Foodie, Beer Lover, with an interest in photography, and an occasional adventurer. However I’ve been doing more traveling as of late, so except photos of my adventures. I like to find enjoy in the little things that life has to offer. Header photo taken by me.

Currently in Michigan

#Foodie #BeerLover #Photography #traveler #travelblog

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tastingcraftbeer, to beer avatar

Val-Dieu Cuvée 800, with cheese.

Beer and cheese from the same abbey! A corresponding fresh grass and light yellow fruit fermentation character. The match is pretty good. Beer also has biscuit. Somewhat sweet, with a very light bitter in the finish. Quite bold for the low abv.
🍻 @beersofmastodon


@tastingcraftbeer @beersofmastodon Wow that's pretty neat, never seen a place that makes both beer and their own cheeses before!

BasicAppleGuy, to random avatar

Apple Watch first went on sale 9 years ago today. ⌚️


@BasicAppleGuy When I hit the town the very same day I got my Apple Watch, I kept being stopped by people complimenting my Apple Watch. Later that same day I walked into a carrier store, there were these two employees who walked up to me, obsessing over my Apple Watch, commenting how this is the first time they've seen one in person, then a small group of customers walked up to us, wanting a closer look. I was quite the celebrity that day! Here's an old pic of my OG Apple Watch!

Chrispyapple, to food
cliffwade, to baking avatar

Crumbl Cookies first real cake cookie has arrived! It's their carrot cake cookie.

Taste is really good. It's a cold cake/cookie and the texture of the cake is really good. Icing isn't too sweet either. There are pecans on the top of the icing.

In the box are lemon crinkle cookie, sugar cookie with candy eggs and a strawberry pretzel pie cookie.

In the box are lemon crinkle cookie, sugar cookie with candy eggs, carrot cake cookie and a strawberry pretzel pie cookie.


@cliffwade You will lose your mind if you ever get your hands on the waffle cookie

cliffwade, to fediverse avatar

Good morning and happy Sunday to all of you here in the

Let's take a moment and discuss what we're doing to round out the weekend as it comes to a close here shortly.

I have no plans at all today other than to play some video games. Just going to rest, relax and enjoy the day as much as possible.

Tomorrow starts a new week, so we all need to get ready for that I suppose.


@cliffwade Sundays are meant to do nothing at all!

cliffwade, to food avatar

@Bianca and I tried a new to us restaurant today called Village Tavern. It was absolutely delicious and a place that we will for sure be going back to.

Pic 1: Warm butter cake with strawberries
Pic 2: Crab cake benedict with sriracha hollandaise sauce
Pic 3: Pimento bacon burger
Pic 4: Hot crab dip with garlic bread

Crab cake benedict with sriracha hollandaise sauce and a side of fries.
Pimento bacon burger with a side of fries and mac and cheese.
Hot crab dip with garlic bread.


@cliffwade @Bianca Looks great, but that butter cake tho 🤤

Chrispyapple, to random

For some reason I couldn't get push notifications to properly work on Trunks for Mastodon both on Mobile and the PWA even though I checked all of my devices settings to ensure that they're capable of getting push notifications, so I guess back to my usual Mastodon apps!

Shame, because I liked Trunks. Maybe I'll revisit it in the future. In the meantime, back to using on desktop!

Chrispyapple, to beer

Dinner and a can of Roak Brewing’s Devil Dog Oatmeal Stout! Um… please ignore the tape and pain pills in the background 😅

cliffwade, to fediverse avatar

For those that might have missed it yesterday, here is my article about the Android apps I use the most and recommend to everyone.

I would appreciate all of you giving it a boost if at all possible so that others around the can check it out as well.


@cliffwade Ah yes, I remember using Nova Launcher back in my old days of using Android. The Google Launcher was... less than stellar to say the least!

Chrispyapple, to beer
cliffwade, to photography avatar

@cliffwade Looks nice!

cliffwade, to random avatar

The new couch and chaise from Ashley Furniture has arrived!

It looks really good in place of the old couch and just like the old couch, matches everything pretty well!

A photo of the new couch and chaise the wife and I bought from Ashley Furniture.


@cliffwade nice comfy setup 😀

cliffwade, to android avatar

@cliffwade @deadzebra Oh man I remember when I used to have an Android figurine collection lol

NanoRaptor, to random avatar

"And if you gaze long enough into a Vision Pro, the Vision Pro will gaze back into you."


@NanoRaptor @NanoRaptor If it was possible to put xeyes on EyeSight, would it be called xeyesight?

My lazy attempt at it lol

(ugh sorry for the spam, my Mastodon client went haywire!)

tastingcraftbeer, to beer avatar

Nevel & Didko - Comfort Zone

Wild gose with tomato, red pepper and pink salt. The brewer went out of his comfort zone, hence the name.

Tomato, salt, umami. The sour and funk are still very present. The pepper is subtle and, contrary to what I'm used to, more present in the mouth than the throat. Bloody Mary, or Caprese with balsamic vinaigrette, salt and pepper. Definitely unique!



@tastingcraftbeer @beersofmastodon wow I’ll have to add that to my beer list!

Chrispyapple, to Cats
Chrispyapple, to Cats

They’re holding hands

Chrispyapple, to beer

Got my hands on the Samuel Adams Winters Classics 12 pack. The Oaked Vanilla Porter is my favorite one in the pack. What are your favorite Christmas/Holiday beers? I can certainly use some suggestions!

mikemathia, to random avatar



@boden @mikemathia Oh look, a video pop-up of something that is completely unrelated to whatever I'm reading.

Or even worse, the link I opened thinking it was an article that I could read? It was just a damn video.

Either way, it makes me want to have an aneurysm lol

BasicAppleGuy, to random avatar

November 03, 2017: Apple Ships iPhone X
The iPhone X introduced OLED to iPhone & was Apple’s first implementation of Face ID.



@BasicAppleGuy I remember getting the iPhone X at launch to replace my iPhone 7 Plus, and even tho it was somewhat smaller than the 7 Plus, the screen real estate on the X was insane lol.

BasicAppleGuy, to random avatar

MagSafe Duo: Still the best portable travel charger going. 📱 ⌚️


@BasicAppleGuy The more I see this Nike band, the more I’m warming up to it, looks great!

Chrispyapple, to random

Since my 2014 MacBook Air has been struggling to chug along with only 4 GB of RAM, and the battery life holds only 50% of its original capacity, I'm debating on whether or not to get a Chromebook which is a fraction of the cost of a moderately spec'ed laptop or just continue to wait several months until I can afford a decent system.

Decisions, decisions. 🤔️

BasicAppleGuy, to random avatar

October 23, 2001: Apple Announces iPod
1,000 songs in your pocket.


@BasicAppleGuy I wish I joined the iPod craze earlier, I didn't get my first iPod until 2006!

superbetsy, to random avatar

Today was the Minnesota Fiber Festival: the premiere event for hand spinners, felters, and all other fiber enthusiasts. I will not be answering any questions about what I bought, the number of different wools and fibers I bought, or how much I spent. I’m happy to answer questions about this rabbit I met.


@superbetsy Did you give the rabbits any pets?

BasicAppleGuy, to random avatar

Lesser known Apple Watch Workouts:
Waiting for iPhone Delivery 📱


@BasicAppleGuy 100000% move goal lol

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