ʎlsnoıɹǝs sǝɹnʇɔıd ɹo ǝɯɐuɹǝsn ǝɥʇ ǝʞɐʇ ʇ,uoᗡ

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If you’re ever looking for cheap jewelry/earrings, you should be very very careful.

CTV Marketplace did an investigation a few years ago, and they found that a lot of children’s jewelry contained high levels of lead and/or cadmium. These pieces were found in multiple places, including Claires and H&M. Some children’s makeup was also contaminated.


The wording kind of implies that it’s only recently that people started seeing rape as a bad thing. I would argue otherwise.

I think that the people who were victims of it over the past centuries probably already thought it was a bad thing, along with anyone who cared about them. It’s not a new revelation. People have been trying to spread awareness about this happening for multiple generations.

It’s an extremely low moral bar, to be honest. Some actions are indefensible and inexcusable. Anyone who had even half of a heart would have still cared about this happening over a hundred years ago.

It’s caring about your mother/sister/daughter/friend/teacher/nurse/mechanic/niece/neighbour/cousin/welder/artist/etc. If you care at all about any of them, this should have always been important to you. It’s wanting people to not suffer.

It would be like saying that people only recently started caring when someone murders innocent people. It’s always been terrible, and the offenders have always been terrible.

Angry_Maple, (edited )

People might have not collectively cared, specifically and especially the people who likely didn’t see half of the population as human.

The victims have always cared, was my initial main point. To claim otherwise would be to also deny the sentience of those people.

Idk if you can see it on your instance/browser, but I didn’t vote on the comment.

Added: I agree that people in general have had some level of shitty ethics though, in one way or another. Especially historically. I didn’t see it was you asking either, sorry about that lol.


Did you see the edit? It might have taken a bit to update the change. I noticed and added a bit at the end after removing that part lol

Thank you for replying to


Christians and Catholics permanently steered me away from being religious before I was even in high school.


Live and let live. Their choice doesn’t have any impact on you


Ever notice how other vehicles don’t usually do that, even when they can? It’s possible to do in a wagon too, but that’s uncommon to see. You should look at the physics sometime.

If your bed is empty, your vehicle will have less weight. Larger vehicles need that extra weight for traction, as their centre of gravity is higher. Smaller vehicles will have a lower centre of gravity, so they usually won’t need that extra weight.

I’ve never seen that aspect described as a “pro” before. In the past, I’ve mainly only heard pick up drivers complaining about it being a pain in the arse to do.

Edit: I think this might have been a joke lol. It’s too early. I’ll leave this up anyways


It didn’t have a removable battery, but I used to use an older Asus Zenfone 3 ZE552KL that really kicked arse.

It had cards slots, a headphone jack, a built in radio that used wired headphones for signal, and the damned thing was as reasonably waterproof as I could imagine a smartphone to be. It’s camera was pretty great for the price, too.

Well, one day it fell very hard on a sharp rock, and the screen shattered. The crack made a hole a few milimeteres deep, and it was about a centimetre wide. It might not sound like much, but the crack in the screen was very much there. My happy arse managed to then have it fall out of my pocket and right into the flush of a high-powered toilet.

I left it to dry for one day, and it worked almost like new again. It still powers up today, but the since security updates stopped years ago, i don’t use it anymore. IIRC, it wasn’t too expensive, but I forget if there was a sale going on at the time.

I hope I can find another phone like that around that general price point one day. I can dream haha.


If a kid sees their mom and dad smoking all the time, they’ll probably start to believe that it’s not as dangerous as other people say. “They seem to be fine, so I should be fine too.” I legitimately heard this often while growing up, sadly. If you grow up around a bad smell, you might not think of it as “bad” smell, since you’re already used to it.

If someone is already depressed and hates life, they might not care about the harm that they’re causing themselves 20 years later. I’ve known way too many people who didn’t believe that they would stay alive until adulhood. Some of these people started these bad habits expecting to not have to stick around long enough to deal with the consequences.

Throw in the chaos of the last handful of years, along with the constantly depleting mental health resources, and I can’t say that I’m really all that suprised.

Even today, many countries have certain types of people trying to obliterate what’s left of mental health resources. Then they wonder why their kids are struggling with mental health.

I can only imagine what it’s going to be like for Gen Alpha when they get older, poor kids.


I’m not sure I could forget that post if I tried. The same goes for the post about the “swamps of dagobah”.

Angry_Maple, (edited )

Not to detract from your point, but the waiver arguably wasn’t because of an American accent.

A lot of Canadians know about the dangers of ground beef, isn’t it the same in the US? Most of the people commenting on this mention nothing about the food safety aspect. You can catch a lot of nasty things from undercooked meat.

