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Regardless of my own stance on these things, just happy that you intend to have the community talk about ways to change stuff. I'd browse different subreddits and found way more "X sucks, here is my emotional vent about it" than "X sucks, here are some steps I took to make it suck less or affect my life less, even if they were tiny steps to combat a massive complex problem". Was particularly frustrating when I was searching for a solution for a problem that applied to me, even making a post about it, and I got a ton of "I have been there too, you are not alone" but no actual actionable advice. Solidarity and empathizing helps but sometimes you just want practical advice, and given just how many spaces will give you a place to vent, it would be nice to have a place free of it that sticks more to how to fix it.

I recognize the irony of me just blathering about my feelings here, talking about how you are doing the opposite of the thing that sometimes upsets me.


I am also a slow knitter!

There are very few problems in life that can't at least be a bit improved with a spreadsheet

I agree and that sentence makes me happy.

Although, when I first clicked I did not think this was going to be a progress tracker. Figured it would be maybe a personal project log, tracking start and end date, how much fun you had doing it, personal notes, etc. Or using the cells to make a knitting chart (the visual patterns).


Best case scenario, you're an adult taking a young child to their first stage performance. Although you know proper theatre etiquette, you can't remember all the "do"s and "don'ts" off the top of your head, you just know, so you use an article like this for a refresher on what to tell the kid before you get there. After all, you would much prefer telling them beforehand to having to constantly correct bad behavior when you are at the theatre. We are not all born knowing proper manners, someone has to teach it to us, and once we know we just do it automatically. We don't remember all the rules consciously until someone violates them.


The concept of Starlight Express sounds fun, and makes me interested in it. I am a grown woman with no particular love or hate for trains.

I wonder how many Starlight Express fans are Thomas the Tank Engine fans, and vice versa. Or how many train fanatics have seen Starlight Express.


For some people, watching something they hate fail is pleasurable, even if they understand it's not a person who will feel shamed by their eyes and instead a corporation that is much more likely than a human to benefit from the negative attention. Getting that schadenfreude rates a little higher for some individuals than what they perceive as contributing just a tiny little bit to it by giving it attention. And sometimes, negative attention isn't always going to benefit a company.


We were conscientious that we weren’t like, “Here are all the lines from the first movie! It’s back again!” We wanted to show there was something fresh.

The musical itself sure wasn't this conscientious. Not sure about the movie, didn't watch, didn't like the musical enough to bother.

Yes, I am not happy with the Mean Girls musical, and saw the original film.

Some advice for Jean Valjean and the other characters in ‘Les Misérables’ (www.deseret.com)

Last week, whilst I was overseas doing important journalism in London, I bought tickets to see “Les Misérables” in the West End, because I’m a woman from Utah and that’s just what we do when we go to London at Christmastime. I don’t make the rules; I just enthusiastically keep them....


There’s no “Les Misérables” content I have not consumed.

Just checking (and hijacking your post for awareness), have you consumed the Les Misérables fighting game, Arm Joe?


I have only heard of Parade's existence. Simply judging off the title I thought it was lighthearted. Going off this, it is probably a dark depressing one about antisemitism (otherwise there'd be no need to single out how Leo Frank is Jewish in the very short summary which probably only wants to include the important bits). Seems fitting with how antisemitism is on the rise at least partly because of wrongful accusations (specifically "because you are Jewish, you are guilty of agreeing with and supporting everything Israel is doing in their current conflict with Palestine").

Will a Movie About the Making of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Come to the Big Screen? (playbill.com)

The 2023 Black List, an initiative that shines a spotlight on the best of Hollywood's unproduced screenplays, is out (see the full list here), and it includes one title that will be especially interesting to Playbill's readers: Boy Falls From Sky by Hunter Toro. The screenplay reportedly follows an "anxious playwright" writing...


My most vivid memory of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is this bit from the 2011 Tony Awards Opening Number, complete with visuals.

We've got swarms of Mormons, showgirls, sailors
Dancing boys and nuns
Plus a spider facing death-defying budget overruns!

If this turned into a movie I would go watch.


Imagine being stalked to your workplace and having people try to kill you in a way that might take away your livelihood (and likely passion) forever. Terrifying.

I get people being in desperate circumstances but it is really really hard to think of that and sympathize when getting out of your desperate circumstance involves personally assaulting another person in a way that might stick them your desperate circumstances because they can no longer do their job that they probably love and need to survive, one where they trained for years to rise to the cream of the crop of an extremely competitive music industry to get the job in the first place, thanks to your direct violent assault. Turning a blind eye and sympathizing is for taking bread, not taking livelihood and/or directly physically harming a person.


As a Kbin user, microblogs definitely are not all the posts we make here. We can both microblog through "Add new post" and make a thread through "Add new link", "Add new thread", and "Add new photo".


Sorry! One thing Kbin doesn't do and that Lemmy seems to do sometimes is telling me, without me clicking on the user's profile, which platform and instance a poster is posting from.

Emotional_Series7814, (edited )

I was super intimidated by cabling, but I tried it for the first time and it is nowhere near as hard as I thought it was! The only difficult thing I need to deal with is accounting for how it changes up the gauge. I used this article with photo diagrams to help me, as well as a tiny portion of this video.

I do not have the patience for videos. I just needed to see the process of how you work the stitches on the cable needle off of it: after you slide the stitches on from, say, the right, do you slide them back up the right and work them off from there, orienting the cable needle as needed so you can do so? Or do you slide them up the left instead? The article would not tell me, so I was forced to resort to the video. I did not watch past 4:12. The answer I use now is "whatever you have to do to knit them in the same order you'd knit them if you left them on the regular, non-cable needle".

Fully aware I am nowhere near the best knitter here, but still proud of the new technique.


That is very kind of you, thank you!


