unnameduser, to DaftPunk French
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moyamoyashashin, to ocean
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Komeil, to snowboarding
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Unique rock formation of Roque Grande battered by North Atlantic Ocean weaves at Mirador de Los Roques coast, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands
Komeil Karimi_20231113_K013185

logorok, to CASIO German
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ebelien, to photography
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Busy January (2023)! Toch / juist tijd gemaakt voor een lange nieuwjaarswandeling, met (door wind) bewegende landschapskunst onderweg 😍

Kunstwerk 'Wave', door kunstenaar Alwie Oude Aarninkhof

toxi, to random
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White wave. Encountered on a memorable winter hike two years ago along a stretch through snow till my hips... 🌊

arkadiusz, to art
arkadiusz, to art
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I'll never understand why crypto haters are rude when you challenge their opinion posts with hard data on earnings over time.

The same shit happened when banks issued credit cards during the late 70s. I remember when a woman could not HAVE #credit.

It's ok to be wrong if you can't deny the facts.


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Tetris Goes Full Circle - As a game concept, Tetris gave humanity nearly four solid decades of engagement, b... - https://hackaday.com/2024/02/07/tetris-goes-full-circle/

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photo, to nature
SharonCummingsArt, to art
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And now in Black And White! The original was blue acrylic on Yupo...Three pieces hand stitched together (that took many hours!). Then I simply removed all of the color with PS. Black Magic. :)


liviog3, to photography French
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La Valette - Vague

Photo is my own - a most favorite one

ChristianMauelshagen, to punkrock German
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Moin, ich bin .Ich komme aus , bin DJ und moderiere wöchentlich eine zweistündige Livesendung mit und und weiteren düsteren Genres. Ich koche gerne, ich schlemme gerne und lebe sehr zurückgezogen. Ich bevorzuge lieber virtuellen Kontakt zu Menschen anstatt den viruellen Kontakt. Ich lebe aus gesundheitlichen Gründen sehr zurückgezogen. Mein PC ist das Tor zur Welt. Und hier ein neuer Anfang.


ai6yr, (edited ) to random
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"Thar Be Dragons" -- interesting wave patterns detected on Sentinel-1 satellite off the coast of California, December 30, 2023. You wonder what is causing those patterns...

ai6yr, (edited )
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etcetera, to physics French
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Une bien jolie et gracieuse danse obtenue avec la physique d'une onde pendulaire.🥰

Explication : la danse comprend un cycle de 60 secondes, avec le pendule le plus long réalisant 51 oscillations et chaque pendule plus court ayant une oscillation supplémentaire que le précédent. En conséquence, le 15e pendule, le plus court, réalise 65 oscillations. Bien que les pendules se désynchronisent initialement en raison de leurs périodes d'oscillation variées, après 60 secondes, ils reviennent harmonieusement à leurs positions de départ, prêts à répéter la danse synchronisée.

Onde pendulaire obtenue avec 15 pendules.

ai6yr, to venturacounty
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FAFO at Seward Avenue in Ventura, where everyone (and a truck) gets caught in a huge wave. #CAwx #VenturaCounty #wave #surf https://abc7.com/high-surf-advisory-southern-california-coastal-flooding/14233949/

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Video of Seward Avenue in Ventura (taken by the City of Ventura / Ventura PD) -- eight victims were transported to the hospital from this incident. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68H9PbFmdXU

LarsFosdal, to Norway
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My wife caught a wave the other day. It also caught her by surprise 🤣 I make a brief appearance in the upper left corner near the end.

A wave making a proper splash on a rocky beach

Celrunia_QT, to femboy
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