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👨‍💻 Senior Machine Architect, Rube Goldberg Division
✍ Comments his code
🦸‍♂️ Optimizes slow SQL Queries
📝 Loves Notepad.exe
🚗 Unicorn Driver
📷 Aspiring mediocre photographer
🧠 Atheist
🔠 Defines his acronyms
🌐 Proponent of abbr tag for HTML

Topics I post frequently:
🔘 #SQLServer
🔘 #Celtics/ (Nat'l Basketball Assoc)
🔘 #UCF (Univ of Central Florida)
🔘 #RStats (R programming language)
🔘 #EV (Electric Vehicles)
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DaveMasonDotMe, to microsoft
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I am so exasperated with Microsoft.

I've used their operating systems for more than 30 years. And I've used their development tools and databases for more than 25 years.

I haven't been enamored with them since they went all out with Azure. I've found no value in any of the Azure offerings. In fact, they've made my professional life much more difficult. Now they're cramming AI and CoPilot in, up, and down every one of our orifices. I don't want any of it.

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It's become difficult to think of them as a technology leader. There's very little coming from MS that feels innovative or that makes life better for me or my customers. The persistent feeling I get is that they're looking for every angle they can find to monetize their relationship with me and other customers and end users.

It took me several years to fully divorce myself from Google.

It's looking more and more like a divorce from Microsoft is imminent.

dosnostalgic, to random
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The remake of Wizardry 1 is out of early access today.
Trailer: https://youtu.be/VyM9tmAqV3M
Site: https://www.digitaleclipse.com/games/wizardry

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I suspect Trebor and Werdna would approve. 🙂

jdm2, to nba
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During my podcast run I ran into Bill Simmons confessing that this is the easiest path to the championship for the and if it’s yet another disappointing playoffs then they should blow it up.


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@jdm2 @nba
Hard to argue against that.

DaveMasonDotMe, to random
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Well, at least I never posted anything on Reddit.

DaveMasonDotMe, to devops
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DaveMasonDotMe, to stackoverflow
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It's hard to imagine made their decision without considering the fate and suffered. That they willingly chose to burn the remaining goodwill they had with their users is bewildering.

Right now, people are having active conversations here on about an / replacement for SO.

DaveMasonDotMe, to SQLServer
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I continue to be astounded at how shockingly bad people are at designing database tables with efficient (normalized) designs.

Software vendors, Senior Developers, even Data Architects...a lot of them don't even hit 1st Normal Form.

How are we (IT folks) collectively so goddamn terrible at this?

I. Just. Don't. Get. It.

DaveMasonDotMe, to privacy
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I attempted to play putt-putt today. I was asked to create an account, which included some , including name, DOB, email address, phone number, etc.

I declined to give them my info. I was told I could not play without it. So I left.

A twelve dollar transaction.


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You don't have to be some old geezer to know it wasn't always this way.

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Where will it end? Are we hurtling towards a future where you'll be required to provide ...
🔹To buy groceries?
🔹To get gas?
🔹To get a soda from a vending machine?

@DaveMasonDotMe@mastodon.social avatar

It sure sounded absurd as I typed that out.
But is it?

DaveMasonDotMe, to Suns
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Rudy Gobert seemed determined to turn the ball over during one sequence tonight.

dangillmor, to random
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In a society where privacy had any meaning at all, the top executives at UnitedHealth would be fired -- with no golden parachutes -- or, better yet, indicted for their incompetence and indifference. https://techcrunch.com/2024/04/22/unitedhealth-change-healthcare-hackers-substantial-proportion-americans/

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BasicAppleGuy, to random
@BasicAppleGuy@mastodon.social avatar

Call me old fashioned but this is still the best wearable ever made.

@DaveMasonDotMe@mastodon.social avatar

It's a post about denim jackets, ya'll.

eff, to random
@eff@mastodon.social avatar

Courts should interpret the 4th Amendment to mean the government can't buy data from data brokers if it would have needed a warrant to get it directly from a person or service provider, EFF’s @Adam_D_Schwartz told FedScoop. https://fedscoop.com/ice-pursuing-privacy-approvals-related-to-controversial-phone-location-data/

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DaveMasonDotMe, to random
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TechCrunch, to random
@TechCrunch@mstdn.social avatar

Kiki World, a beauty brand that uses web3 for customer co-creation and ownership, raises $7M from a16z https://tcrn.ch/3UdKBi8

@DaveMasonDotMe@mastodon.social avatar


What is "a16z"?

Would it kill you to not use numeronyms?

DaveMasonDotMe, to random
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Headline: Six-pack of identical Ford Pinto Wagons for sale, in case you were looking

Me: As many of you know, I do love wagons. But imma have to say no.


DaveMasonDotMe, to religion
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Out of all the enduring, bad memories I have of growing up with , Zombie Jesus Day is one that stands out.

Mom & Dad dragged me out of bed in the wee hours of the morning so we could go to church for a sunrise service. Ugh!

No holiday is worth that to a kid.

And I haven't even mentioned the indoctrination...

DaveMasonDotMe, to random
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is unintuitive and unworthy of me.

verge, to random
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Mozilla just ditched its privacy partner because its CEO is tied to data brokers https://www.theverge.com/2024/3/22/24109116/mozilla-ends-onerep-data-removal-partnership

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I have to tell ya, your 'headline' stinks.

Whose CEO is tied to data brokers?

Mozilla's CEO? Or their privacy partner's CEO? 🤔

DaveMasonDotMe, to random
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Developer tells me the new table they just created is 'temporary' and will only be around for a week or two. 🙄

I should also receive the ownership deed to the Brooklyn Bridge any moment now...

DaveMasonDotMe, to privacy
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Every time I see a well meaning post explaining 'How to <disable some setting/opt out of an unwanted feature> on <company whose business model is to violate your >' I want to scream.

The appropriate action is to delete your account and never look back.

Cmastication, to random
@Cmastication@mastodon.social avatar

I found an Instagram channel that teaches dirty words in American Sign Language and now my 16 yo and I call each other awful names without my wife knowing. Daddy / daughter bonding.

DaveMasonDotMe, (edited )
@DaveMasonDotMe@mastodon.social avatar

Not authentic, but still a classic.

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