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[Essay] Like godfather, like so by snufflesirius

i am always thinking about harry and Sirius parallels because no two characters in the series are as similar as these two and it never fails to kill me. both ran away from abusive homes because they’d had enough and found a surrogate family with their best friends and their family (and this is the first time Sirius lays eyes...

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For some reason I can’t pin the post, I’ll try again later

Discworld Remasters May Happen, According To Series Designer (www.timeextension.com)

In a recent interview with Time Extension, Gregg Barnett (the designer of the classic Discworld point-and-click adventures from the '90s) revealed that remasters of the games may finally be on the cards after years of confusion over who owns the rights....

[Poster] Francis Ford Coppola shares Megalopolis picture (discuss.tchncs.de)

Megalopolis is an upcoming American epic science fiction drama film written, directed and produced by Francis Ford Coppola. The film features an ensemble cast, including Adam Driver, Aubrey Plaza, Giancarlo Esposito, Laurence Fishburne, Chloe Fineman, Dustin Hoffman, Shia LaBeouf, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jason Schwartzman and Jon...

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I think it’s on purpose.

This might be slightly better, but only a tiny bit


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Indeed, but I didn’t really know what to call this. “First picture” seemed like a weird category, and Teasers are short trailers.

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VFX breakdown that was released recently by ILM for Mission Impossible?

Interesting, I think the video in the OP quotes it, I remember seeing the ILM logo at some point, must be that!

I wish lemmy could have an option like mastodon where you can move your account to another instace without losing your subscriptions , saved posts , posts ,comments .etc.

Is it on the road map ? Like it would be really useful when an instance it going to shut down or an instace admin goes volatile , so we don’t have to manage several accounts ....

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Good opportunity to jump ships and see how it is elsewhere!

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I’m thinking about moving to Reddthat.com as they disabled downvotes.

I also think that public downvotes could help with that.

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It’s true that upvotes could be a way to astrosurf, but as they are public at least you can identify bots and vote manipulation

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Yes, that as well

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Update as I know this comment is linked to from time to time: we discussed about this with Gabe on Matrix, he was okay to keep the community here. Proof of this: he appointed one of my alts as a moderator of the community, which he probably wouldn’t have done if he wasn’t approving our community being here.

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