sharan, to Horror avatar

Pinball M has a new table, the one inspired by System Shock!

escuco, to random German avatar

Es werde Licht!

Und überhaupt bin ich mit dem Bau ein Stückchen weiter gekommen:

itnewsbot, to Games avatar

Virtual Mini Pinball Cabinet Scores Big - Do you love pinball, but can’t justify owning a full-size cabinet? Yeah, us either... - #e-wasterecycling

Sobtanian, to amiga avatar

Words cannot really express how happy I am with all this.

Pinball Fantasies DOS version patched to show the whole table (no scrolling) running at 60 FPS and all mapped out on my virtual pinball machine, complete with working plunger, flippers, and nudge.

A dream come true.

Video shows a virtual pinball machine with a theme park themed table called Party Land in attract mode.

ausretrogamer, to random avatar
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