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AtheistIntelligence, to random avatar

Easter is about painting and hiding baby Jesus fetuses and having your kids find them.

DaniEhm, avatar

@AtheistIntelligence Wow that took me awhile to get that. Now I'm 😂

DaniEhm, avatar

@AtheistIntelligence I just finished cracking up.

molly0xfff, to random avatar

Sam Bankman-Fried has just been sentenced to 25 years in prison.

#SBF #SamBankmanFried #crypto #cryptocurrency

DaniEhm, avatar

@molly0xfff Hmm, well Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison and SBF only gets 25 years.

DaniEhm, to politics avatar

The Onion:

Mitch McConnell Wonders If He Could’ve Done More To Harm People In Private Sector

ned, to random avatar

We the Republicans of America implore the Supreme Court of Freedom to make it illegal for anyone to un-Conservative.

DaniEhm, avatar

@ned Silencing Republican lies and misinformation is just not right says Greg Abbot.

Barbramon1, to random avatar

Technical question re Mastodon. Why did my Mastodon stop working? Do I need a Mastodon account in addition
to Who can I contact to fix it if needed?
Had some sort of disruption of account a couple weeks ago. Administrator fixed it and it's working fine. However, just noticed that Mastodon came to a halt about the same time.
I am not a tech person. Pardon my ignorance, but can someone please advise me? Thanks! 🌞

DaniEhm, avatar

@Barbramon1 Hi Barbara. There was an announcement by our Admin @trumpet in the Home top menu today as follows:

"We've had reports of potential issues where images aren't loading or are loading slowly and are investigating."

dangillmor, to random avatar

Today's Georgia court hearing was an absolute disgrace, and Big Journalism went out of its way to ensure that it would be.

DaniEhm, avatar

@dangillmor It was. I can't see how it would have affected her work ethic. It was sad to see that televised.

DaniEhm, to politics avatar

NY Times is reporting that RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel plans to step down.

DaniEhm, to movies avatar

Watching "North by Northwest" this

Loving it.🥂

DaniEhm, avatar

@Bam It's okay. I've seen it many times. Such a great film.

blogdiva, to Unions avatar

can't come up with anything pithy for the new year because am with @majorlinux:

fuck resolutions.
i want revolution.

may 2024 manifest all the energy into a year of saying YES to power to the people

may 2024 make it too costly to be a moderate good cop to the billionaire funded christonazis

may 2024 manifest, indeed, that every billionaire is a policy failure and have no right to exist

may 2024 be the year of NO to and

DaniEhm, avatar

@TheJen @blogdiva @the_Effekt Year of Wood Dragon

DaniEhm, to iOS avatar

Can I get a pure black background in iPad web version of instead of a off black?


DaniEhm, to politics avatar

A pollution-spewing power plant in western Indiana that was set to close this year is getting a reprieve after being purchased by a coal company and landing a new energy-guzzling neighbor hoping to cash in on the international cryptocurrency boom.

The idea of using a fuel source that is millions of years old to power the futuristic technology is not only ironic, it's troubling to environmental and consumer advocates.

DaniEhm, to politics avatar

Crazy minority wants a Christian government for the majority. Go figure how this could be relevant in our times.

DaniEhm, to politics avatar

French prosecutors on Friday ordered far-right figurehead Marine Le Pen to stand trial over claims she used EU funds to finance party activities in France.

In March, Le Pen will be joined by 26 other members of the National Rally (RN) party in the dock, all accused of setting up a system for embezzling EU money to hire staff in France.

DaniEhm, to politics avatar

Ex-police chief who spread conspiracy theories sentenced in Jan. 6 case.

Alan Hostetter, who was found to have carried a hatchet during the Capitol attack, was sentenced to 135 months in federal prison on Thursday.

DaniEhm, to politics avatar

Democrat Brandon Sakbun--27-year-old former Army Ranger—wins Terre Haute mayoral race, beating four-term incumbent Republican Duke Bennett. @INDems Chairman Mike Schmuhl has compared him to Pete Buttigieg. (Buttigieg did not become mayor of South Bend until age 29.)

w7voa, to random avatar

Incumbent Democrat Andy Beshear is the projected winner in the Kentucky governor's race.

DaniEhm, avatar

@w7voa Great news.

DaniEhm, to politics avatar

New York Times Pitchbot:

"A Trump victory in 2024 would probably end American democracy as we know it. But, as a journalist, I am duty bound to report on whatever made-up story the Republicans are throwing out this week."

DaniEhm, to ads avatar

When a website asks for me to please turn off my content blocker and I do so thinking maybe this time it’ll be tasteful, but I then get bombarded with ads popping up everywhere and some are playing a video. I can’t focus so I say fuck it and close the tab. Not worth it.

DaniEhm, to politics avatar

Cornel West is besties with billionaire Harlan Crow. Who would have guessed.

DaniEhm, to politics avatar

Lisa Rubin on

Just a reminder that on the 12/27/20 phone call where Trump told the acting Attorney General & his deputy to "just say that the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me & the R. congressmen," Trump also singled out one of those members, a "fighter" named Jim Jordan.

shoq, to random avatar

I first read this as “Jim Jordan…”

Source: @straitstimes

DaniEhm, avatar

@shoq @straitstimes That’s scary 😱

Free_Press, to Russia avatar


How it Happened. Pyramid of Responsibility

Mastermind. Deflection. Keep USA distracted.

Working together. Weapons. Drones. Rockets.

Was told by Iran/Russia they would go to war alongside them. They lied.

Under Israel's thumb. Oppressed. Killed. Death.
HAMAS forced on them.
Will suffer the consequences.

Forever the target of middle east. Oppressor of Palestinians.

DaniEhm, avatar

@Free_Press One more player, Hezbollah, may or may not help Hamas.

DaniEhm, to politics avatar

is reporting Dianne Feinstein has passed away.

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