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My Maryland Presidential Primary ballot arrived in the mail today and, yes, UNCOMMITTED is an option.

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Voting #uncommitted, disrupting appearances, and speaking continuously about #Gaza are arguably what got #GenocideJoe to abstain from the #UN resolution today.

Whereas #BlueMAGA 's even more constant and obsessive shouting about #TFG didn't do jack shit to sway the #US legal system.

Funny how you make more progress when your priorities are in order.

@israel @palestine #israel #biden #joebiden #ceasefire #ceasefirenow #freepalestine #fromtherivertothesea #netanyahu

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The Uncommitted movement organisers:

“Today, we launched our national movement to let you all know uncommitted voters aren’t going anywhere, and we aren’t backing down until we achieve a permanent ceasefire.”

Biden stands a serious chance of losing the elections because of his support for Israel's genocidal attack on Gaza. If he stops the war, and he can, he'll regain voters:

“Stop funding the killing, then we can talk about November.”

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First presidential primary election results for have dropped. Here in "uncommitted" is getting 9.62% percent of the Democratic vote, and "write-in" is at 1.58%. Only King County has a slightly higher proportion of "uncommitted" with 10.15%. Expect those percentages to get higher over the next few days at the later ballots get counted. The statewide vote for "uncommitted" is at 7.53% right now.

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The position makes no sense simply because politicians are much more likely to listen to your demands if you voted for them.

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Your regular reminder that the #UNCOMMITTED vote in the #Michigan primary was 2/3 of #GenocideJoe's entire Nov. 2020 margin of victory in the state.

#FreePalestine #palestine #ceasefire #ceasefirenow @israel @palestine #bidenomics #uspol #JoeBiden #biden #mi #AbandonBiden #Detroit

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now is NOT the time to tell people not to criticize Biden. look at what he is doing for after almost half a million votes during these .


Protests work.

Democrats need to be the party, not the party of meeting the fascists in the middle.

now is the time for all democrats to act like members of an antifascist party and not as just the opposition.

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Damn , we hit 19% currently?? Let’s gooooo!!!

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Elbaserman, to Minnesota

thinking about voting “uncommitted”. Any one going to talk me out of it? Edit: of course there’s an hashtag!

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Voting in a primary isn’t some kind of Russian plot, unless you think Representative Rashida Tlaib is Russian. It’s her plot! Rep. Tlaib is Palestinian.

The number of Uncommitted primary votes in the Michigan primary is also why VP Kamala Harris officially backed a in in her speech in Selma on Tuesday, so it’s good for something.

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Let's talk about objections to the airdrops....

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Let's talk about uncommitted and airdrops....


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JFC i haven't stopped thinking about this photo op. this is the stupidest thing Joe could have done, right after pooh-poohing Michigan's vote.

seriously, this worries me.

we will end up with fucking Trump not because of people like me asking Democrats to rebuke but because Biden INSISTS in embracing it.

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Biden secured a ceasefire commitment from , and today the US military began airdropping food into . Biden is also planning aid shipments by sea.

Biden: "Innocent people got caught in a terrible war, unable to feed their families."

Republicans: "There are very few innocent Palestinian citizens." "We should kill them all."

The fucking "" scumbags are telling Americans to elect Trump.

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JoeQuinlan, (edited ) avatar


100,000 "uncommitted" votes in Michigan are "off the charts" bad for
Biden. It's apparent that his continued support for Gaza genocide will give an undeserved victory to the criminal Trump.

radhika, to random avatar

Listen to Michigan's doing a mass call (or they're on this mass call, I think) on the Uncommitted movement.

Starting now. Tuning in to see what it's about:

radhika, avatar

Some interesting takeaways from yesterday’s mass call about the movement:

  • Biden hasn’t been hearing the antiwar protests. But he’s paying attention to the Uncommitted vote.

  • The Listen to Michigan campaign reached about 1.1 million voters in 3 weeks (by phone and text). Minnesota has 4 days left, so volunteers are urgently needed to phone and text bank.

  • They reached so many people who didn't even know voting 'uncommitted' was an option. People who are against war, against genocide, but didn't know about channeling that dissent through a vote in the primaries.

JoeQuinlan, to random avatar

John Fetterman urged people to stop ridiculing fascist Lauren Boebert for her son's recent crime spree. Keep family out of it, says Fetterman. Because John Fetterman cares about families - unless they're Palestinian families being massacred by Israel.
I voted for Fetterman in 2022. Now he's one of the reasons I'm .

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"Come November in this year’s General Election, there will be no such thing as uncommitted. There will be no standing on the sidelines. When the General Election comes in November, here’s how it will go down on the Democratic side of the political equation: If you vote for Biden then you vote for Biden. If you vote for Trump then you vote for Trump."

~ Keith Owens


wdlindsy, avatar

"If you vote for any of the alternative candidates, you have voted for Trump. If you vote uncommitted, you have voted for Trump. And if you stay at home and don’t vote at all, then you voted for Trump."


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Former US Rep from MI, Andy Levin, one of the leaders of the victorious primary campaign:

"The president's people - & maybe the president himself - there's a danger that they see this as like a political problem...No!...This is the killing of 10,000s of innocent people, leveling...most of the Gaza strip"

"The message from us to the President yesterday was: you must change course...Stop treating what Bibi Netanyahu says as the boundary of the possible"

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"there were a greater number of people voting in the Republican primary than the Democratic primary. That's something that's not great for President Biden."

"This 100,000+ people who voted uncommitted...almost all of them wouldn't have showed up, but for this [ campaign]. They're mad at the President. They would have stayed home. And our message was, wait a minute, that would be a disaster if you stayed home: he won't get the message. He won't understand. Come out."

GreenFire, to random avatar

I moved to Kentucky in 2020 because voting against McConnell was the best use of my one vote because I recognized him as such a big threat to our country.

Last night in Michigan Arab Americans chose to vote showing that they don't care about what happens to our country.

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