EdTittel, to windowsinsiders

nteresting goings on with #Winget updating #PowerToys, after the latter team releases two versions in quick succession. I'm guessing this will be an easy fix, but something's puzzling right now. #WindowsInsiders #MVP https://www.edtittel.com/blog/interesting-v0-80-x-powertoys-puzzle.html

Komac, the Kotlin program for creating Winget packages, has now been rewritten in Rust (github.com)

In other news, URLs are now delimited by a space rather than a comma when updating manifests. Komac uses a very small amount amount of memory and has been heavily optimised to minimise memory usage (especially heap allocations). Updating Android Studio (a 1GB+ binary) consistently took just ~3.5mb memory. Komac now has a...

simonzerafa, to windows

Need a GUI package manager?

For Windows 10 and 11?

One that Supports WinGet, Scoop

Chocolatey as well as PowerShell? 😀🤷‍♂️

Then you're well sorted with:


chrisonline, to windows
@chrisonline@androiddev.social avatar

Manage software programs on your windows device with the awesome tool WinGetUI!

A graphical user interface to manage packages from the most common package managers for windows, such as Winget, Scoop, Chocolatey, Pip, Npm and .NET Tool.


Martí Climent seems is not on Mastodon so I can't link him.
Here you will see his other projects:

EdTittel, to windowsinsiders

In a DevHome upgrade fails because of an SDK issue. Things get more mysterious but the rides to the rescue. https://www.edtittel.com/blog/devhome-update-hiccup-deciphered.html#Windows11

boneskull, to Steamdeck

fiddling around w as a development environment. not feeling very gracious about the state of package management


@totoroot I don’t know anything about nix but it sounds complicated. that’s kind of the opposite of what I want. what’s great is lol

dusnm, to windows
@dusnm@fosstodon.org avatar

I'm having fun using winget on Windows. Still inferior to pretty much any Linux package manager, but it's nice Windows finally has one.


  • Windows finally has a package manager


  • Picked up all of the weaknesses of apt, none of its strengths
  • You have to type the entire package id to install software, meaning you can't just guess by typing in "firefox"
  • Clunky and slow

chucker, to random
@chucker@norden.social avatar

Hmm. (a Windows package manager) handles self-update poorly. If you run it inside a PowerShell Core session, updating PowerShell Core will fail. If you update Chocolatey itself, updating that will partially succeed with a warning. You’d think it would be smart enough to relaunch itself from a different path?

Is better at this?

SecuriLee, to random

rocks. I even wrote an article about it as it helps with Attack Surface Management, endpoint staging and software discovery - at home, in small businesses and in enterprises.


sengi_app, to random
@sengi_app@mastodon.social avatar

is now available on ! The latest version has been submitted and you can now install it with "winget install sengi". 🙂

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