It’s not like you can sterilize the entire cow, and most restaurants don’t have their own slaughterhouse in the back. The whole reason that system works is that we cook the beef thoroughly. If we don’t cook it thoroughly, lots of those nasty things might still be there. You can’t see, smell or taste most of them.

If I absolutely HAD to serve a customer that, I would likely add a waiver too. I would probably prefer to just send them away instead, though. One person’s whims would be a shite reason to lose your restaurant license, regardless of where that person is from.

Do you have any sources backing up the claim that it was because the customer was American, and that it was not because it went against common food safety protocol?


Oh, fair enough lol. I wasn’t sure if I might have missed something myself, so I figured I would ask just in case.

I agree though. It would be nice to not have to worry about being falsely sued, but other people have other ideas. These people give a terrible name to other people like the poor lady from the McDonald’s case. I can’t imagine coffee so hot that it fuses skin together. It’s horrible that she also had to deal with the media after being put through pain that would be incomprehensible for most of us.

If suing is intentionally only done for a happy quick buck, I think it’s just as bad as a scam, if not worse. Instead of just taking money, it also takes the person’s time. Time that people need for work, family, necessities, etc.


Let’s say there’s a pair of new parents, and that they don’t have family support. This is already a common reality for many new families.

Let’s say that now there’s a mandated enlistment because of a war. Which parent will go? Will they play rock paper scissors, or will they have to trust the government to randonly decide for them? Is it ethical for the government to decide who goes? Is it ethical for them to make new parents make that choice?

If they’re both going, who will care for the young child? I certainly wouldn’t trust strangers to watch babies en masse if the parents would be gone for a very long time at minimum.

Maybe mandated enlistment isn’t where it’s at, and maybe we should also be making sure that we’re giving people a reason to want to fight for their country again. Laws against fleeing will only do so much when we have such a large planet.

Do you do a better job when you’re forced to do something, or do you do a better job when you’re passionate about something?


If they want more people to switch to EVs specifically, they absolutely need to try to make some changes if they can.

Chargers: In a world where many people are living in old apartment buildings and condos, people are going to need public chargers. I don’t just mean enough for 20 people. If we want a big societal switch, we need to be able to assure people that they won’t encounter what happened in Texas recently. 60 chargers is still pretty rough if your city has half a million people in it.

Cost: MANY people can only afford used vehicles. This is not only because of the up-front cost. Parts for repairs can become a massive factor when deciding what type of car to buy. Even if you can get a used car for 6K, you might not go for it if you know that certain important repairs will cost you up to 20K.

Design: There are concerns for a lot of people with things being too screen-based. Some people like knobs that you can change without having to look away from the road. How many functions will be stuck behind a subscription? Will an update brick your car? Is it ok to tow normally, or will it sometimes require a special flatbed that most people can’t afford? Do we have the battery fire thing under full control yet?

If every single car eventually becomes too expensive, driving will either become a “caste” thing, or people will put things together at home that might be even worse for the environment. Shoddy DIY repairs can also count for this.


Some of it’s also probably situation based.

If you hit on every single person of the gender that you like at one gym, they’ll probably start to feel like you really just want just anyone who will say yes. They’ll probably feel like you don’t like them for them, and that you’re just trying to keep your bed warm. Most people who want relationships want to be with someone who likes them individually as a person. Try not to write “scripts” for the situation in your head too much, either. If you do, it might crash and burn the second that someone goes off of that “script”.

It’s kind of tragic how all of this has become. A relationship likely won’t fix any problems you might have with yourself, nor would it fix most of the other aspects of your life. A partner will also have their own needs and wants, and you should try to have room to provide some of that before you start dating.

Don’t listen to guys like Tate. If he really had good advice, more people from his fan base would be in a happy relationship now, no? He makes money by making you continue to watch his videos. That’s all he cares about. He’s giving you bad advice so he can keep making money off of your sadness. That’s not a bro thing to do.

Don’t follow the plot of any rom-coms. That behaviour is usually a fantastic way to get a restraining order and absolutely ruin any chances you might have had with that person.

Find the little things that make you happy. Gardening? MTG? Video games? Hockey? Drawing? MMA? Take the time to properly enjoy those things that you love with the people who are already around you. It will help build some of that confidence. Let youself be passionate about your hobbies sometimes. It’s ok, I promise.

Try not to worry too much if you mess up or if you ruin your chances with one person. There are over 8 billion people on earth, so there’s almost always someone else you can try with. NO ONE succeeds 100% of the time, and that is more than OK. That is human.

Don’t beat yourself up over not succeeding right away. Unless you are literally currently on your death bed, you still have time.

