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So and forces in Syria and "elsewhere" have taken out drones and missiles headed to military targets in , but US / can't do the same for drones and missiles fired at ?


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Bia Jerusalem Post: Unconfirmed reports that , , and aircraft are already shooting down drones in Syria and Jordan

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Statement by British Prime Minister Sunak: "I strongly condemn the Iranian regime's reckless attack on Israel"

The MF didn't wait for the drones to arrive in Israel to condemn the retaliation. Same asshole who refused condemning Israeli attack against Iranian consulate in Damascus.

@palestine @israel

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The shy dunnock can be seen hopping about under hedges as its other name, 'hedge sparrow', suggests. It inhabits gardens, woodlands, hedgerows and parks.

#nature #birds #Wildlife #photography #NaturePhotography #BirdPhotography #BirdsOfMastodon #UK

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Pieris napi, commonly known as the green-veined white butterfly. First one of the year for me.

#nature #butterflies #Wildlife #photography #NaturePhotography #InsectPhotography #ButterfliesOfMastodon #UK

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🇩🇪 The war will be long, the West will continue to arm for a long time, - Olaf Scholz

🇨🇿 Petr Pavel: ", and are also developing a project similar to the Czech shells initiative for Ukraine"

😮 made it very clear that he thought Ukraine must be part of ", - Fiona Hill

🇨🇳 has accused of providing Russia with missile and drone engines, - Financial Times

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Dark-edged Bee-fly (Bombylius major), a cleptoparasite of solitary bees and specialist pollinator of tubular flowers today in .

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This morning the nest of my friends Hedgy and Hazel was completely empty - all of the chicks have left and are now hiding in the nearby bramble bushes. Parents are still bringing them food. In .

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This for me is the last 14 years of Tory rule in a photo.

Nasty, brutish, and ill-tempered. And soon, thank god, it will be over.


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A shortage of repair technicians is threatening to stifle demand for EVs in the U.K. even further, where consumer uptake has stagnated for the better part of two years.

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: "Trudi Warner is, in many ways, an unlikely rebel. The 69-year-old former child mental health social worker is, in her retirement, a keen organic grower, and she spent part of last year looking after sheep on the Isle of Eigg.

She is also worried stiff by the threat of climate change, and—after the resounding European Court of Human Rights verdict against the government of Switzerland this week—who’s to say she’s wrong?

Her concern about the climate crisis and how to draw attention to it has led to the prospect of being sent to jail. She is being prosecuted by the attorney general for, as we shall see, telling an accepted truth, or, as the authorities would put it, contempt of court. Her crime, if that’s what it is, was to tell the truth in the wrong place—on a pavement outside the Inner London Crown Court."

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Ros Atkins on... UK arms exports to Israel

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Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine – 13 April 2024.

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'Petrified' non-doms poised to flee UK over Labour's tax plans, say experts

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Why did all the Little Chefs disappear?


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