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😭😭😭😭 any news on why it won’t come to console? Feel like that’s a big missed opportunity.


Age of wonders 4 is on console. Civ 6 and cantata are on console. Dune spice wars is coming to console. Not bringing Star Trek infinite to console over “controller” is lame and a big miss opportunity imo.


I’m sad it isn’t on console tbh but I hope everyone on pc enjoys it. Going to go look for a YouTube series on it 😅


IMO the Jan 6 stuff should eliminate him off ballot access but what do I know, I just live here.


I could never be like the common Star Wars nerd 🤮 (just jokes)


Update: it’s back to normal but it still scared me 🤣 any idea why it wouldn’t let me watch for a certain amount of time?


For the most part I didn’t like season 1 or 2 but I’ve also been told that there was a lot of fighting going on during those seasons? So far I’ve liked “A matter of prospective” “Elementary Dear Data” the episodes about Q especially “Deja Q”

Star Trek TNG Season 2 Episode 9 The Measure Of A Man

I haven’t enjoyed TNG really at all so I slowed down on my journey of watching all of Star Trek in order. However tonight I decided to watch a episode. That episode was The Measure Of A Man. This episode is truly a diamond in the rough in my opinion. This episode is exactly why I fell in love with Star Trek in the first place!...

Star Trek Prodigy

So I’ve seen that prodigy is getting removed from paramount+ or sold? Not sure if it’s true or not cause I didn’t read all of the article but I was wanting to know if for a new Star Trek fan like me if watching prodigy right now ruin any of the story’s in the other shows? I’ve watched all of the TOS shows and movies...

Season 1 Episode 23

I’ve been watching TNG for the first time and so far season 1 has been hit or miss. Ether a episode will be really good or really bad. So far I think episode 23 is a really good episode! I hope that Tasha isn’t actually dead. I liked her and thought she was a gorgeous woman! This is the one and only time I will ever want...


To celebrate Picard day ( my first time celebrating it ) I wanted to give my thought on TNG so far. I’m about done with the first season and there’s been a lot of good episodes and some episodes that are pretty boring ( sorry 😢 ) however every episode Captain Picard is the reason I finish it no matter if it’s a good or...

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