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With several members flipping, Regents reverse course to approve deal with GOP lawmakers on funding, DEI.
@baylorspears reports.


djvanness, to Wisconsin
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I've often been critical of university boards, but kudos to the University of Board of Regents for courageously rejecting a deal with the right-wing WI legislature. The deal would have had capitulate to demands to cut activities in exchange for releasing already approved funds for pay raises. Republicans also demanded creation of a professorship in "conservative political thought." Yikes. @academicchatter https://www.channel3000.com/news/uw-regents-reject-deal-with-legislature-to-freeze-dei-positions-unlock-funding/article_ee2d96c6-96b4-11ee-ba43-37131614657c.html

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Thanks, Gov Evers, for saying it like it is:
> "That's as dumb as it comes," Democratic Gov. Tony Evers said. "These people deserve raises. It's been passed by the Legislature and to have it being hijacked at the last minute by one person, that's wrong, too."


WIExaminer, to random
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@WIExaminer @Hredman There’s money but the does not want the to have it. “…Gov. Tony Evers wanted to use part of the state’s $7 billion surplus to provide hundreds of millions of dollars in additional funding for the system. Instead, in the budget Evers eventually signed into law, Republican lawmakers cut $32 million from the UW System budget. The state still has a $4 billion surplus and an additional $1.8 billion in its “rainy day fund.”

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