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"Thousands of Victorian children to miss out on lifesaving RSV vaccine following Vic government blunder." By Shannon Deery

"Latest data revealed cases in Victoria had increased from 3,400 cases in the first quarter of 2024 to 8,584 cases in the current, second quarter."




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Want to be an AFL media personality? It's easy — just follow the four-step Kane Cornes plan.

  1. Look up which teams that lost on the weekend.

  2. For each of the teams, come up with a reason why either:

a) It's the players' fault. They're too lazy. Don't train hard enough. Don't put in enough effort!
b) It's the players' fault. They're not skilled enough!
c) It's the coach's fault. Bad tactics. Bad strategy. He's allowing those players to be lazy!
d) It's the recruiter's fault. They picked/traded for the wrong players!

  1. Get your producers to find a passage of play, interview, or press conference you can say backs up your claim.

  2. Go on TV or radio and say what you think confidently, as if you're really pissed off about it.

Yeah, the older Richmond players didn't show enough effort. You really don't care — you used to play for Port Adelaide after all.

But you pretend you do on TV and the radio, because it makes great content.

That's really all it takes, folks!


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Please boost - Wombat State Forest 1 hr 15 mins from Melbourne is being trashed. Write to your MP

This is about
Same logging - different names

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Bird flu detected at central Victorian egg farm |

"Bird flu has been detected at an egg farm near Meredith in central Victoria, but authorities are yet to determine if it is the highly pathogenic H5N1 strain."




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"On a fair day in 1838, barely two years into Queen Victoria’s reign [...] a young, confident and handsome Mississauga Ojibway chief named Kahkewaquonaby [...] came knocking at the doors of Windsor Castle dressed in his finest leather from head to toe and asked to make an appeal to his Sovereign. The door was opened and tea and sympathy were offered. [...] The Queen promised to look into the request and in due course the deeds were handed over."

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Was fantastic to see an old friend turning a wheel again today after an 18 month overhaul

A black steam locomotive leads its train past a signal and down an grade

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The Victorian Parliament just banned the wearing of the keffiyeh in the chamber.

The ban was passed on Nakba Day, the anniversary of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine that began in 1948.

#AusPol #Australia #VicPol #Victoria #Gaza #Palestine #FreePalestine #FromTheRiverToTheSea

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> North America is so damn big

Bigger than China, where you can get almost anywhere by train, many of them by electric fast train or sleeper train?

@Br3nda @tbaldauf

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@strypey @sj_zero @fgraver @tbaldauf
I recently learned that the new here uses more fuel than flying between and

I didn’t expect flying to be more efficient than water-travel, but I guess if you speed up the boat pushing it through the water costs a lot

So doing the math on these projects may turn out results we don’t anticipate

And long distance travel may end up being harder to justify

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Thomas Sully, Queen Victoria, 1838

mpjgregoire, avatar

@GeekSusie Nearly indecent!

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By Andrew Hewat @AndrewHewat

Vic COVID data:

The number of people in hospital with COVID-19 has increased this week.

The 7-day average is 160, compared to 128 last week.

The rise over the last month is rapid.

Wastewater data is 3 weeks old.

No-one could have predicted this, right?



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So despite climate change, Australia's federal government has just committed an extra $3.25 billion into building a toll road and a 20-lane freeway widening.

For those who wonder why Aussies think toll roads are a scam (, here's a great example of why.

"Pouring an extra $3.25 billion worth of federal funds into Melbourne’s North East Link is a good use of taxpayer money, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has insisted, despite the project’s cost doubling just a few months ago.


"The North East Link – which includes 6½ kilometres of tunnels – will stretch from Bulleen to Greensborough. It will widen the Eastern Freeway by up to 20 lanes.

"Allan revealed in December that the 10-kilometre toll road had more than doubled in cost since it was first announced.

"The toll road was initially budgeted at $10 billion and reassessed in 2019 at $15 billion. But the government revealed last year that the updated cost estimate was $26 billion."


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Victoria: Hundreds of patients died after catching COVID in Victorian hospitals, new data shows

Almost 1 in 10 patients who caught COVID in hospital died.

Documents obtained by ABC News under Freedom of Information laws reveal at least 6,212 patients caught COVID in hospital in 24 months — 3,890 in 2022 and 2,322 in 2023. Of those, 586 died — almost 6 per week, on average — with men dying at a higher rate than women (11 per cent vs 8 per cent).



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I'm thinking about visiting in with my 19yr old son. We would take a ferry from the Seattle area.

I would love suggestions or warnings for activities, lodging, etc

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Did the today, now I need a good sleep. What a brilliant day, town was packed with people. I stuffed my face, bought lots of spuds, merchandise, chips, lemon butter and more. What a great festival. Get to it tomorrow!

Delicious tots with bacon, so damned good.
Jinkys tots are amazing!
Fluffy chickens!

siftinsand, to Birds

I think this magpie in Yea marks the transition from Melbourne white backed birds to north Victoria black backed birds

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From X:

Recruitment for our recent Mason-funded ME/CFS biomedical study in VIC, Australia is LIVE! Please get in touch if interested or have questions. Some more info:
We're doing home visits for severely ill people.


siftinsand, to Victoria

I like Sofle's concept of painting on all surfaces of a carpark.
My favourite was Melanie Caple's Ned Kelly contemplating

Street art of a bare headed Ned Kelly looking down at his iconic helmet

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" the biggest player again as renewable records smashed in , reach 156 pct of load

Last week battery storage became, for the first time, the largest supply source in the evening peak of what is one of the world’s largest grids. On Tuesday, it discharged more than 6 GW for the first time, providing up to a 25 per cent share of supply, and was the biggest provider on the grid for two hours."

CelloMomOnCars, avatar

" storage in continues to displace gas as a provider into the evening peak, with more than 200 MW of battery output on Saturday night, and zero from the state’s peaking gas generators. Battery storage often supplies more into the evening peak than the gas generators, particularly at lower peak prices."

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Do you live in a in ?
My friend has a PHD student researching share housing and would like to speak to you if you wanna.

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