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Whether we have Novavax this fall will depend upon which variant the approved vaccine is based upon.

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‘Scary’: public-school textbooks the latest target as US book bans intensify

The board of trustees for the Cypress Fairbanks independent school district in Houston voted 6-1 earlier this month to redact certain chapters in science textbooks, including those about vaccines, human growth, diversity, and climate change.
The Texas Taliban are determined to ensure that the state remains rooted to the 15th century.

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A child has died from measles in Hamilton, Ontario.

It's the first measles death in the province since 1989.

The child was not immunized against measles.


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⚠️ 💉 Canada's vaccine advisers recommend RSV shots for infants

Highly contagious virus is a leading cause of hospitalization in infants and young children

#News #Healthcare #Vaccines #parenting

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"In 2020, her abdomen bloated and her pelvis pulsed with pain. Ferrone called a half-dozen clinics near her former home in Auburn, Ala. Three attributed her distress to irritable bowels or heavy periods. A doctor in Georgia finally gave her a Pap test. She had stage-3 cervical cancer. Ferrone credits him with saving her life.

Swope said the news was harder to take than her own diagnosis. 'I can’t help but feel like I failed her,' she said."


#PublicHealth #vaccines

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Andrew Egger addresses the dishonesty of Trump telling Republican voters not to vote for RFK Jr. because he's (Trump says) pro-vaccine:

"Years before the 2015 political pivot that would somehow make him leader of the free world, Trump was already building up a base of goodwill among America’s cranks by spreading the spurious notion that childhood vaccinations were linked to autism."

#Trump #RFKJr #vaccines

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Biden relies on a Vax-and-Relax strategy despite the fact that multiple modalities are needed (Swiss Cheese model) when the vaccine wanes after a few months, has limited protection against transmission, and studies only show protection against Long Covid as being somewhere between 25 and 40%.

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This is the article to read if you don't understand what's going on with #COVID19: "When people claim we are 'in a different place' because of 'the vaccines,' I know they have not engaged with the science around COVID since 2021. #Vaccines that were initially thought to prevent infection and confer long-term immunity were found to be capable of neither."

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Daily Mail: "#AstraZeneca admitted in February that the vaccine can, in very rare cases, cause Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome - which has been linked to more than 80 deaths in (#UK) (from 50 million doses)".

6.5 million lives saved in 1st year?

#COVID19 #vaccines


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"When will we get a sterilizing Covid vaccine?" I get this question a lot! Here's my best answer - along with other recent posts:

#Vaccines #Covid #Covid19

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Can Vaccines Give You The Gay? An Anti-Vaxxer's 'Groundbreaking' Survey Of People Who Read His Blog!

#rfk #vaccines

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Cholera is making a comeback -- and the world doesn't have enough vaccines

#people #vaccines

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And then there were 28 .... mucosal Covid vaccines in clinical trials.

As well as a new oral vax entering first-in-human trial in Australia, an aerosol vax from Canada called AeroVax is on its way to phase 2.

Plus there's a new type of vaccine in development in Canada - a next generation of a next generation vax! & the human challenge study consortium has had its first international meeting.

Much more in my next generation vax update @PLOS

#Vaccines #Covid #Covid19

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After decades of success in combating measles, the world is slipping, according to the latest World Health Organization statistics.

@NPR reports: "Measles cases increased worldwide from more than 170,000 cases in 2022 to more than 320,000 cases in 2023, according to WHO's count. And the first several months of 2024 have seen nearly 100,000 measles cases."

What's going on?

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This article shows how #vaccines over the decades have had a HUGE impact on protecting people from awful diseases.

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Some good news this morning. A new personalised neoantigen vaccine against melanoma is starting its final phase 3 trial at University College Hospital, London. The mRNA vaccine is custom-built for each patient and tells their body to hunt down cancer cells to prevent the disease ever coming back.

‘Real hope’ for cancer cure as personal mRNA vaccine for melanoma trialled | Cancer | The Guardian

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Not to be a doomer, but this isn't even the question.

The question is whether enough people would even take the vaccines if we made them, and the answer is clearly: No.

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