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Went to check the Lech falls in Füssen on our evening walk last night, expecting heavier than normal flow after the weekend of super heavy rain & flooding in Bavaria... but really wasn't quite prepared for this kind of power & intensity (bringing back some memories of Dawson Falls [near Helmcken Falls, BC])

#Lech #Waterfall #Video #Füssen #Bavaria

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Salorno Waterfall
Salorno, Italy

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Poulanass Waterfall, Glendalough National Park, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

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regaderas naturales para el calor 💦 📸

#photography #waterfall #nature #digikam #darktable #water #photooftheday #naturetoot|

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Avalanche Peak part three: the way down. Quite cruisy through Scott's track, watching this crazy Devils Punchbowl waterfall that was definitively worth a peek, despites the extra hiking time at the end of the walk. Absolutely mesmerising, one of the most beautiful waterfall I saw in Aotearoa.


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The White Swan of Niagara (2022)

I think it goes without saying that anyone who visits Toronto and enjoys natural wonders should visit it was definitely the highlight of my trip to back in 2022. I desperately wanted to capture something that wasn't the 'standard' shot though. This is what I came away with, and I'm quite pleased with it. Really, you wouldn't necessarily know it's location without the title.

An ice covered rock stis at the bottom of a waterfall engulfed in mist. Birds fly above.
A long exposure of the falling water of Niagara Falls.

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Almost dry noon creek falls


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My aunt wondered why I love to visit Iceland. She did not understand my answer: ‘I love myself more when I am there’.

Once would be enough, according to her and I felt like I had to defend myself. 🤷‍♀️

So, another answer is shown by my iPad in my featured photos. 👇🏼🥰

#iceland #photography #landscapephotography #waterfall #roadtrip

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Sights along Fishkill Creek in #BeaconNY . #Waterfall at Madam Brett Park, a boardwalk along the creek and a view from Dennings Point looking across the #HudsonRiver looking towards Storm King Mountain #HudsonValleyNY

A waterfall on Fishkill Creek at Beacon NY.
A calm Fishkill Creek after the waterfall at Beacon NY, as it heads west to meet up with the mighty Hudson river.

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Took the 360 camera out for the first time this year. Love a tiny planet sphere.

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Oh no. That last one wasn't for completion. THIS one is in for completion.

Next to the falls is an old mill with a restored water wheel. How cool is that?!

This photo is taken from where the buildings are in the above photos.

Anyway. That definitely is it now.

A photo looking across a rocky river with tall trees beyond. On the left side of the far bank is an old mill. An inset box on the right, held up by a wee drawn figure, shows the water wheel on the mill going round in a short loop.

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