corbin, to vrchat avatar

I tried out Standable v2.0 for a bit in VRChat, it's pretty cool! It does an impressive job of simulating full-body VR tracking without the expensive sensors.

The main bug I found was that the 'seat estimation' feature is supposed to switch to a leaned back position when a chair is detected, but it doesn't always work. Maybe the upcoming bug fixes will solve that?

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hack13, to vr avatar

I have to ask, which of these two do you think looks better and/or feels matches me better?

Rezuium or YAF?


KayOhtie, to vrchat avatar

Working on @mathias and perhaps starting some other texturing work tonight! Come watch and chill 🧡

takenoko, to vrchat


SakuraDragonPup, to vrchat avatar

"Are you sure you belong in this section sir? I think I need to see your ticket..."

"No ticket? I'll need you to follow me please sir, right this way..."

morghus, to vrchat avatar

Winghug DLC for Vernid HD

Base avatar by Tosca


morghus, to vrchat avatar

Bigger wings for the ZDragon, now with more animations and flapping! For free!


Fangh, to vrchat French avatar

C'est marrant j'étais sur VRChat et y'avais un japonais qui était là mais qui parlais anglais correctement et quand j'ai dit que j'étais aller à Osaka il a trouvé ça cool car il est né là bas. Et y'a un deuxième mec qui a dit "ah mais tu parles japonais" et ils ont discuté en japonais tt les 2

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donadvr, to vrchat

Friday night fun in

featuring: @solais @Element_Finland @Saedraverse

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emymin, to vrchat

Visiting the shrine at night

KayOhtie, to vrchat avatar
DragonDelgar, to vrchat avatar

Borrowed a truck. 🐊​

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KayOhtie, to streaming avatar

Streaming some texturing work on @lupomancer for Sig Hyena, on the mini-canine avatar! ^.^ come watch!

KayOhtie, avatar

Also, forgot to share, progress from last night! I'm not 100% happy with the face mask portion but can refine. I'm also gonna re-do the spots most likely using the Path Brush tool and toying with the jitter options til I get a result I like. Worked pretty well on the tail I think!

Screenshot of Substance Painter showing a close-up of the tail. The tail is the same yellow as spots and hair, but because it'd otherwise be a uniform color, there's two Path Brush lines visible in the current view (due to mirroring) utilized to apply a shadowing layer of brushy markings flowing with the tail to simulate the texture color difference of 'fluff'.

vrpug, to vrchat avatar

The eighth annual St. Patrick's at The Pug is now live!

InkedUpZombie, to vrchat avatar

Cute world!

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너도 사는게 좀 지겨울 때 있지 않아?


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