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Roleplaying/DMing since 1989.

I play and DM:

BECMI/AD&D/BFRPG/LOTFP/Beyond The Wall/Fate Core/Cairn etc...

So predominantly #OSR and #NuSR.

Not here for political or religious arguments - I have other accounts for that. 😈

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Shkshkshk, to science
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New research shows that the insects flying around the streetlights are in fact in a living hell that we made for bugs.



Essentially, their tiny bug brains think the light is the sunset, so they keep turning to keep the "sun" at the same angle so they can go "straight." No matter how far they fly, they don't make any progress. They are trapped in this little hell we made just for them, not understanding why they can't get to where they are going.

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@Shkshkshk @science I read this too a few weeks ago, and it got the old noggin joggin'.

What if some higher lifeform has done the same to us? Our sun could be the gods' bathroom light.

kyonshi, to random
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I thought it was just my team having an office day. Instead EVERYONE IS HERE.

Had to settle halfway across the office from my team, AND THERES NO COFFEE CUPS LEFT ANYWHERE!

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@kyonshi what's an office day?

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@kyonshi ah, in that case every day is an office day for me

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@kyonshi my old team leader sat on his arse during the lockdowns for months.

When I got his job I made damn sure I got government permission to work. If my guys are on site taking risks then so am I.

Andomonir, to random
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When coming up with a new setting, I just do flow of consciousness bullshit and try and pick out the fun stuff.

bedirthan, to random
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Tomorrow, the best anyone can tell, is the 50th anniversary of D&D.
I'm playing with the regular group and I'm very tempted to throw in a couple iconic references to the earliest of games (a green maw on a door, a ten foot pole, experience for stealing gold),

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@bedirthan what, you don't carry a ten foot pole??!? What are you, amateurs?


kyonshi, to random
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I do have to wonder why I keep buying new versions of the same game over and over just because I like the art.
On the left "White Box - Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game" in its first edition (version 1.4) which i already had, on the right is version 2. I'm not actually sure what the difference is besides some art.

The game is your run of the mill white box clone based on Swords & Wizardry. The main point is the price though, this was under 7eur on Amazon. And it's a complete game.

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@kyonshi how does it stack up against BFRPG?

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@kyonshi Right, I'm buying White Box and no-one can stop me

ct_bergstrom, (edited ) to random
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This week, Science published a stunningly irresponsible news story entitled "Fake scientific papers are alarmingly common" and claiming that upward of 30% of the scientific literature is fake.


Below, the first two paragraphs of the story.

Headline and intro notwithstanding, the story itself later notes that the detector doesn't actually work and flags nearly half of real papers as fake. Does the reporter just not understand that?

h/t @Hoch

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@ct_bergstrom @Hoch they understand quite well enough, they're just full of shit.

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