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Wanting for the
world to eschew those
opinions that I disown,

yet I subscribe privately
to their empiricism
with tomorrow’s vigor.

Everyone is fucking looking.

Ignominy tilts
my eyes down.

I can’t watch.

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I'm wearing my shades
like fancy accessories
setting a new trend


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Do you use a cover artist or design your own covers? Share your cover art.

Traditional published and they used a brilliant guy called Leo Nickolls. Available from me in UK or in all good stores more widely.

Our Child of the Stars Our Child of Two Worlds.

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Ch 9 Nbr 25 — Do you use a cover artist or design your own covers? Share your cover art.

I design my own covers, but I often pay a cover artist to draw them. I provide detailed stage directions (text) and supply excerpts, approve thumbnails then sketches, then negotiate color corrections to get them on one pass. I've also created abstract covers myself, or bought stock art. I've never used my photography in a cover. Yet. Once I colorized a sketch (digital watercolors) when a sketch was all the artist could provide when a family issue caused the artist to bow out.

I do the titles myself (and plan with the artist in the composition phase where I plan to put my titles). I've offered to do titles for others, but no takers, yet.

Um. Not sharing artwork. It's all for my other alias, which I feel uncomfortable revealing.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]


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Hey Patrons, both current and future! This is just to remind you that supporters at even the lowest monthly levels get full access to the catalog of professional-grade releases of fiction and any nonfiction worthy of publication—feature-length, short stories, and everything in between.

This will include audio works also as soon as I find a suitable volunteer or find a way to compensate a professional.

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25/5: Do you use a cover artist or design your own covers? Share your cover art.
My non-fiction covers have been done by the publishers, often using my photos.
For my novels, I’ve done my own, again based on my own photos, using Lightroom and Photoshop. Below is the potential cover for Book 4, due in August.

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5/25. Do you use a cover artist or design your own covers? Share your cover art.

I tried making my own covers. Didn't work out very well, but cover designers are expensive. They should be, it's value they create, but when my books don't earn much... it creates a rock and a hard place.

Anyway, I use cover designers now, and I'll share one that I love very much (partially because I love the characters so much and the designer totally got them).

Firlefanz, avatar

You know, posting that cover reminded me of how much I love Connor and Ashley's story.

How two of the Wolf books (#3 and #4) are actually comfort books for me. As strange as that sounds.

And West Flows is another one of my own books that I actually re-read once in a while, simply because I love West so much.

Is that weird? (It could be, I'm Autistic, after all.)

Or is that a sign that I write what I love?


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Dear ,

please welcome my friend @AJ_Ponder to Mastodon. They are a great writer and author, and I'm so glad they followed my invitation here.

Let's show them how great our community here is, how much fun we have, and how a social medium without algorithms and the need to make money for shareholders actually works.

So glad you're here, AJ!

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#PennedPossibilities 325 — SC POV: If you could relive one day of your life and change its course of events, which day would you choose?

[Adds to my response for the SC in 324. —R.S.]

Let's see. Relive a day and change it? Hmmm.

The day I told my parents that I wanted to haul furniture and machinery as a living? Basically, become a mover? The day they reacted badly, grounded me, starting nagging me about school, wouldn't let me fly anything for my friends that weighed more than a few books—or airtaxi anyone—started telling me I was weak in the head? The day I ruined my childhood?

Yeah, I'd keep my enthusiasms and dreams to myself, could I rewrite history.

Or maybe it would be that day that I threw a brick through the Moving Guild's window. Wouldn't let any company hire a woman. Okay, I turned over all the parked moving vans. For the record, only one rolled down a hill. Hmmm...

On second thought, not that one.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]

#BoostingIsSharing and #CommentingIsCool

#fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersOfMastodon
#RSstory #RSReluctanceStory

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#WritersCoffeeClub Ch 9 Nbr 24 — Is there any work of fiction you could have written better? Don't be shy.

There are plenty of TV or episodic dramas I could have written better. Doing so would have been procrastinating for me, though I have written my share of fan fiction and retconned really egregious plot advancement by stupidity...

Almost anything I've written, even a few years ago, could qualify as fiction I could have written better. I recently "rewrote" an earlier novella, changing and fixing a few details to retcon a prequel (including typos and grammar faults), then used that as an excuse to tack on the rest of a novel by changing the last couple of paragraphs.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]

#BoostingIsSharing and #CommentingIsCool

#fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersOfMastodon

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While and whilst. Not looking the usage up and I know the latter is archaic, but...

I use while to state something happened within the same time span. I use whilst to introduce a time span or something asserted (usually as true) followed by another clause that what happened in the time span or something important about what happened because of the assert.

Boost for a larger sample size, please.

An using the word because I'm an as well as a .

