lydiaschoch, to food avatar

A charcuterie board that will probably include oranges, crackers, soft vegan cheese, sliced meat, roasted/seasoned baby potatoes, carrots, cucumber, pistachios, hardboiled eggs, strawberry banana smoothie, and a small pickle or two as well.

My charcuterie boards aren’t very artistic, but they do taste good and help me use up all sorts of groceries that need to be eaten.

I love having little bits of lots of different foods for dinner sometimes. 🍽️

the lord of the rings actor GIF. Sam from Lord of the Rings saying “potatoes” in an exaggerated and comical fashion. The text on this gif reads “po-tay-toes”. Sam is wearing a green cape and a light brown shirt. He is standing in front of a forest.

chad, to random avatar

Picked up a pork shoulder from a local butcher yesterday. Today it turned into pulled pork!

melsaywhat, to animals avatar

  1. It's Friday and work has been calm AF for days.

  2. Made Pesce All'Acqua Pazza again tonight. Second time in a few weeks and love it.

  3. Looking forward to spending time outdoors this weekend with my doggo.


cheeseblintzes, to fediverse avatar

I have been upstate for about a month... so I havent had overnight shower thoughts to share with the void.

Sorry! Hope you all have been well.

What was for dinner tonight?

Scatterseed, to random avatar

It finally happened. I'm burnt out on deciding what everyone will eat for multiple meals every day. I should have known it was coming because for the past month I've been eating pea protein powder in water for multiple meals several times a week so that I didn't have to think about eating. I'm not burnt out on cooking, just coming up with ideas.

17Christiana, to Cat
chad, to random avatar

“Marry Me” Chicken for dinner! Tried something new and it’s delicious!

blastkat, to food

This is a family favorite. It's the @tacobell Chalupa Cravings Box. The box consists a delicious Chalupa, a large, filling 5 layer beefy burrito, a Taco (we always substitute soft tacos for regular), crisp cinnamon twists, and a medium fountain drink. It's a lot of food at a reasonable price.

melsaywhat, to random avatar

Saturday night's dinner was Sourdough Crostini with swiss cheese, red onions, mini sweet peppers, goat cheese, sardines, beets, 1/2 sliced cherry tomatoes, slivered almonds and kale.

Glad I posted this. I was trying to figure out what to serve with either salmon or barramundi tonight and now I know.

melsaywhat, to random avatar

Had "buddha bowls" Sunday night with Tempeh, roasted chickpeas, artichokes, cauliflower, asparagus, sweet mini peppers, red onions, roasted garlic, brown rice, kale and rainbow swiss chard.

Also, why are they called "buddha bowls"?

lydiaschoch, to food avatar

My lunch was huge and protein-heavy today, so dinner will be light and mostly fruit and vegetables. The menu:

A kidney bean, red pepper, yellow pepper, and orange pepper stir fry with some taco seasoning for fun and flavour.

A side of seasoned, roasted baby potatoes.

Half of a large strawberry banana smoothie.

Half an apple

(my spouse eats the other halves of these last two items. They’re trying to eat more fruit these days which I think is fantastic).


cheeseblintzes, to Halloween avatar

Today's adventure will be making kimchi and figuring out what to do with my bok choy and shishito peppers.

I'm thinking of adding some of the Bok Choy to the kimchi... I've only got normal green cabbage, not Napa... so it's already bastardized-- not worried about that.

What should I do with the rest of the Bok Choy, though? My husband and I bought a bunch of heads, and since I forgot to cook him some to take to work this week, I have to figure out what to do with it. I don't particularly want to just stir fry it, but I suppose I could.

As for the shishitos... I'm not a big fan, myself... that's my husband. I gotta figure out something I can do that will hold til Friday at the very least.

FUCK. I also have a butternut squash and two acorn squash I need to figure out what to do with.


keira_reckons, to vegan avatar

Tofu 'fish', butter beans with tomato and almond, and new potatoes with caper and mint butter.

cheeseblintzes, to food avatar

Last night, I discovered I'm an idiot.

For whatever reason, I was trying to figure out what the non 'kosher for passover' version of Matzo balls would be.



Its fucking dumplings.

cheeseblintzes, to cooking avatar

It is 2023... and I am making aspic.

I promise its for a good reason, though.

I mean... don't you ever wonder how the soup gets in the dumplings?

deweyritten, to food avatar

Literally every party/houseguest/date I have ever had, I make this self-effacing, socially awkward joke: "Hey if dinner sucks I'll order a pizza!" 'Bout time someone capitalized on this concept.

ThunderHoneySnow, to cooking avatar

Do You Need To Wash Rice Before Cooking? Here’s The Science

The washing process has been shown to rinse up to 20% of the plastics from uncooked rice and by 40% for instant rice.

Washing rice has been shown to remove about 90% of bio-accessible arsenic.

Washing doesn't impact stickiness: glutinous rice was the stickiest, while medium grain rice and jasmine rice were less sticky, and also harder as tested in the laboratory.

ThunderHoneySnow, avatar

@MBoodenAK There are micro plastics in everything:

How Much Microplastic Am I Eating? And Is There Any Way to Avoid It?

“They’re in everything you eat or drink,” says Mason. But the largest dietary source of microplastics can be found in drinking water . . . 93% of bottled water . . . beer, wines with polyethylene stoppers, rice, table salts, and honey . . . fruits and vegetables . . . plastic tea bags"

morpheo, avatar

question from a Swede: How is rice glutinous when it contains no gluten? (It doesn't, right? Unsure now.)

And yes, I usually rinse off my rice.


chad, to random avatar

Happy National ! 🍔

laneybk, to vegan

Tonight’s dinner…hot and spicy vegan chilli over brown rice, topped with guacamole and green onions! Yes please 😋

Beckysay, to vegan avatar

My favorite way to eat okra. Lightly fried, simmered until tender with a veggie broth and then at the last 2 minutes fry a couple of cloves of smashed garlic add, stir and squeeze 1/2 lemon for brightness.

Close up picture

laneybk, to vegan

A rainy, stormy day and a nice bowl of vegan vegetable lentil soup, so yum 😋

melsaywhat, (edited ) to burgers avatar

Making black and blue burgers. What should I do for the (red) onions?

melsaywhat, avatar

I made sauteed onions, but didn't use them on my burger. Had a hankering for raw.

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