Outside of the dating stuff, be kind to youself, and try to make sure you’re taking care of yourself. Self care isn’t just fitness and healthy eating. Sometimes could be having pizza in the bath, sometimes it might be playing DnD over multiple continents, sometimes it might be watching cartoons, and sometimes it could even be something like skincare. Your happiness is important, and you should treat it as such.

As long as it doesn’t harm anyone else in the process, please do what you need to do to feel happy. Life is too short to pause your happiness for someone who hasn’t shown up yet. Life is too short to wait to improve things until you meet someone who hasn’t shown up yet.

You deserve happiness, and the sooner you acknowledge that, the better. Find happiness despite what life might throw at you. Try to find joy even in chaos, and always remember that bad feelings usually don’t last forever. You can get through these hard times.


Where I’m from, they’re also open to expecting mothers.

They are also people who shouldn’t have to walk super far, especially later on in their pregnancy. It would really suck know for people to get upset at them just because they don’t have kids with them, even though they might literally physically struggle walking. I hope that’s not the case here lol


I’m happy to hear that that wasn’t the case :)


In Canada, certain yackadoodles are trying to fight tooth and nail to privatize healthcare. I hope Europe’s doing at least a bit better on that front.

It’s stupidly short-sighted. Many of the people who are voting for privatizing healthcare will almost definitely need public healthcare within the next decade or so. Pension plans only pay so much. Retirement savings only last so long, and people are living longer. It’s not like the people who can’t afford a house or even post secondary schooling will be able to cover those extra costs for their parents/grandparents. It’s all fun and games until you see a bill with more than four zeros, and realize that you only have the three zeros in your account to last you for the rest of your life.

Of course, they’ll probably just blame the younger people for it. I don’t get it, I really don’t. We could be making progress, but that would make sense, and it doest seem like you’re allowed to do that anymore.

Best of luck, man. I hope everything works out for you sooner than later.


I think it’s another one of those things where words and phrases change meaning over time.

Righteous is equal to justifiable. Indignant is equal to showing anger.

Logically, it should mean justifiably angry. Often times, people will just ignore and skip over the first word and will only properly read “indignant”.

I think it’s similar to when people say words like “irregardless”. They use it to mean “regardless”. If you break the word down, the double negative makes it a positive. It looks like it should read as being the same as “regarding”, but people had other ideas lol

Another fun one: “eggcorn” has been added to some dictionaries as a synonym for “acorn”.


Would you mind sharing links to prove your point? Let me know if you need more sources on micro plastics being spread through more ways than just water bottles. There are many results if you just search “micro plastics food”.

Scary shit. They’ve even found microplastics in the placentas of unborn fetuses.


I think I’ve decided to not publish anything that I want to keep ownership of, just in case. There’s an entire planet’s worth of countries, which will all have their own sets of laws. It takes waay too long to polish something, only to just give it away for free haha. Someone else is free to do that work if it is that easy. No skin off my back.

I think it’s similar to many other hand-made crafts/items. Most people will buy their clothes from stores, but there are definitely still people who make beautiful clothing from hand better than machines could.

Don’t even get me started on stuff like knitting. It already costs the creator a crap ton of money just for the materials. It takes a crap ton of time to make those, too. Despite the costs, many people just expect those knitted pieces for practically free. The people who expect that pricing are also free to go with machine-produced crafts/items instead.

It comes down to what people want, and what they’re willing to pay, imo. Some people will find value in something physically being put together by another human, and other people will find value in having more for less. Neither is “wrong” necessarily, so long as no one is literally ripped off. (With over 8 billion people, it’s bound to happen at least once. I feel bad for whoever that is.)

That being said, we’ll never be able to honestly say that the specific skills and techniques that are currenty required are the exact same. It would be like calling a photographer amazing at realism painting because their photo looks like real life. Photographers and painters both have their place, but they are not the exact same.

I think that’s also part of what’s frustrating so many artists. Coding AI is not the same as using the colour wheel, choosing materials, working fine motor control, etc. It’s not learning about shadows, contrast, focal points, etc. I can definitely understand people not wanting those aspects to be brushed off, especially since it usually takes most of a lifetime to achieve. A music generator and a violin may both make great music, but they are not the same, and they require different technical skills.

I’ll never buy AI art if I have any say in the matter. I’ll support handmade stuff first, every time.


I honestly wouldn’t know either way.

This topic kind of reminds me of the people who believe that they can taste and distinguish each one of dozens of notes within a bottle of wine. When that’s put to the test, people fail it practically every time.

I could maybe see it happening with this, depending on the materials that the grinder was made out of. Some super cheap appliances might be made out of a toxic material that also spreads a bad odour/taste. The intensity of the grind itself could definitely play a role in flavour too.

I might test this one day, now I’m curious lol

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