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PC miniature game to see if I can actually get into this?

I am trying to find something again. I was thinking about eventually getting into miniature games like Warhammer. right now tho…i REMEMBER seeing some free to play pc miniature game that was like what hearthstone is to card games. was supposed to be pretty free player friendly too like hearthstone...


Tabletop simulator? Gladius? Dawn of war? Horus heresy card game?

the Pixel 8 Carveit case is beautiful, but... (

These cases are beautiful and I would love to have many of them. But they don’t offer as much protection as many other cases. There isn’t much protection for the camera especially. They provide a sticker to place over the camera area to prevent scratches. I stuck this on because I was afraid I would need it....


This feels more like a phone case review than a thing that is mildly interesting.

When / why / how did "I hope you are well" become a standard email intro?

Practically every email I’ve received in maybe the past year has started with “I hope you are well”. I even had an LLM draft a placeholder email for me and it started with the same thing. This has not always been the case and it’s strange to me that everyone I interact with begins their emails with this line. Frankly,...


I use this when the tone of my email would otherwise be, where’s my spreadsheet motherfucker?? It’s nice to modify the overall tone of the email to something more friendly. I have a very curt writing style so I’m often concerned my emails will come off as blunt or demanding if I don’t include a pleasantry.

I work in a very friendly, informal field so I find myself doing little pleasantries to fit in, email-wise.


I think you’re answering your own question here.

Your blunt coworker has to explain himself or risks being taken as rude by people who don’t know him. You yourself couldn’t determine if he was being rude to you without some additional context.

Without further context, you don’t know how to interpret an email that says where is my spreadsheet motherfucker.

In both cases, you’re saying further social cues are needed to determine if someone you don’t know very well is being rude or not. Hence, why people emailing people they don’t know very well in a professional capacity include niceties to convey context and tone.

New York Criminal Defendant Already Being Real Pain In Ass (

(Trump lawyer Alina Habba — the one who fakes smart — argued on Fox News last night that this is a denial of Trump’s “due process” rights. Needless to say, LOL no. Habba also bellyached that Trump’s lawyers won’t get Passover off, because “Observant Jews have a right to go and pray to who they want and observe...


This is a really excellent writing style.


I don’t think you should force friendship until you are ready to. You can co-parent perfectly well with minimal communication until you are ready to communicate more without it hurting a whole lot.

When my last long term relationship ended she wanted to be friends after. I was still really hurting and those random texts and phone calls and invitations to get coffee hurt me and reminded me of what I had lost on a regular basis. I went no contact for about half a year, when the mourning process was over and I had accepted that I was better off without her, it felt okay to be back in contact.

So I disagree with the other posters - protect your heart. Your kids will be okay. Your kids want a parent who is happy. They can’t have that if you’re forcing friendship contact with your ex that is hurting you and prolonging the grieving/healing process. Go minimal contact, take care of your heart, rediscover how to be happy as a single person, then when you’re ready you can talk to your ex more regularly, if you ever want to.

As a child of divorce, what was more important to me was that my parents were happy. Kids can tell when their parents are hurting. And my parents being friendly never felt that important. You can be friendly and nice to each other at pick up and drop off without having to text and have phone calls and get coffee outside of strictly child related interactions. Your kids won’t know if you and your ex are texting regularly. They will know if you are sad.


My understanding is that he can make janky approximations of the physical aspect of primarchs. But a true primarch is something like a demon prince, the Emperor bound some portion of warp power to the genehanced bodies he created. Cawl’s Primaris primarch knock off Alpha Primus illustrates this, he’s powerful, but also in constant pain, and unhappy with his lot. He’s a janky facsimile of the Emperor’s great work.

Boinkage, (edited )

Corruption?? In China??? Doesn’t sound right. Edit - one of the other 3 runners straight up said they were hired to pace for the Chinaman. Seems okay.


Nice article and pictures, thank you for sharing.


I would be sketched out by the fact that you coded it. The point of dice is that they are impartial. How can I know that you coded the dice to be fair? I would at least want you to use someone else’s dice app that you did not create. Why not just borrow some die from your friends when you play with them?


