXPLICITLY a hate crime. Trans people, don't read this! We already know what it says.

Cis folks, I DO want you to read this. Transphobia is not "being weaponized", it is already a weapon. Right-wing transphobia is responsible for our deaths RIGHT NOW. They want to motivate cis adults and children to kill us all.

Because of ideas and speech like this, my brother physically attacked me last year. He dragged me from a car, and broke my shoulder into five pieces, and destroyed my life.

It motivated children to attempt multiple times to kill another child, before finally doing it in cold blood. There is no "civilized" or "genteel" transphobia, when every word of it demands murder.

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#Transphobia #TTRPGs #VtM

By Night Studios employs transphobes and tried to bride LBN into being quite a about

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Why keep the peace this ? ”Sometimes we have a duty to condemn injustice in close quarters and call by its name,” writes Editor in Chief @gabrielarana.

From the archives, an essay on the virtues of stirring up trouble at the dinner table:


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TL;DR: just another TERF fascist.

What Michael Shellenberger thinks about trans people

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So it's Transgender Day of Remembrance, where we remember those killed by society's rank transphobia.
This year's list is again hundreds long, and it cannot go unstated that those experiencing intersecting oppressions are again disproportionately represented.
Lux perpetua luceat eis, requiescant in pace.

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@JuliusGoat "supremacy never chooses just one target; like any bully, it always seeks to expand the margins of acceptable violence."

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