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This is a literal fact.

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Probably nothing serious

Posted from LG Power Washer Series 2

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We all know what this is. Another company's invasive bullshit, so they can learn everything there is to know about the user.

So fucking sick of companies shitting on everyone for the crime of spending too much money buying their shit.

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  1. Trump is 1 day closer to death.

  2. The US is still a democracy.. for now.

  3. I read that a SCOTUS judge is sick. Hopefully, it's terminal.

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    If it was up to me, the world would already be in flames.

    Lucky world.

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    “Wait a minute! Since when did we allow WOMEN to vote?!” Trump asked.

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    Nikki Haley can take a long walk off a short pier.

    Just another traitor.

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    Expert: “Treasure trove” of documents debunks Trump claim that president isn’t an “officer” of US

    Research blows up Trump lawyers’ claim in Supreme Court filing that insurrectionist clause excludes president

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    The simple fact Trump said it, literally debunks it. lol


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    With mathematical and logical wizardry, a tiny key can control entrance into a well-guarded castle.

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    Or, you could do what I do. I just leave VIM running.

    To date, no attacker has figured out how to exit. ;)

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    I'm seeing a lot of great articles about the dangers of another Trump presidency.

    If only his supporters could read.

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    @selzero @Gustodon What’s amusing is you think they would read it without someone turning it into a popup book first.

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    "... the website loads in a special browser built into the app, rather than your phone’s default browser. In 2022, privacy researcher Felix Krause found that Meta injects special “keylogging” JavaScript onto the website you’re visiting that allows the company to monitor everything you type and tap on, including passwords. Other apps including TikTok do the same thing."

    What the hell?? This is so creepy.

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    @noellemitchell Reason 714 to leave Facebook.

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    His name is Gary. He's about 3 years old and a complete butt, but he's our butt, and we love him.

    Here's Gary (aka. G-bone) relaxing in my chair, in my home office.

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    (guy who burns through a 99% THC pen every 36 hours) I don’t remember that, must be the Mandela effect

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    @lolennui Every 48 hours, but yes.

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    I suspect his recent stupidity is due to oxygen deprivation.

    I imagine its quite hard to breath with his head that far up his own ass.

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    I lost count of how many normie #Democrats @ me that Biden cannot be held accountable for ordinance sent because the arms deals were made under #Obama

    “Washington has sent more than 5,000 MK-84 heavy bombs weighing 2,000 pounds to #israel since October, and israel used these bombs on areas it deemed ‘safe’ for civilians.
    #GenocideJoe #Biden #warcrimes #genocide #politics #war #Palestine

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    Cool, now do Trump.

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    Dear @EU_Commission,
    Could you maybe put a clean HTML version of the NIS2 directive online, for us to easily parse and have read by a machine or process?

    Because I’m sorry, but this ain’t it:

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    @avuko @EU_Commission It looks like they wrote it in Word then did a Save As HTML.

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    Let none enter the fortress without proving themself worthy, for many are the rogues who would plunder the king's riches. But how to prove identity?

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    Just looking at the preview pic, it looks like they are using heatmaps of someone's lungs for auth. lol

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    Ahh.. Another admin, on the ass end of security decisions.

    That tracks.

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    Clarence the Cross-eyed Justice implicated again. John Jay must be rolling in his grave.

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    @dannotdaniel @WmShakesp3are

    You mean, clearance sale Clarence? The wholly and rather obviously bribed SCOTUS judge that the rest of the court is fine with? The same Clarence Thomas who faced credible rape charges during his confirmation and was confirmed anyway?

    That Clarence Thomas?

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    Literally everything about Mike Johnson is disturbing, starting with the fact that his penis sticks out of his collar.

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    Oliver Willis on how many of us need to wake up and stop pretending that those who are sticking with Trump through thick or thin are being "duped" by him or taken for a ride by Fox News.

    They are, Willis thinks, truly malicious people who are energized by the cruelty and hatred of minorities:

    "Republican voters love it."


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    @johnshirley2024 @wdlindsy

    John, that's a grand idea but these "people" choose violence. They choose to make others miserable, simply because they are different.

    Inviting them into the sane group is how you destroy us.

    You don't put a sick dog in the kennel with the rest of them, unless you're just after sick dogs.

    Republicans will remain forever unwelcome as far as I'm concerned.

    They showed who they are and they are garbage.

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    @ripcord @return2ozma @JoMomma that’s because this is in the wrong thread entirely. Sorry about that. Doh!

    *prior off-topic comment nuked.

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    @NounsAndWords @The_Picard_Maneuver

    All part of the hypocrisy and horse shit surrounding religion these days.

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    @AAKL @TechCrunch @psawers

    Everyone braced for the pittance fine and letter firmly stating that if they do this again, it'll be another pittance fine?

    I am.

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    @AAKL @TechCrunch @psawers

    Sure.. People could have lost their lives and it's a pittance fine.. every time.

    Now, if mgmt went to jail for gross violations, I suspect we'd see an actual downturn.

    But they dont. Its just a fine, paid with other people's money.

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    Criminal says what??

    HINT: Donald Trump was very very bad at being The President Of The United States

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    I don't think anyone sane views the current media fervor over Herr Jabba as anything other than them continuing to shit on the entire country in the name of Money.

    At least, I hope so, but hope seems to be in short supply these days.

    2 decades ago, I would have laughed in the face of anyone that told me Donnie Two-Scoops would be POTUS and now here we are, with a permanent shit stain in the line of succession, because of a fucking clown.

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    CNN Anchor Dude, how do you stop a bully? You stand up to him and punch him in the nose.

    What a dumbass question. Don’t ask stupid stuff like that. If his supporters lose their collective tiny minds who cares. If they get violent out them down like you would any other criminal element.

    This kind of crap thinking makes me a bit insane. 🤬

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    When the right pushes things too far and starts a civil war, Meal Team Six is going to be surprised at the number of Leftists that own guns too.

    We don't shoot people, but we do shoot back.

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