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See How Disney Imagineering Made Audio Animatronics for Tiana's Bayou Adventure

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Disney will finally join Netflix and Max by eliminating password sharing, CEO Bob Iger says

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Disney's long battle against Ron DeSantis is almost over

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Disney is getting a few nepo-allies in its battle against activist investors

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Disney is hoping an $8.5 billion mega-merger with Reliance will save its India business

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James Clavell’s 1975 novel "Shogun" introduced a generation to Japan. Almost 50 years on, the challenges are different for this new big-budget streaming adaptation. #commentary #japan #waltdisney #shogun #jamesclavell #film #movies #tv

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Disney should get in on AI and double its stock price, activist investor says

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Disney's Florida Legal Battle Continues as Free Speech Lawsuit Gets Dismissed

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Guten Morgen - Tässle Kaffee ☕️?

Letztes Jahr wurde auch #Deutschland von der Klima- als #Wasserkrise erreicht. Sogar in den Lustigen Taschenbüchern nach #WaltDisney mit #DonaldDuck erschien 1 Ausgabe „Wo ist der #Schnee?“ ❄️🔥

Leider wagte es aber auch diese nicht, bei der #Wissenschaft zu bleiben, sondern glitt in eine „lustige“ & wohl „beruhigende“ Verschwörungsgeschichte ab… 🤨

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Urheberrecht für allererste Micky Maus-Version ist ausgelaufen

1928 erblickte Micky Maus das Leinwand-Licht der Welt. In dieser 95 Jahre alten "Urfassung" wird Micky jetzt zum Allgemeingut, denn zum 1. Januar ist das Urheberrecht ausgelaufen. Von Katharina Wilhelm.


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Dear person-who-called-an-uber-at-4am-and-only-paid-$50-for-a-ride-to-the-airport-and-had-6-bags-and-5-people-but-saw-fit-to-tip-only-$3.00: I could've taken another fare, you know!

I made $21 for that fare - and went back to WDW empty afterwards!

Next time I will! 🤬

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for original persona to run out 1 January | Company | The Guardian

It should have run out decades ago. The length of copyright is ridiculous. It’s not there to protect artists, which would be a good use of it, rather it is used to maintain the monopoly of large corporations like itself.

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Kissinger and Walt Disney v. Salvador Allende: Who will win our Souls?

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Wish Directors on Crafting a Modern Fairytale to Celebrate Disney100

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83 years ago today, Walt Disney's animated film "Fantasia", starring Leopold Stokowski, The Philadelphia Orchestra, Mickey Mouse, and ballet dancing hippopotamuses, premieres at the Broadway Theatre, New York City

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