Whilst Feliz would easily pass as a Kenyan woman cosplaying an elf with cyan-dyed skin—she bled copper—her flying saucer pilot was a whole different can of worms. The dragon-humanoid groused, arms crossed. "I hate wearing clothes."

I appreciated he did anyway. A lot. At the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval we were going to, they'd likely appreciate if he didn't. A lot.

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2405.24 — While drafting, do you avoid or binge watch similar material?

I binge watch all the time. K-dramas and anime. I avoid watching or reading similar material to what I'm writing while I'm composing, so I'm not influenced. I want it to be me writing; I want the voice to be mine.

I avoid reading Dickens. I think his is my default writing style and I need to avoid it at all costs.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]


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This alien has senses we don't. What's one of them?

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324 — SC POV: If you could relive one day of your life without changing anything that happened, which day would you choose? Tootfic: Reframing the Experience

[When my SC says armor, it's really a weightless magical exoskeleton that melds with her body. It looks like blackened bones, because it is. —R.S.]

Oh, there's plenty of days I'd relive unchanged. Like the day I fledged, when I first flew on my own. Or the day learned the thrill of hauling things through the sky. Both good events in a rather dull and awful childhood that turned to cinders when my parents disapproved of the way I wanted to live my life. Said I aimed for the dirt not the sky. Maybe they weren't so dumb—I ended up badly, flying messages for a crime boss over a dozen years. But, then, there was that day last week...

I've told you a few times how I ended up with the armor and a new job training as a pretorian, you know, having faced down the greatest thaumaturge who ever lived, having nearly killed her. Impressed her.

I thought.

Well, my drill instructor was training me that dawn. I wore the armor. The thaumaturge dove at me, full speed. She's a monster flier, taller, more massive, immortal. I jumped into the sky. Fled.

She followed.

Though the armor let me fly like a sparrow, change direction in a heartbeat, and take a thumping only slightly changing my course, it had been her armor once. She kept appearing before me, striking at my face or heart, sending me into spins toward the ground, stalling me out, almost panicking me into flying into trees or buildings. For all her mass and the inertia that implies, I barely avoided her, half the time with her cackling at my barrel rolls or dives that sent down feathers flying. She had muscle; I tired despite the armor until I thought my heart would burst from my chest, at which point a flyby pitched me into the ground.

I skid across the running track on my belly right up to my instructor. I don't know how I didn't break a wing or my neck. Ok, I do: The Armor.

She landed beside me with a loud thump. She wasn't even winded! She told him, "She lacks stamina. Train her harder."

She leaned down until her face was in my face. I smelled maple syrup on her breath. She said, "You need to use the magic in the armor. There's a class at first bell in the Ivory building, room B7. Shower and be there ON TIME."

I have wings.

I don't do magic.

I showered though, once my legs stopped shaking. I slunk into the class still half-frightened out of my wits. My new friend was there, the curse breaker, a former prizefighter, the one I'd fought beside against Her, that ended up with me getting the armor. It was some sort of advanced special Ed class for mages. I suddenly felt totally inadequate and I cried. Me. At the age of 27, I cried telling her my story, pointing to my purpling bruises, complaining that had She gotten in a good strike She would have caved in my rib cage.

My friend was having none of it. She said, "You're a day angel who just went ten minutes fighting Her. Somehow, you're still alive."

I hadn't thought about it that way. I later learned the word, "Reframing."

The instructor came in with a truckload of tomes and grimoires. She had prepared him for me. He gave me a magic primer. I knew it was a primer because it had PICTURES of youngsters playing. Despite the stares of the other students, I read the book.

Half hour later, I got the armor to glow dull red, like iron out of a forge. Truly. Awesome. Didn't know what it did except look intimidating, but still...


I felt my heart grow large in my chest, and it struck me. Someone (okay, the ruler of the nation) wanted me for who I was and who I could become, and because I was capable. She wanted me to aim for the sky. My new friend supported me and pushed me forward. I liked this, who I was, what I was finding I could be, could become.



I realized, for what it was worth, my parents would approve. (And flap them if they didn't!)

Best. Day. Ever.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]


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Hey -

Has anyone found any good summaries of what the recent...kerfuffle around Google's AI bullshit (not to let my feelings show or anything) means for things like SEO strategy, content marketing, etc?

I'm working on some ideas for my own articles to aid with my current job hunt so any and all recommendations, thoughts, comments, and excoriations are truly appreciated!

Firlefanz, to random avatar

Gute Nacht, Freunde.

No writing.

I'm seriously upset about the level of arrogance the big tech companies are displaying. Do they think we are complete fools?

So glad I'm on Mastodon.

And I hope that while things probably have to get even worse before the tech comps collapse and things can get better, we'll reach the end of "worse" really soon.

Add in the level of climate catastrophe deniers and the state of the world, and I am not doing well.


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