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Richard Hakala - Retired computer technologist!! Spent 32 years at HP and Apple - Daily drivers: 14” MBPro, 13' MBAir, 12.9” iPad Pro, Apple Watch 7, iPhone 15+, Linux Dabbler - Mint on MBPro, Ubuntu on MBAir, Planetary Society Member, Space Science Advocate, Prodigious consumer of Military SciFi, Retrocomputing fan, Retrogaming fan, Lover of Infocom text adventures, SF Giants, SF 49ers, Tottenham Hotspur FC, Sac Republic FC, Greek Orthodox Christian, Former SSGT of Marines - Semper Fi

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clayrivers, to blackmastodon
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💛 “Love One Another (2024)”

Let’s stop the denials, the what-aboutism, and the gaslighting and get about the real business of dismantling racism and extending the love of Christ to everyone.
OHF Weekly Editor in Chief

#Allyship #BlackMastodon #Inclusion #Love #RacialEquity #Racism



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br00t4c, to DadBin
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'Is it illegal to order off the kids' menu?': Woman orders a kids' meal through room service. Hotel worker questions where the kid is


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@br00t4c SMFH

br00t4c, to random
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Biden Judge Casts Deciding Vote to Fully Reverse Lower Court Ruling that Poor Prisoner Cannot File Lawsuit Without Paying Fees and Costs


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@br00t4c good, cuz that whole idea was effed up

Computeforloot, to animals
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Well, today we returned our 11 foster puppies to the SPCA so they can be readied for adoption down the road! We had them for 6 weeks until they were weened - 11 puppies from birth to 6 weeks was an experience- fun to play and snuggle with them but a heck of a lot of work caring for 11 poop machines 😂😂😂❤️! So long little ones…

thepoliticalcat, to random
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    @thepoliticalcat exactly - that's what we do here in California

    Computeforloot, to Astronomy
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    Jaden3, (edited ) to random
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    So I'm 19 this is the first election I can vote. I don't know anything really before Trump or Biden. I was like 12 when Trump was first made president!
    I ain gon lie I know shit 😂 but I gon vote period!
    Who should I vote for?
    Add yall reason in da replies and other so I know who yall talking bout.

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    @keith @Jaden3 I feel terrible that my fellow Americans are likely to give us the hideous choice between 2 old codgers with significant mental degradation - one is actually evil, so it looks like it’s my only choice to vote for the Dem

    golgaloth, to books
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    What books did we all get for ?


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    machias, to random
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    Welp, Linux Mint LMDE just does not like my hardware. I couldn't successfully get through updates due to "Unknown key type PC_SUPER_LEVEL2" errors popping up all over the place, breaking GRUB and some other things. I decided to give Pop!_OS another whirl on this machine.

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    @machias sorry to hear that!! I got Mint running on this old MacBook Pro - only had to get a different driver for the trackpad

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    @machias dug out this old 11” MBAir and set up Ubuntu on it…surprisingly, I’m having pretty good luck with Linux on Macs 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Likewise, to books
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    As a reader, do you prefer when people give you random books as gifts, or do you prefer getting a gift card to a bookstore (so you can pick the book)? Just curious.

    Unless I’m asked about a specific book, I prefer the bookstore card 📚

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    @Likewise @bookstodon the card, for sure

    emarktaylor, to cfb
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    🏈 @cfb

    Via Ben Stevens @BenScottStevens
    The Army-Navy Game in one photo.

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    @emarktaylor @cfb well done Army, see you next year

    br00t4c, to random
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    CNN Hammers Mark Levin For 'Antisemitic' and 'Shameful' Comments About Its Anchors


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    @br00t4c wow, just fucking, wow

    BasicAppleGuy, to random
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    Be sure to check your Halloween candy, I just found a bunch of old Lightning Cables & dongles inside this Snickers Bar. 🎃

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    dgar, to random
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    @dgar 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

    tantramar, to random
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    “so you’d like to fix your toaster; let’s start with some fundamentals. Once you’ve Liked & Subscribed, we’ll dig into how covalent bonds between elements work…”


    “Just fix it. What are you? Stupid? Geez.”

    —the extremes of YouTube DIY

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    @tantramar 😊

    auschwitzmuseum, to history
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    30 October 1926 | Belgian Jewish girl, Betty Klein, was born in Antwerp. She emiegrated to the Netherlands.

    She was deported to from in November 1943. She did not survive.

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    Bam, to random
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    Bracing myself for the onslaught of posts thinking that hostage videos are accurate statements of the hostages’ beliefs rather than the hostage holder’s psychological games. 😔

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    @Bam sadly…

    lisamelton, to random
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    Has everyone seen enough toots today? 'Cause, ya know, I can always find some more. And, TBH, I probably will. I'm crazed and it's what I do.

    BTW, it's not like I didn't warn you that I would fill your timeline with boosts. Just sayin'.

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    @lisamelton Toot on!!😊

    georgetakei, to random

    One of the most conservative Democrats in the House, Jared Golden from Maine, has apologized for opposing a ban on assault weapons in the wake of the deadly shootings in his state. It shouldn’t have to take a tragedy in your own state to come around, but we welcome Rep. Golden in the fight to ban these weapons.

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    @georgetakei we cannot ban them without confiscating them, or it doesn’t work

    flexghost, (edited ) to random
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    Mark Meadows just flipped.

    Ex-Chief of staff Mark Meadows just flipped.

    Ex-Chief of staff Mark Meadows who exchanged texts with 34 members of congress to overthrow the government then later burned piles of evidence just flipped.

    He testified under oath at least three times already

    2x before the special counsel’s office
    1x to a grand jury

    Trump suspected Mark Meadows would flip on him

    Hey look, Trump was right about something!


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    @flexghost 😂😂🍺

    maddad, to random
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    Here is the HK side of the story..

    US Republican Senator Jeff Wilson arrested over carrying gun into Hong Kong, barred from leaving city.

    Carrying arms without a license is punishable by up to 14 years in jail and a fine of HK$100,000, but cases heard at magistrates courts see a maximum jail term of two years for a single offence.

    Police were called when Wilson and friends started acting out like Ugly Americans making threats outside of the courthouse.

    14 years 😂


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    @maddad 😂 dumbass

    br00t4c, to Army
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    The German Army Toppled a Pioneering Radical Government and Opened the Way for Nazism


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    @br00t4c wow

    iammannyj, to retrogaming
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    @iammannyj sweet

    @Computeforloot@twit.social avatar

    @iammannyj agreed, even to collect! I pre-ordered it yesterday 👍🏻

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