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born in the 76th year of the last century and very much a major (pain in the arse)

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AntimonySchnuck, to random

As you might have noticed I'm currently moving to a new account over at @Antimony!

I'm going to completey move and delete this one in a bit. It's important to me not to be gobbled up by the Jacks and Zucks - if I wanted to have a Threads account I'd simply make one.

AntimonySchnuck, to random

@admin This is a good idea imho 😬


geraineon, (edited ) to random avatar

For long posts, does your Fedi (mastodon, misskey or others) client/app automatically hides them with a "read more" (or equivalent)?

If no, can you share what client/app you are using?

Boost if you wish!


@geraineon @xieliansbignaturals
I don't know which one to click :'D because the Mastodon app Moshidon has it as an option (which I have enabled).


@geraineon Ok, I clicked yes then :'D

AntimonySchnuck, to random

Initially I thought I'd not make a toot because I already hold back on posting Emhyr things - but I just went through my blorbo history on Tumblr, so here's my list with 10 major blorbos - the meme said "10 fandoms, 10 blorbos":

(list in the next toot)



  • Remington Steele ()
  • Batman (Michael Keaton)
  • Sam Beckett ()
  • Data (Star Trek )
  • Jeffrey Sinclair ()
  • Odo (Star Trek )
  • Rupert Giles ()
  • Bill Adama ()
  • Dak Starcrest (the Emperor's Edge book "Republic" and the Chains of Honor series by Lindsay Buroker, yes this is very uh exclusive and he's no main character but I was into him so bad he has to be included)
  • Emhyr var Emreis ( Witcher)
Llamacalamity, to tumblr

So, will people move over here from ?

My guess is not very likely/it depends

Is misskey or firefish better for collaborative social media? I've not checked it out


@Llamacalamity @lowrah Tumblr is so bad and has been for so long, people who "live" there are like extremophiles (those bacteria who live in boiling hot, toxic waters), they won't move just because it got one degree hotter. :')

AntimonySchnuck, to random

That was FUN. /sarc

The doctor/GP who just came to vaccinate us grinned at me: "Oops, I don't have a mask."


Doing house calls.

Not even a surgical mask.

We live by his fucking GRACE that he AT LEAST wore the ffp2 I then gave him. And he's our only option, no other does house calls anymore and their offices are all behind stairs. And lots of doctors don't vaccinate anymore either. So we have to be grateful for. This.

AntimonySchnuck, to random

Wow, this is SUCH a horrible take, dude.

Tell you what, lots of people tooting that a celeb has died do, in fact, not "mourn" them. It's an info that a landmark of our lives has changed. Someone whose face we've seen and was our age has died. It's normal and good not to surpress the "oh shit" that comes with that.

Then there are some people who were fans, and they are hurting. Are you going to tell someone whose gran died "Thousands of grannies just died"?




Whatever the cause is you're letting yourself be instrumentalised for (I haven't checked which fucking "team" that guy is on), you just did a great job of showing YOU care shit about people and only about getting some edgy toot out.

admin, to random

Downtime was about 3 minutes. Everything should be good now. 🤞

If you notice any more problems, please let me know!


@admin Thank you so much!
Sorry I didn't further help with details but my internet was down for 2 days :laughcry:
I'm back now and so are the pictures! :D/

ludovica, to fanfiction avatar

Somebody should create something like an action plan of getting #fandom people on fedi... I'm not going to be that person bc project management gives me anxiety but there has to be somebody out there who knows how to do this stuff and actually likes doing it, right?

I would definitely take over some regular tasks as long as I don't have to organize everything...


@lookitmychicken @ludovica @tikli
I've been trying to "promote" M in my little corner of my fandom, managed that 5 people made accounts and then never showed up again. It really has to be someone with influence doing it, it's not just effort we have to put in :'|

vagina_museum, to random avatar

"Fashionable Contrasts" A 1792 satirical cartoon by English caricaturist James Gillray which was probably made with the double purpose of titillating certain sectors of the population.


@vagina_museum That's some sexual dimorphism on Disney levels. 👀

AntimonySchnuck, to IzzyCanyon


Link to a Tumblr quoting a Pop Sugar article with DJenks talking about Izzy in season 2:

If you can't see it, try a different browser; had to switch back to Chrome for it.

vagina_museum, to random avatar


It's Friday 13th. We're nearing Halloween. So we're going to take you on a broomstick ride. Hop on board! Don't mind if the seat's a little sticky. We're going to take you on a wild journey involving witches, drugs and masturbation.


@vagina_museum Swiffer should be safe.

AntimonySchnuck, to random

BTW, in that Tumblr fandom bracket won :D/ 🎉 by 189 votes (50.3%) against Supergirl.

AntimonySchnuck, to random

cn spiders (cat hunting them)

I can laugh in horror because as far as I know they aren't doing this to me.



@SecurityWriter I might be Spiders Tim. 😬

AntimonySchnuck, to random

Regarding the current "Mastodon is [ ]" discourse where [ ] is "apolitic":

It's true that I personally don't engage in as much political retooting as I used to retweet a few years ago. That's a personal development. If Twitter still existed I would still exhibit this behaviour; I actually already did.

I think I'm not alone in this. We've gone through stuff, we've tried things, we found out how that turned out, had burn-outs that didn't help anyone.
(1/ )


But. I have curated my timeline in a way I get to see politics. And if you're someone tooting and retooting a lot about it, I appreciate that.

If I follow you it means I usually agree with your takes and use you as a filter to see the takes of other people I don't generally want to read and I appreciate those retoots.

As far as I can see this is still possible on Mastodon. I see fewer political opinions of people who otherwise post smartass jokes and I think that improves my life, actually.


@LeGaosaure I did this with the news sources, got them on a "news" list! It's great for the timeline. Stands to be seen if this means I'll completely forget this list exists and won't remember to look at it, ever. 🤣

AntimonySchnuck, to random

"Top comedy wildlife photos of 2023" on Gizmodo:

(Yes, I picked the best; but most of them are also funny/cute!)

Jaden2, (edited ) to internet

When yall wake up in the morning what app do you check first?
Reply and say why if you want.
Preciate if you could boost so we get a good response.
Thank you
Jaden xxx
#SocialMedia #Social


I only have Mastodon out of these :] but it actually is Mastodon most of the times. Except if anyone wrote me something on Discord, I get a notification then and check that out first.

AntimonySchnuck, to IzzyCanyon


My first fic: Scars

Based on that scene in Jaws, Ed and Izzy show off their scars to Stede - more or less enthusiastically.

What starts as a subtle way to get closer with the exciting possibility of a striptease ends in a bit of psychological warfare - because it's Ed.

And because it's me and I slipped into showcasing their fucked up relationship rather than Izzy's arse.

lowrah, to random avatar

"They don't know" meme with "They don't know about MASTODON" 😌

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