Although I love musicals, I have not seen a wide enough variety to know of a fully diegetic musical, only musicals where some of the songs are diegetic, with the possible exception of Urinetown where the narrator characters imply everyone else in the show knows it's a musical and therefore are aware of the songs being sung.

LITTLE SALLY: But aren't you scared the rebels will see you?

LOCKSTOCK: Oh, I may be a cop, but I'm also the narrator. So no one can touch me, not if they want the show to end.

So I went and did a brief search and found some answers on TVTropes.org! Some of the responses out of the Theatre section are worth looking at, especially since one of the entries (Camp Rock, under "Films — Live Action") is also a full musical you can license from MTI and put on.


ADHD - zero tech literacy - want to learn Obsidian. Any help?

Good morning (excuse my English, it’s not my first language), I am very disorganised and forgetful, I always live in a state of anxiety because if I don’t make any reminders (for this I use ‘saved message’ onTelegram) I literally forget appointments, deadlines, so: I always live under persistent stress due to the strain...

Emotional_Series7814, (edited )

I also have ADHD.

When you first download Obsidian, they put you in the Obsidian Sandbox vault which is full of "how to use Obsidian" tutorials and is made for you to play around and experiment with. Read as much of it as you think is relevant to you. You can always go back to their tutorials to learn more when you need it. I find the official tutorials good enough to not need to look elsewhere for the basics on "how to use Obsidian". It's cool to read elsewhere for different ways to organize, but I know that I'll end up suffering from organizational/decision paralysis so it's better for me to just go and write. Organize later. Yes, not the best for "staying organized" but at least I'll be writing important stuff down in an area I can use a search function on which is better than nothing at all.

Part of how I stay organized is that everything has a designated place and must always be put there when not in use. This extends to information. "Where did I put my tax returns?" "Well, you always write information of that nature down in Obsidian, use the search tool in Obsidian and search for 'taxes' to find the answer."

My actual Obsidian files are not the prettiest or the most well organized, but I do manage to actually keep all information of a particular nature contained within. This helps a lot.

A few other ADHD tips:

When I put any of my physical belongings down and I don't have a particular place they go in (so this happens less at home, but in the museum I visited for the first time and do not expect to be a regular at? I am definitely not going to have a designated spot for each item the way I do at home), they need to be physically near each other. This has cut down so much on umbrella loss for me.

Also, I am personally an Apple Reminders person. Every time I think of something that must be acted on at a particular date or time that I might forget, I put it in Reminders for that day and/or time, which is set up to send me notifications. For example, I sing in a choir and I usually do not take my music folder home after I finish rehearsal. If I decide I want to take the folder home, there is a good chance I'll forget to do that, so I set a reminder to go off at 7:00PM, when rehearsal ends.

So how does Obsidian play into remembering information if I already use Apple Reminders? I use Obsidian for information I'll probably forget that doesn't have a particular date/time associated with it (like recipes I particularly liked that I don't want to forget, or the difference between three musical terms that I always forget the difference between).

Mobilizon V4 : the maturity stage (framablog.org)

5 years after its announcement, Mobilizon, our free, federated alternative to Facebook groups and events, is reaching maturity. We take this opportunity to look back on its history and future. 🦆 VS 😈: Let's take back some ground from the tech giants! Thanks to your donations to our not-for-profit, Framasoft is taking...


Why is this marked Polish when it's in English?

Emotional_Series7814, (edited )

I was always annoyed by the "LMAO everyone pathetic nerd stereotype" thing they did on Reddit, only partially because it assumed everyone was a man desperate for sex from a woman. Is this comment an attempt at a joke or a genuine assessment?

I may be a nerd and it is probably fair to say most Fediverse users are. But I'm not a basement-dweller stereotype and I'm not sure where that comes from aside from the tired old Reddit joke about all its users being that exact stereotype.

Also, again, network effects. Go where advice exists on a nice wiki, not where it's a new community and maybe 1 person will answer your comment if you are lucky—a lot of people just want an answer and don't want to deal with the nonresponse and tumbleweeds from a totally new community. It is emotionally easier to toss a post about gaming into the void than it is to approach with an actual problem you have in a relationship or with your finances you need help with, then to check in daily in hope someone answered only to get crickets back, and then repost in another community (or even another site, where you might have to rewrite that post so that you can't just look it up and find out FediverseUser83 posted the same thing as RedditUser92 and is thus probably the same person's two accounts). So these become "why waste the effort and time when you could just go to Reddit and get a quicker response?" to an even higher level than other communities—nonresponse probably hurts more.

For relationship advice specifically, I recall that subreddit being called unrealistic so often that I understand why people might be wary to start a new one here.

I'm actually pretty image-conscious and a lot of this manifests in putting effort into how I dress. I am also incredibly uncomfortable putting pictures of myself (yes, you can talk about fashion without selfies, but the typical "does this look good on me" post requires you post yourself. "Look at this outfit I put together" is easiest to do with your own human body, not searching online for images of each piece of clothing you put on and putting them in one image, especially because some older pieces may not have a perfectly matching online image) on social media like Reddit, let alone the Fediverse which duplicates your post to tons of servers who may or may not respect post deletions. I'd imagine this frustrates the growth of fashion, makeup, and hair communities.

Emotional_Series7814, (edited )

Genuine question, as a non-Twitter user, what was Twitter-style discussion that held value like? I only ever heard about it being a quick source for certain official outlets to broadcast to others (which does have value but that's not discussion), a place for political fighting and harassment, and about how you weren't able to have nuanced discussions within the small character limit.

I know one advantage of Mastodon is that the character limit is much higher.


I had no idea knitted garments could stand up to swimming!


Glad this is here. Tried searching for the original post on r/hobbydrama to link to a friend, and couldn't find it.

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