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Should I be concerned that Trend is flagging the official Mastodon app on Android as suspect? Or is it just Trend being a goofball again? #mastodon #android #malware #trendmicro #security

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#TrendMicro Security Agent doing endpoint-security-things.

No! This URL isn't dangerous!
No! You didn't block this, I could continue to use this URL in #Firefox just fine!
No! You're not supposed to fiddle around in the memory space of my Firefox process and thereby fucking up its security!

Most of this corporate malware just serves as a "we are doing security" puppet.
In most cases, it's just an annoyance, increased attack surface and performance hog!

#EndpointSecurity #CorporateMalware

Screenshot of TrendMicro Security Agent, showing a tabular view with a single list entry: Date/Time: 2024-02-20 (Tue) 19:59 URL: Risk Level: Dangerous Description: Verified fraud page or threat source Process: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe Action: Block

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Trend Micro: Kasseika ransomware abuses the Martini driver in “bring-your-own-vulnerable-driver” (BYOVD) attacks, to terminate antivirus processes and services for the deployment of ransomware. Trend Micro assesses that an actor in Kasseika acquired or bought access to BlackMatter ransomware’s source code. They provided IOC.

#Kasseika #BYOVD #ransomware #BlackMatter #DarkSide #cybercrime #IOC #threatIntel #trendmicro

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Malware-Schutz: Rechteausweitung in Trend Micros Apex One möglich

In Trend Micros Schutzsoftware Apex One können Angreifer Schwachstellen missbrauchen, um ihre Privilegien auszuweiten. Updates korrigieren das.

#Security #Sicherheitslücken #TrendMicro #news

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In case you missed it:

#TrendMicro addresses a critical flaw in Apex One and Worry-Free Business Security. Act now to install patches and hotfixes against CVE-2023-41179. Exploitation observed in the wild.


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📨 Latest issue of my curated #cybersecurity and #infosec list of resources for week #38/2023 is out! It includes the following and much more:

➝ 🔓 ❌ TransUnion Denies #Breach After Hacker Publishes Allegedly Stolen Data
➝ 🔓 ⚖️ Hackers breached International Criminal Court’s systems last week
➝ 🔓 🤖 #Microsoft #AI researchers accidentally exposed terabytes of internal sensitive data
➝ 🦠 💸 #BlackCat #ransomware hits #Azure Storage with #Sphynx encryptor
➝ 🇮🇷 🇮🇱 Iranian Nation-State Actor OilRig Targets Israeli Organizations
➝ 🇮🇳 #India's biggest tech centers named as #cybercrime hotspots
➝ 🇫🇮 💊 Finnish Authorities Dismantle Notorious #PIILOPUOTI Dark Web Drug Marketplace
➝ 🇨🇦 🇷🇺 Canadian Government Targeted With #DDoS Attacks by Pro-#Russia Group
➝ 🇨🇳 🇺🇸 #China Accuses U.S. of Decade-Long #Cyberespionage Campaign Against #Huawei Servers
➝ 🇺🇸 🇨🇳 China's Malicious Cyber Activity Informing War Preparations, #Pentagon Says
➝ 🇨🇳 🦠 New #SprySOCKS Linux #malware used in cyber espionage attacks
➝ 🇬🇧 🔐 UK Minister Warns #Meta Over End-to-End Encryption
➝ 🇺🇸 🇷🇺 One of the #FBI’s most wanted hackers is trolling the U.S. government
➝ 🦠 🥸 Fake #WinRAR proof-of-concept exploit drops #VenomRAT malware
➝ 🦠 📈 #P2PInfect botnet activity surges 600x with stealthier malware variants
➝ 🦠 📡 Hackers backdoor #telecom providers with new HTTPSnoop malware
➝ 🦠 🐝 #Bumblebee malware returns in new attacks abusing #WebDAV folders
➝ 🔐 #GitHub launches #passkey support into general availability
➝ ☑️ 🐧 Free Download Manager releases script to check for #Linux malware
➝ 💬 🔐 #Signal adds quantum-resistant encryption to its #E2EE messaging protocol
➝ 🍏 🔐 #iOS 17 includes these new security and #privacy features
➝ 🩹 High-Severity Flaws Uncovered in #Atlassian Products and ISC BIND Server
➝ 🩹 😡 Incomplete disclosures by #Apple and #Google create “huge blindspot” for 0-day hunters
➝ 🍏 🩹 Apple emergency updates fix 3 new zero-days exploited in attacks
➝ 🩹 #TrendMicro fixes #endpoint protection zero-day used in attacks
➝ 🩹 #Fortinet Patches High-Severity #Vulnerabilities in FortiOS, FortiProxy, FortiWeb Products
➝ 🔓 Nearly 12,000 #Juniper #Firewalls Found Vulnerable to Recently Disclosed RCE Vulnerability

📚 This week's recommended reading is: "Future Crimes: Everything Is Connected, Everyone Is Vulnerable and What We Can Do About It" by Marc Goodman

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Jetzt patchen! Angreifer attackieren Trend Micro Apex One & Co.

Eine kritische Sicherheitslücke bedroht verschiedene AV-Produkte von Trend Micro. Sicherheitsupdates stehen zum Download bereit.

#Sicherheitslücken #TrendMicro #Updates #news

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I'd be interested in knowing people's experience with #TrendMicro's Phish Insight. It seems like a really valuable free service to have at your disposal for gaining insights and helping improve your team's #cybersecurity awareness.
#phishing #simulationtraining #training

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