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Polish FM: Much better to spend the money on protecting Ukraine than on then having to rebuild it

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On , our ambassador recorded a special video address, reminding everyone about the importance of supporting 🇺🇦 in these dire times.
Thank you to Mark and all our donors for their Force, which is always with us💙💛"


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when things dont look so good, i find solace in a donation (dobrij djen ...defense)

when donating be careful to do some background check as there are quite some around.

i gerom slava
salute to all

disclaimer; is legit, so a tshirt is also a good choice

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⚠️🇺🇸President Zelensky: “Spoke with UNITED24 fundraising platform ambassadors Francis Fukuyama, Scott Kelly, Richard Branson, Misha Collins, Mark Hamill, Liev Schreiber, Kathryn Vinnik and Ivanna Sahno, Timothy Snyder, Brad Paisley, as (VIDEO and more)

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Norway does not rule out deployment of troops to Ukraine, says Foreign Minister

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Latvian Foreign Minister confirms NATO Secretary-General's proposal for US$100 billion fund for Ukraine

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Swedish defense minister on stepping up Ukraine aid and a new era in European security

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US hands over 100 more generators to Ukraine amid Russian attacks on energy infrastructure

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Russians hold over 10,000 Ukrainian civilians and 5,600 people have been tortured by them

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Reuters: Russia's Kuibyshev oil refinery stops one of primary units after drone attack

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Putin must lose, and this is a matter of life and death for the democratic world – address by the President of Ukraine

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>Pourquoi l'Ukraine manque de munitions face à Poutine

Je viens de faire un don via . Si vous avez la possibilité, je vous invite à faire pareil.

En plus de l'impact du don, le nombre de donateurs aide les décideurs à flécher des aides au niveau national/EU : le nombre de donateurs est le meilleur indicateur d'approbation possible.

Vous avez le choix du fond auquel vous souhaitez participer : défense, déminage, médical, reconstruction et éducation.

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launched a new fundraiser for 35 new Sea Baby naval drones.

Already 2 drones, named and , have been funded, just 3 hours after launching.

United 24 is the main platform for collecting charitable donations in support of . It was initiated by President back in 2022.


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europesays, to Ukraine avatar It’s President Zelenskyy’s birthday- send Ukraine a present! Suggested donation of $46 to United24 in honor of his age, and boost on social media [links in comments]

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War between Ukraine and Russia: First Сyberwar in History

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