mmalc, to ai

This was unexpected, and looks interesting:

A $99 piece of unobtrusive hardware that serves as an intelligent diary and aide memoire.

I’ve been using (subscribed to) Rewind since it started, and it really is a remarkable and genuinely useful application.

glynmoody, to ai avatar

and are scaring the wellbeing out of workers - whodathunk?

TechDesk, to tech avatar

Details are emerging about the Galaxy Ring, Samsung’s smart ring that isn’t quite in its finished form. For instance, the wearable’s battery life is between five and nine days, depending on how you use it. Tech Radar has more:

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Meta could demo its first AR glasses this fall - Meta reportedly plans to showcase and demo its first true augmented reality glasse... - /vr

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The staggering production cost of an Apple Vision Pro - Concerns over the viability and challenges ahead for Apple to establish its Vision... - /vr

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Humane’s Ai Pin launch delayed to mid-April amid high expectations - Humane, a Bay Area AI startup, has announced a slight delay in the shipment of its... -

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US FDA issue warning over smartwatches and smart rings - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has urged consumers not to use smart d... -

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Shockingly, Mark Zuckerberg thinks Meta’s Quest 3 is better than Apple’s Vision Pro - Meta CEO – Mark Zuckerberg – tried Apple’s new Vision Pro headset and shared his h... -

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Elemind: Wearable AI offers ‘electric medicine’ via brain stimulation - A group of scientists, doctors, and entrepreneurs have pulled in $12 million in se... -

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There are now more active Apple devices on the planet than children - Apple has steadily continued with its world domination ever since the first iPhone... - #appleiphone #smartphone #wearables #visionpro #timcook #mobile #tablet #iphone #apple #news #tech

geekmomprojects, to portland avatar

Setting up my wearables installation with the CETI Institute in the Lloyd center (old GAP storefront) for the Portland Winter Lights Festival. Just need to clean up and tape down the power wires now. There are lots of other people setting up awesome original illuminated projects in the same space. If you're in the area, come by and check it out sometime this weekend. Info here:

A walk-by view of six mannequins wearing a varied assortment of illuminated clothing. The first three are wearing little black dresses enhanced with LED strips and fiber optic cables. The last three all have denim jackets with illuminated diffused shapes on the back, worn over clothing decorated with LED strips and strings. Each mannequin is carrying an Illuminated purse.

aimee, to privacy avatar

YUS! The Mozilla Foundation does it again <3

Also, love the filter for “privacy not included”, the sort function and the hilariously apt corresponding emoji down at the bottom right :)

JF, to fdroid avatar

0.78 is now available in . It fixes the OTA with and also integrates the new weather service added in InfiniTime 1.14!



@JF @ahoneybun

Nice to see you got it working!

When I started developing #TinyWeatherForecastGermany , I never thought that #wearables support would get that important 😉

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Blood-oxygen feature removed from Apple Watches in response to US ban - Apple has recently taken a significant step in its ongoing patent dispute with Mas... -

geekmomprojects, to random avatar

Today's procrastimake was inspired by the frigid weather (elsewhere in the US, as I'm in SoCal) and the heads up (pun intended) from @Jorvon_Moss that tomorrow is National Hat Day. Seems like a good time to start sewing an LED string into a band to attach to a fleece cap.

jackwilliambell, to cyberpunk avatar

Here's something straight out of a novel:

> The MouthPad^ is a tongue-driven interface that controls your computer, smartphone, or tablet via Bluetooth. Virtually invisible to the world, but always available to you, it is positioned across the roof of your mouth to put all of the power of a conventional touchpad at the tip of your tongue.

NewScience101, to Engineering avatar

As someone living with this highly effective small wearable ultrasound device that allows a user, with no prior tech education, to easily check for very small early stage tumors from the comfort of their home is an extraordinarily welcome innovation. Let us all hope it is quickly widely adopted after safety & efficacy regulation approvals.

itnewsbot, to news avatar

Apple halts sales of Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 amid patent dispute - Apple has halted the online sales of its Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultr... -

ct_Magazin, to hardware German

heise+ | Bluetooth-Kopfhörer mit Mikrofonarm und Teams-Zertifizierung im Vergleich

Mit einem Headset klingt man in Videokonferenzen besser als per Notebook oder Webcam. Dank Bluetooth-Adapter mit MS-Zertifizierung steuert man Anrufe direkt.

geekmomprojects, to 3DPrinting avatar
ct_Magazin, to news German

Sportmesse ISPO 2023: Sport wird smart

Auf der Sportartikelmesse ISPO 2023 in München haben wir einige spannende Projekte entdeckt, die mit schlauer Technik in den Sport eingreifen.

SirTapTap, to random avatar

Anyone got a ? I get my "not enough steps" buzz at 50 past the hour if I'm below the threshold, but that is it. No notif tells me how many left, and the watch face modules don't seem to include it.

Pretty glaring omission if I'm not just doing something wrong.

MartinGuay, to tech avatar

The rotating bezel returns on the Galaxy Watch6 Classic! In my hands-on review, I tested Samsung's latest smartwatch for exercise, notifications, and everyday use. The bezel brings back welcome tactile feedback, but some drawbacks like lag and limited health features left me wanting more. Read my review on my website to learn more!

Bislick, to ask avatar

I want to buy a , but I don't want to spend a lot of money, which one do you recommend?

heiseonline, to random German

Humanes AI Pin will das Smartphone ablösen

Ein kleiner Clip ohne Display, dafür mit KI – der Humane AI Pin soll das nächste große Ding werden.

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