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ArenaCops, to Bulgaria

On Independence Day July 4, 1987 Trump (& Ivana) flew to Moscow, on invitation from USSR ambassador Dubinin (& the KGB), lured by the prospect of building a big hotel in Moscow (30+ years later the illusion of building big in Moscow would still be haunting Donald's clan!).

Only two months after that (recruitment?) trip Trump had a full-page declaration of his published in the New York Times, Washington Post & the Boston Globe, for the first time publicly pursuing the goal to drive wedges between the U.S. & their international allies, pretending worries about financial imbalances.
Then serving the Soviet Union (& indirectly then-communist KGB-janitor Vladimir Putin), today serving Russia & fascist Eurasianism-imperialist Vladimir Putin.
#RuleOfLaw #JusticeMatters #AccountabilityMatters #CounterIntelligence #CIA #DOJ #FBI #NATO #KremlinAssets #RussianAssets #Trump #Treason #NationalSecurityThreat

JamesGleick, to random avatar

The NY Times catches up with Trump encouraging Russian aggression against NATO, and look how they minimize the story:

  1. It’s old news. “… repeating a claim he has made previously …”
  2. It’s just braggadocio. “… to highlight his negotiating skills …”
  3. The first reaction quoted is not from the White House (¶6) but from Putin (¶4)—who promises never to invade anyone.
  4. Trump says he caused “hundreds of billions” to be paid in. NYT doesn’t mention that this is a lie.


@GreenFire @thepoliticalcat @Npars01 @JamesGleick 🤔 A huge part of that galloping misjudgment of Dems' achievements is certainly owed to bigly oligarchy-funded misinformation spread over the whole media spectrum, enabled by self-destructive misinterpretation of "unlimited" Freedom of Expression.

Time to join the free parts of the international community acknowledging reasonable limitations of the human right to Freedom of Expression, whenever speech causes harm.


@thepoliticalcat @GreenFire @Npars01 @JamesGleick 🤔 Maybe GW's motivation for waging war against Saddam's Iraq was simply personal & trivial: "After all this is the guy who tried to kill my dad", said GW at a fundraiser in Houston, Texas in September 2002.


@Npars01 @thepoliticalcat @GreenFire @JamesGleick Whether or not the Texan oil industry had its hands in the decision to switch off Saddam's regime for economic reasons I can't say.
That the Saudis were grateful, however, for U.S. military assistance after Saddam started his thievish aggression against Kuwait & went so far as to beat the Iraqi (Russia-supported) dictator's troops back farther than where they originally came from is a matter of history.
What Saddam's aggression against Kuwait clarified however, was that there would be no guarantee, he - backed by the Russians - wouldn't try again to invade neighboring Arab countries & spheres of American interests.
So the good side of it is, that the Saddam-regime was removed.
The bad side of it being, that that removal caused too many unnecessary deaths among all parties involved & missed the decisive point of nation-building within a country with arbitrarily drawn borders now exposed to non-Arab Iranian interference keeping the country from achieving a lasting domestic state of peace.

TonyStark, to random avatar

A former POTUS and current frontrunner for the Republican ticket, already found legally responsible for fraud and rape and the holder of a record 91 felony counts, encouraged Russia to attack our NATO allies.

If Trump isn’t a paid tool for Putin, he’s doing it for free. Either way, it’s unhinged.

Trump says he'd encourage Russia to attack NATO allies who don't pay their bills:


@robbienorlyn @TonyStark At the time Colin Powell was being very diplomatic, when he called Trump a "national disgrace" & an "international pariah".

Which basically also puts national security threat Trump in a row with Kremlin-Vladolf.

maddad, to random avatar


He warned National Rifle Association members Friday that Democrats would change the name of Pennsylvania if their party wins at the polls in November. 😂 😂

He also ranted about taking the names of historical figures off schools as he warned about Democrats winning in November.

He is totally delusional.....

VOTE VOTE VOTE at every level of government and keep this crackpot out.


@maddad Like before the 2020, mentally most seriously illTrump is willing & trying to do literally anything legal & illegal to regain presidential DOJ protection against prosecution & indictment.

Trump is running against the laws.

But hey, there could be a solution sweeping his bonkers fantasies away:

The DOJ's notorious & corrupt OLC opinion on "A Sitting President's Amenability to Indictment and Criminal Prosecution" could:

• officially be declared void due to violating the precious & fundamental principle of the Rule of Law, that No one is above the law

• be flushed down the toilet (check water pressure first!😉)

• accidentally fall into a bucket of black paint

• be used to warm freezing DOJ employees for a couple of minutes.

GottaLaff, to random avatar

Via Bradley Moss:

The commentary about 's memory was legally irrelevant and the very kind of extraneous commentary that got Comey fired in 2017.

Jacqui Heinrich:

Biden's lawyers wrote to Hur asking that he revise descriptions of the President's memory - notable given voter concerns about his mental capacity.


@jstatepost @GottaLaff Joe Biden & the party he belongs to have a platform serving the people, no matter their party affiliation.

