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Bug Bounty Addict, Python is clearly the best programing language.

It's a personality disorder, Nurodivergenr

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ChickenPwny, to Meme
sergeant, to Football Dutch avatar

What #americans call #football is actually #handball but with helmets on.
Real #football is what the rest of the world plays.


@sergeant sense America is number one it means the rest of the world is wrong they are playing soccer.

ChickenPwny, to random

Can you imagine if we gave homeless some rehab then some money and a place to stay and got them a job andental health services.


@pixelnull I don't like mass built houses honestly but I would like more affordable homes built.


@pixelnull it seems unnatural to have all the building the same


@pixelnull companies are developing modelure homes that are cheap we could houses people in like homeless etc. homeless need a bunch of services but it may be cheaper to provide those than house them in insane asylums. There's a bunch of severe mental health issues affecting most homeless. Europe does what I kind of mentioned get them off drugs forced rehab n all that at facility so they can go nanners with no access to drugs. It would be like jail but different format I suppose with the goal to be detox and mental health professionals. Then get them lined up with a job so they can make money and enjoy society again .


@pixelnull lol we just have to trap these people here so they are forced into our system then we can all ? Profit. At some point the world's gonna figure out it is shitty here then they won't come here. Then we will have to beg like germany some people migrate here and are homeless and happy but they seem to have mental health issues maybe some tism.


@pixelnull I think giving people a box is fine as a starting places if they so choose.


@pixelnull that's a great idea


@pixelnull in Georgia they are developing mini apartment villages now. Kind of walk to everything from apartment


@pixelnull I think China tried those nobody liked, it is almost better to let development happen naturally. On a smaller scale

ChickenPwny, to Cybersecurity
sergeant, to random Dutch avatar

En dan nu even op zijn Limburgs...patatje zuurvlees.


@sergeant where's the protein

i0null, to random

Meanwhile in Canada


@i0null criminal

SwiftOnSecurity, to random

Do you know what installing Windows as many times as I have does to the human mind.

hanse_mina, to Finland avatar

#Finland will extend the border closure with #Russia until April 14th.

The two month extension comes as the #Finnish border guard reports of hundreds or possible thousands of asylum seeker behind the border waiting for the border to re-open.

Russian foreign ministry spokesperson Maria #Zakharova on Wednesday accused the Finnish government of "not wanting to discuss with #Moscow the threat allegedly posed to Finland from across the #Russian border".

#Ukraine #EU


@hanse_mina y'all should just keep taking migrants in like we're doing

ChickenPwny, to BugBounty

=D it takes all the nuclei output makes it pretty now.

checkout my tool

@jerry behold the tool i made xD

dgar, to random avatar

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the average cloud weighs around 551 tons (1.1 million pounds).


@dgar lol, I'm not sure how they came to that number

sergeant, to random Dutch avatar

@sergeant I feel like she just lays there

sergeant, to bodybuilding Dutch avatar

@sergeant I'll raise you a Ronnie

0xabad1dea, to random

Scammers! I am autistic. If you send me a DM that just says “hey” I am overwhelmed with dread at the prospect of figuring out what your neurotypical @#$ wants from me. Please send a clear introductory message that states your intent is to get me to download and run the malware, WITH the link, all in ONE message. Thank you!


@0xabad1dea lol such an autistic request

jerry, to random

Looking at the news from eBay and thinking...

"Go into IT" they said
"You'll always have a job" they said

My unscientific survey is that IT people either move to farming or bartending, in case that is useful to you.


@jerry Dem loan rates

ChickenPwny, to GYM

#gym when I got to the gym and school is out there is always more broken equipment.


ChickenPwny, to random

I went to Arizona andi don't see why people live in the desert

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