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Did your iOS 17 Simulators get deleted recently?

The macOS anti-malware system XProtect got an update a couple of days ago, XProtectPayload 132, it found a false positive in the simulator runtime disk image and so would try and eliminate it. An updated 133 is out, check for updates and it should download the security update.

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Every second line in a paragraph has a lineHeight 1pt greater than the others. NSAttributedString with paragraph styles (custom lineHeight) in a UILabel, NSTextView is OK, whatโ€™s going on?

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Would you like a nearly 4 hours long explainer about SM64โ€™s invisible walls? Oh boy have I got you: https://youtu.be/YsXCVsDFiXA?si=9uHDR1S1RHg_YzDQ

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This is amazing. I feel so vindicated about Hazy Maze Cave.

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I guess the Swift-first folks might not be aware of this, but you can set your Xcode search scope to โ€˜Frameworksโ€™ and then search for API changes targeting the latest version of iOS.

Obviously it won't pick up Swift-only API, or anything backported to older OSes, but itโ€™s a good indicator of new features in existing frameworks

Searching Xcode for โ€™17.4โ€™ to pick up changes for iOS 17.4

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@stroughtonsmith Search Scopes are underrated, the predicate builder UI could be improved (and you can hack the plist beyond the UIs capabilities) but itโ€™s still super useful and I donโ€™t see enough people using them.

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