On the other side of the aisle is a "party" the platform of which appears to solely consist of defamation, destructiveness & badmouthing, proving to be of no use whatsoever for the people — except may be the Russian people in the Kremlin.
A waste of taxpayers' time, money & votes.

#AmericaWon #PresidentBiden #AmericaMoves #TrumpLostLOL #UnelectableGOP #ServingPutin

BigAngBlack, to california avatar

Some Calif. cops still sharing license plate info with anti-abortion states

> Cops weaponizing license plate data harms vulnerable populations, lawyer says


@BigAngBlack Denunciation is a common feature & pillar of dictatorial entities.
It was in Hitler-Germany.

SteveRogers, to random avatar

GOP having a rough day.

House GOP’s Mayorkas impeachment effort on life support -


@TonyStark @SteveRogers 😎😂😂 Bottom line: Don't even try to roll out a impeachment investigation with accusations even you tried hard to invent.

ArenaCops, to random

🤔 So Trump claims he hasn't been an "Officer of the United States", who would be amenable to the provisions of the Fourteenth Amendment's Section 3, potentially disqualifying him from running for & holding public (presidential) office.
He's freaking wrong!

And he should know damn better. As he's himself officially & publicly been insisting on being treated like an "officer" in court.

Just like now-AG Garland certainly remembers his own time on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, which wrote: "President Trump removed the suit to federal court under the federal officer removal statute, 28 U.S.C. § 1442(a)(1)." in K&D LLC v. Trump Old Post Office LLC and Donald J. Trump.


@GreenFire One precondition to make overwhelming voter turnout happen is to successfully challenge "traditional" methods of systematic electoral fraud like brazenly legislated voter suppression, gerrymandering, disenfranchisement, in the courts.
Like what @marcelias & many others are excellently & thankfully very busy with.

What's been "legislated" doesn't naturally mean it's legal and/or constitutional at every level.

We all know, that today's "GOP" aims at denying as many voters as possible their fundamental right & opportunity to vote — which is completely unacceptable for every true democrat.


@GreenFire @TruthSandwich @marcelias Isn't the fundamental issue rather, that the existing "two-party system" is a system of one party supporting the Rule of Law, the Constitution, the people indiscriminately as government's sovereign, & the Rule of the People aka democracy — and another ("grand ole") "party" hostile to everything Abraham Lincoln ever stood for, including his adamant refusal to ever be either slave or master, which was his understanding of democracy?

Isn't the real issue rather, that one of the parties is an anti-constitutional, anti-democratic & anti-Union (=>Federal Republic) entity, that kicked out every one of its members, who formerly supported the United States & associated laws, norms, rules & values?
And that such entities actually don't belong into U.S. Congress?


@TruthSandwich @GreenFire @marcelias Old-school Confederate Southern "Democrats" haven't ever credibly been pro-democracy.

Today they're "pro-life" & calling themselves "Republicans".

Houston, we have a problem.


@GreenFire @TruthSandwich @8124 @rameshgupta @marcelias Today Germany, thanks to U.S. & allied forces' WWII intervention & victory seems to be better protected against demagogues & fascists than America, rebuilding on the Weimar Constitution, which was said to be the most liberal democratic constitution at its time, except for allowing an anti-democratic president to take office.

Germany's Constitution & Freedom of Expression today:

"Article 5
[Freedom of expression, arts and sciences]

(1) Every person shall have the right freely to express and disseminate his opinions in speech, writing and pictures and to inform himself without hindrance from generally accessible sources. Freedom of the press and freedom of reporting by means of broadcasts and films shall be guaranteed. There shall be no censorship.

(2) These rights shall find their limits in the provisions of general laws, in provisions for the protection of young persons and in the right to personal honour.

(3) Arts and sciences, research and teaching shall be free. The freedom of teaching shall not release any person from allegiance to the constitution."

TonyStark, to random avatar

This is a good read.

Fatalism isn’t going to inspire anyone who needs to be.

Being positive and hopeful and celebrating real achievements (including on the economy) and further possibilities is solid strategy.

Why the Explosive Jobs Report Will Hit Trump Harder Than You Think | The New Republic:


@TonyStark Not only did President Joe Biden create more American jobs than most other presidents so far, including especially jobs-flop Mr Trump, Joe Biden's also been serious about serving the American people right from the start, other than Trump, who egoistically & falsely believes, that presidential office obliges the people to serve the president's whims & hopes to escape the laws.

Biden got it right!

AmericaWon #PresidentBiden #BidenCares #Bidenomics #RegisterToVote #VOTE #Democracy #YourVoiceMatters #YouMatter #RaiseYourVoice

TonyStark, to random avatar

This is Trump’s last Secretary of State.

Presidents come with a Cabinet.

None of this is great unless you’re into white Christian nationalism and people basing their foreign policy on what they think is in the Bible.

I, for one, am not.