He would not, because the executive branch does not create laws. He could ask the legislature to pass such a law or to amend the constitution.


You can build the restraint structure and assign an animal to it. As the other poster said, an easier way to do this is with pen/pasture. I create a burrow around my entrances and assign all of my war dogs to be pastured there. So the dogs will all be lead there then stay there, protecting from intruders. The advantage of not chaining them up is that if they do detect something trying to sneak in, they will chase it outside of the burrow (probably across the map).

A more robust option, if you have the population to support it, is to assign squads to patrol your borders and entrances.

qq99704965, to gaming Afar

K-League Lingard is so messed up that it cannot survive in Korea.
"This is the most important contract in the 41-year history of the K-League."

On February 8, FC Seoul officially announced the joining of Jesse Lingard.

This is definitely not something FC Seoul can be proud of because after all, the Korean K-League has never been a dream location for popular stars. So, when the former England international and "King Lingard" ” choosing the K-League as the next stop, the effect was: Immediate results. Not only were there a large number of fans welcoming him to the airport, but his 1,000 number 10 shirts were also sold out within 2 hours, the first round set a record of 51,670 people, the highest in the K League since 2013. Article write LATEST

But as a professional player, compared to his appearance off the field, Lingard's appearance on the field shocked Korean fans. After 6 rounds in the K-League, Lingard only appeared in 3 matches, averaging 24 minutes/match, scoring and assisting unsuccessfully. In the past 3 rounds, Lingard was simply removed from the playing list due to poor physical fitness. Some media even speculated that FC Seoul considered expelling him.

Why is Lin Huang, who was once extremely arrogant, struggling in the K-League?

Last summer, Lingard became a free agent after ending his contract with Nottingham Forest. At that time, many football clubs were contacted by him, not many people could have thought that he would be unemployed for 8 months.

West Ham United coach Moyes once wanted to re-sign Lingard. The Scottish coach is extremely familiar with him. In addition to his time leading Manchester United in the 2013-2014 season, the two also worked together at West Ham United in the second half of the 2020-21 season. Under Moyes, Lingard played the best performance of his career.

But after a month of training with the team, West Ham voluntarily waived him. British media revealed that the main reason is because Moyes and the coaching staff believe that Lingard's physical condition is worrying and is far from reaching the Premier League level. Then there were reports of Wolves and Everton being interested in him, but nothing came of it.

Seeing that the new season has begun, Lam Hoang no longer has the ball to play and can only look outside Europe. Gerrard, the coach of Saudi Dammam Association football club, invited Lingard to Saudi Arabia for a trial last October, during this period, although Lingard was occasionally reported to smile and perform very well. eye-catching in training, but Gerrard's reply three weeks later was that the club did not agree to a contract.

As for the cause, it is self-evident. If even the Saudis who are not short of money are not willing to spend money to sign Lingard, then you can imagine how poor Lingard's competition level is.

At the same time, the value of free agent Lin Huang in Germany has dropped from 40 million euros at his peak to 6 million euros.

As time soon turned to winter, Lingard received another offer from West Bromwich Albion, but he was not ready to commit to the English Championship. Besiktas from the Turkish National League also made a contract offer with a weekly salary of £50,000 but Lin Huang also refused.

Seeing that the winter transfer window in Europe had closed, Lingard still could not find a new home, and even angrily fired his management company team, and the boss behind the new company again. is a Korean. This also explains why Lingard chose to sign with FC Seoul in early February.

According to The Athletic, Lingard finally chose the K-League after turning down 25 offers, clearly a somewhat confusing decision to outsiders. After all, the weekly salary of 17,500 pounds that Seoul FC offers is the maximum salary of the K-League but in fact it is not high compared to other salaries.

The real main factor that made Lingard decide to come to Korea was that he wanted to develop his own personal brand JLingz in Korea. As early as last year, the Korean e-sports team Liv Sandbox officially announced its cooperation with Lingard. Korea is a powerhouse in e-sports. Lingard also has its own e-sports team. Open your own esports team. market in Korea.


Man this is a huge wall of text with zero context for why the broader c/gaming community would be interested in this. Did you mean to post this in a more specific community about what I presume is a specific e-sport for a game which has not been named in this entire wall of text?

