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I'm starting to mute or unfollow all accts that persist in constant barrage of photos of THAT man. Yeah, because news. I get it. Still, we all get to do this our own way. I'm fully aware of the "news." I'll choose how I consume it & it won't be that way. I'm SO through. I'll save my viewing for the day he's carted off to the slammer, if that ever happens. If "AI" is so damned smart, where's the code that'll save me from ever having to look at him again??

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Republicans have lost all credibility on the border issue!

However, they still advertise on that issue using quotes from propaganda rags mostly owned by the Murdoch family.


Alternative 🔗:

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I really don't think forcing TikTok out of the US is going to do Biden any favors in this election.


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A Win For Democracy! A Win For Freedom! A Win For The World!

The House voted 311-112 to pass the $60B aid to Ukraine!

112 Republicans voted for Putin and against Ukraine

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This week's top story: A literary website that has connected bookish Texans since 2015 nearly closed this year.

Here's how one reader saved it. https://www.texasobserver.org/lone-star-literature-website/

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« Quel rôle les grandes firmes technologiques américaines, qui s’exportent massivement dans le monde tout en ayant leurs sièges localisés dans la célèbre #SiliconValley, jouent-elles dans le carnage qui a cours actuellement dans la bande de #Gaza et qui est perpétré par l’armée #israél|ienne ? »

via @lemediatv


#IA #IntelligenceArtificielle #GAFAM #Google #Facebook #BigTech #GénocideÀGaza #Palestine #Palestiniens #tpo #USPol #USPolitics #Biden


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New York AG Letitia James asks judge to void Trump's bond in his civil fraud verdict


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"Sir, we are not finished. Sit down!"

  • Judge Juan Merchan ordered Trump to sit down as Trump tried to storm out of the court proceedings early Friday afternoon.

"This Trial will start on Monday."

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Members of Veterans for Peace continue Larry Hebert's hunger strike after he was ordered back to his base in Spain.

VFP members Marshall Burns and Jeff Berger are on a hunger strike for Palestine, as they continue the effort begun by Airman Larry Hebert.

Veterans for Peace short film

#USPol #LarryHebert ...

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Speaker Mike Johnson is drawing closer to a career-defining choice for a Republican speaker — whether to rely on Democratic help to stay in the job.

With three Republicans endorsing a motion to terminate his leadership, Johnson will need Democratic support to survive if Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) follows through on her threat to force a vote on his removal.


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"It is PAST time for Republicans to cut away the cancer eating them alive, the cancer called MAGA."

  • Aure

Republicans erupt into open warfare over Ukraine aid package vote

As the speaker of the House finally allows a vote to go forward on aid, the GOP’s internecine warfare is tearing apart the party


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Watch the live speeches and votes for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan aid in the House of Representatives.

View the Sky News Live House feed.


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Completely irrelevant to today's itics, here are some pictures of "the legendary Al Capone", the one who would kill you if he didn't like the smile on your face, as one fan of his put it recently.

Capone apparently reveled in attention, such as the cheers from spectators; he was also involved in election violence. Didn't live to his late 70s, so the comparison with one of his admirers below is favorable to him (also, he smiles). Died at 48


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“This is a moment where I think there has been incredible clarity from our community about what they expect from the police department and from a police chief.”

From the archives: Our 2020 interview with Travis County's progressive prosecutor José Garza ... https://www.texasobserver.org/jose-garza-redefines-progressive-prosecutor/

Do you feel he's delivered on his promises to the community?

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It's driving me absolutely nuts how both American and German progressive circles are indulging in this delusional and childish political take "the Good Party is not perfect so let's not vote at all or vote for a clearly hopeless marginal party and then pretend we're not to blame when the Bad Party wins". Fucking kindergarten.

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cindyweinstein, to random

It's Professor Snyder. Listen to facts and wisdom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mId4LefqBck

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Professor Timothy Snyder is so frickin awesome. This is who we all should be listening to. His breadth of knowledge, intelligence, character and heart demonstrate the best of America.

#TimothySnyder #ukraine #politics #uspol #uspolitics #russia #congress

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Rachel Scott
Daniel Rohrbough
William David Sanders
Kyle Velasquez
Steven Curnow
Cassie Bernall
Isaiah Shoels
Matthew Kechter
Lauren Townsend
John Tomlin
Kelly Fleming
Daniel Mauser
Corey DePooter

25 fucking years and fuck all has been done,

Is it really shocking that the politicians aren't doing jack shit about genocides over seas when they don't even give a flying dry fuck about masacres domestically?

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“Volkswagen workers at the carmaker’s Chattanooga plant in Tennessee have voted to unionize with the United Auto Workers, a historic victory for the union and the labor movement’s efforts to expand to the southern United States.” https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2024/apr/19/volkswagen-unionize-uaw-tennessee?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other

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I wish there was another way to do this, but I'm not going to argue if folks are winning abortion rights by using religious liberty arguments


Free_Press, to news
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"Sir, we are not finished. Sit down!"

  • Judge Juan Merchan ordered Trump back to his seat as Trump tried to storm out of the court proceedings Friday afternoon.

"This Trial will Start on Monday."

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4 min

Speaking truth, just not the way they mean. Also open face End Days crowd.


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