Pompeo says Israel has biblical claim to Palestine and is ‘not an occupying nation’ | Mike Pompeo | The Guardian:


@TonyStark Just in case anyone forgot:

"Keep the church and the state forever separate."
— President Ulysses S. Grant, meritorious target of today's rebellious revanchists —

What was in it for Trump in Opus-Dei-$$ for selling a cabinet job, that injected "religious" zealot Mike Pompeo into the United States executive branch of power?

"As a congressman, Pompeo had voted to defund Planned Parenthood. Pompeo co-sponsored the State Marriage Defense Act that would have allowed states to not recognize same-sex marriages. He co-sponsored the Marriage and Religious Freedom Act in order to protect the tax-exempt status of nonprofit organizations with religious objections to same-sex marriage. Neither bill passed."
#RuleOfLaw #DefendDemocracy #DefendTheConstitution #Democracy #FirstAmendment #LeonardLeo #MikePompeo #OpusDei #Subversion #Insurrection #Overthrow

Tengrain, to random avatar

@Jquigley48 @BigBoppa @Tengrain Since "MAGA" is code for "Make America Grey Again" (as seen on Jan 6, inside U.S. Congress), they'll probably declare it "St. Lee's Day".

#DefendTheConstitution #DefendTheUnion #DefendDemocracy #YourVoiceMatters #YouMatter #RaiseYourVoice

Brandi_Buchman, to random avatar

Even Jefferson Davis, leader of the Confederacy — and his lawyer — knew the insurrection clause in the U.S. Constitution not only disqualified him from holding office but, importantly, that Section III of the Fourteenth Amendment “executes itself” and once that constitutional Rubicon is crossed, disqualification was his “automatic” punishment.


@Brandi_Buchman More on disqualification for insurrection in U.S. history:

Baude & Paulsen explain, that the "officer" reading distorts methodology:
"a reading that renders the document a ‘secret code’ loaded with hidden meanings discernible only by a select priesthood of illuminati is generally an unlikely one.
Gentle reader, can you seriously imagine that our 19th-century ratifier—an informed, loyal American who had just lived through a brutal war that took more than 600,000 lives for the sole reason that Southern whites would not accept that Abraham Lincoln won the 1860 election—would have understood Section 3 to mean that a traitor couldn’t be a Senator, or a Representative, or a governor, or a state legislator, or for that matter a dog-catcher—but that Robert E. Frickin’ Lee could turn his coat one more time, swear he really would support the Constitution this time, and waltz into the White House?

I cannot."


@GreenFire @Brandi_Buchman Hell no! Insurrection & rebellion isn't unchangeably tied to one certain moment in time, but they're to be judged generally.

Nonilex, to Texas avatar

Texas AG seeks transgender records in Georgia as part of his wider probe

#Texas AG (& POS) #KenPaxton has requested medical records from a Georgia telehealth clinic that provides #GenderAffirmingCare, a newly discovered move that shows the #Republican ofcl is looking in multiple states for info about #transgender youths.
#HIPAA #RightWing #extremism #GOP #Republicans


@samhainnight @Nonilex I'd call it sexual persecution for Paxton's personal gain.

Besides Paxton's fanatical & corrupt attempts to illegally overturn the results of the 2020 election & his notorious role in the Jan 6 insurrection.

That's, what he very likely seeks to intentionally deflect from with his stubborn & stupid anti-LGBTQ crusade.

Paxton's still awaiting accountability.

#RuleOfLaw #JusticeMatters #AccountabilityMatters #LGBTQ #HumanityMatters #HumanRights #Paxton #Insurrection

ned, (edited ) to random avatar

How the times have changed.

Interesting how the stylization is now MINI (ie, these are two MINIs), like even the word looks bigger now. :D


@ned The one MINI on the left is the Special "I-Have-Gas-" edition.

Privacymatters, to random avatar

Google has just unveiled an AI upgrade for Android. Google’s AI will read and analyze your private messages, going back forever.


@Privacymatters Sniffing tools, officially labeled "Artificial Intelligence".

GottaLaff, to random avatar

How about a candidate found liable for sexual assault, fraud, defamation?

Via Kyle Griffin:

Just 23% of Americans say they would be willing to vote for a presidential candidate convicted of a felony crime by a jury, according to a new Gallup poll. 70% say they're not willing.


@Npars01 @MugsysRapSheet @wndlb @nonproductive @GottaLaff "Convince" is the interesting keyword here. People, who were fed manipulative information modifying their behavior are hard to convince that what they're believing in is neither truth nor fact.
What they may be able to understand is, that they've been abused for a cause potentially harmful to themselves, by people pursuing objectives imperatively mostly, if not wholly beneficial to themselves.

Strandjunker, to random avatar

Remember, the Holocaust didn’t start with gas chambers.

It started with politicians dividing the people with “us vs. them”.

It started with intolerance and hate speech.

It started when people stopped caring, became desensitized, and turned a blind eye.



@strong_sue @Npars01 @Strandjunker Just for the historical context: At the time of the 2nd Reagan term then-National Security Council member Oliver North was involved in the illegal sales of weapons to Ayatollah Khomeini's Iranian theocracy, which had taken Americans hostage at the time of President Jimmy Carter's administration.

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