Edit, holy shit is this entire post about actual people playing actual soccer? This isn’t even about a video game?



Caselaw which does not effect stare decisis…


Something as simple as shading the border between the mutation and the armor with agrax earthshade would make it pop better. The armor and mutation being similar shades of blue make it blend together. Marking the border with more distinct shading would help I think.


I honestly think that looks better. More obvious it’s something other than the vehicle and not just a very lumpy rhino at a glance/across the table.


There are probably better places to post sports articles than c/news.

Hyundai and Kia recalled 3.4m vehicles, warning to park them outdoors because they risked catching fire. 6 months later, most are still on the road, unrepaired (

In September, Hyundai and Kia issued a recall of 3.4 million of its vehicles in the United States with an ominous warning: The vehicles should be parked outdoors and away from buildings because they risked catching fire, whether the engines were on or off....


I had a friend that I never liked playing games with. He was extremely competitive and always had to win at everything. When I’m playing a game I’m very good at with someone less experienced, I take it easy and don’t try too hard so that everyone is having a fun time. This guy was just incapable of thinking about games like this. For him he would always do his very best to win no matter what, even if he had just won against his friend (me) like 20 times in a row. For example, our friend group really casually plays DOTA, we don’t know any competitive builds, we don’t keep up with the meta, we just do comp stomps occasionally for fun. This guy will sometimes jump in when he sees us playing on steam and we all sort of groan because we know he’s 1) going to destroy us all 20/0 with a high skill competitive build and 2) he’s going to spend the whole time telling us that we should be using our characters differently or it would be better to buy this item to get this combo. But we don’t want to play competitively. We have fun just dinking around trying silly builds.

Maybe it’s something like that? This is why I stopped playing games with him. If you’ve been playing this game ranked for years, your skill level may be so high above someone who plays unranked for a few weeks that it’s just not fun to play with you. Do you try really hard in every game? Do you tell them ways they could be playing better? Maybe you could try using a very uncompetitive build/character/car when you play with them, to lean into the messing around vibe instead of the serious competitive player vibe. Try to enjoy goofing around instead of being a high level competitive player.

Another possible explanation is that this is time for him to catch up with these friends. I play e every week with my friends, it’s a time to catch up as well as play games. When new people we don’t know join in it can be fun but it also disrupts our time when we’re asking about each other’s jobs and families and such. It’s kind of like planning to get a drink with your good friends, then someone only one of you knows joins in, and you can’t really talk about the good old days or how so and so’s kids are doing because this new person doesn’t know any of these details and you have to make small talk instead, which is kind of the opposite of catching up.



“By 2050, a billion people will face coastal flooding risk from rising seas, the report says. More people will be forced out of their homes from weather disasters, especially flooding, sea level rise and tropical cyclones.

If warming exceeds a few more tenths of a degree, it could lead to some areas becoming uninhabitable, including some small islands, said report co-author Adelle Thomas of the University of Bahamas and Climate Analytics.”…/story?id=104144755

Boinkage, (edited )

When one billion people can no longer live where they grew up on the coast, or islands, or tropical areas, do you think they will lay down and die in the ocean or try to migrate to habitable parts of the earth? Do you know what our societies will do with one billion refugees? Will they be peacefully resettled or turned away with violence? When crops start dying from overheating, lack of water, dust bowls, and wildfires, will the people who can’t afford to eat lay down and die at their empty dinner tables, or will they take action to find food? Will mass starvation be peaceful or violent?

I think it’s quite possible that human society will collapse due to global warming far sooner than the point at which human life is technically impossible. Human life may become untenable prior to the environment being unable to support human life.

Moreover, the important point here is not whether this is factually true, but what the future feels like for the younger generation. If young people feel like society may collapse when every coast and island on earth becomes uninhabitable, and polar ice cap melting reaches the runway tipping point of melting and greenhouse gas emission, and food scarcity becomes much worse, it will cause them anxiety. My point is that this feeling of foreboding about climate change may have a larger impact on mental health for today’s youth than social media, contrary to the thesis of this article.

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