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Downers Grove IL he/him/his #LGBTQIA ally, #Transrights, #BLM #neverrepublican, Equality Downers Grove #EQDG Youth Outlook #GunControl #AntiRacist Stop the Fox/Murdoch machine of lies. Don't be a jerk. Kindness rocks. Try kindness first. If that doesn't work protect yourself. Nobody has the right to crap on you. #Buddhism, roast coffee, make pottery, retired computer fixing guy, husband 50y, father, Papa. IATSE stagehands Local 2. ENFP!

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GrimmReality, (edited ) to random
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"A handful of cretinous shitsacks who fully legalized bribery in America because they hold to an ideology that insists rich, conservative people are inherently superior and should have carte blanche to rule unfettered by laws turned out to also take fuck-tons of bribes, dismissed every suggestion they account for that because those suggestions came from lowly pleb scum, and materially participated in an effort to end democracy in America" sure feels like a plot twist every last person with critical thinking skills should have seen coming.

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@GrimmReality Did any of them report the gifts on their income tax. I never hear anyone report on that.

Frankc1450, to random
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Frankc1450, to random
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markmetz, to vinyl
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I haven’t done a daytime pop up in a while, so here’s a little Latin jazz guitar stream to make your day… 🤓

Charlie Byrd - Latin Byrd

🎵 on the air right here, right now ➡️

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@markmetz @vinylrecords Well, you’re live so neither link went to the songs you mentioned. It was nice though.

Frankc1450, to random
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jfmezei, to random

Give me ham on 5, hold the mayo !!!!

Mayo YK has dethroned Keg River Alberta as the coldest spot in Canada 😉
Mayo is at -45.4° while Keg River is at -44.1°

Edmonton is out of the running, not even close to winning with only -35 at Airport or balmy -30 in the city. If Edmonton goes above -30, I guess it marks official start of summer :-)
AB Towns at -40 or below:
Hawk Hills -39.9
Keg River -44.1
leedale -40.9
Manning -40.2
Three Hills -39.9
Verger -39.5

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@jfmezei C or F?

Impossible_PhD, to random
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Since the Substack Discourse is going round again, this is why Stained Glass Woman is on Substack, and why I don't feel I have any other real choice:

  1. The fundamental functionality I need for SGW to exist is a straightforward, self-authoring design, because I am not a coder. I've tried doing pages from the ground up on everything from Wix to WordPress to Joomla over the years. I have neither the skill or the time to use complex web tools. For SGW to exist, it's gotta be simple.


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@Impossible_PhD Thanks, very interesting breakdown. I follow a lot of writers on SS. Now I understand why they don’t bail.

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@Impossible_PhD I subscribed. Best wishes DI

jfmezei, to random

Heads up: NTSB to hold press briefing at 23:00 Sunday night (Eastern Time, but they are on the wet coast so will only be 20:00 there).


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@jfmezei the first I heard they said a window blew out. Now it looks like a whole door blew off.

drahardja, to random
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It really bothers me that we had an attempted coup d’état in this very country three years ago, more than a thousand people have been charged, convicted, and pled guilty of various crimes related to it, but there is STILL a strong base of support for the traitors who perpetrated it? That is insane.

White supremacy is WILD, y’all.

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@grumpasaurus @drahardja why not file it against trump? It was his idea.

GottaLaff, to random
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I'll have you know that I have finished, yes FINISHED, inventorying my entire house for The Big Move to 🇨🇦 in May.

Yes, I even incl makes, models, serial no's of everything electronic.

Took photos, itemized under each. Damn I'm good.

Next: Transfer it all to official border forms.

Packing waits til spring. That's when we'll number boxes & make more lists.

🗓️HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. May it be filled with love, peace, prosperity, abundance of food & friendship & election wins! 🥂🍽️🎊

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@GottaLaff Happy New Year! Wow you're starting early. Good for you. I'd start in April.
Where are you moving to? Oh, never mind, I see the Canada flag. 😄👍

RickiTarr, to random
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What are your true opinions and thoughts on marriage?

Just for fun, this is a photo from my wedding day (ignore the reflection of my phone lol) I was all of 21.

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@RickiTarr Cute picture!
Tough question to answer well. We married in 1971. It's like asking me what I think of my left foot. It's a part of me. Only she can talk to me (unlike my foot), tell me I'm an idiot, tell me what to not wear, oh, and love me.
It's truly mind blowing.

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@RickiTarr We've been very very lucky. Received lots of help along the way. We had a strong village.

mattferrell, to random
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The Truth About Heat Pumps and Cold Weather. Heat pumps are versatile, efficient, and great for both heating and cooling … or are they? Whenever heat pumps are mentioned, critics bring up their ineffectiveness in the cold, so is that still... https://undecidedmf.com/the-truth-about-heat-pumps-and-cold-weather/

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I'm interested but I just heard from a heating guy that said go ahead install one but keep your gas furnace for the cold days. Wtf!

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@mattferrell by the way Matt, love your YouTube channel! I'm a follower. Glad to see you here.

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@mattferrell I know! After all your videos it's very frustrating.

CelloMomOnCars, to random
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"The [researchers] say the “report reveals how these East Coast opponents are not solely local – they are embedded in a network of seasoned interests and think tanks that have perfected obstruction tactics for decades.”

One striking aspect of the anti-OSW network is the sharing of tactics and rhetoric, both in mainstream media and on social networks, said Slevin."


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@CelloMomOnCars Great info, thanks

Teri_Kanefield, to random
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I am still absorbing the enormity of the Colorado Supreme Court's ruling that Trump is ineligible to appear on the ballot.

It was a long day, so forgive typing errors.

It seems to me that there was plenty of due process, Colorado law empowered its elections officer to determine qualification, and the elections officer did so.

I don't believe there has to a finding in criminal court that Trump engaged in insurrection for Section 3 to apply. . .


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I believe SCOTUS has been bought and paid for.
They will not disappoint their handlers.
Whatever the Koch's decide is what they will decide.

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@Teri_Kanefield You're right, they have ruled against him, I'm thinking that maybe what the Kochs ( and others) want now. Because every other decision they've made has been really hard to justify.

DanaDee, to random
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@DanaDee yeah, very scary.

TonyStark, to random
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One of the most persistent and pernicious libels: "BUUUUT Israel created Hamas!!!”

Every time I hear folks say that as though they have just produced a work of triumphant genius, my soul withers.

What is Hamas? What to know about its origins, leaders and funding | PBS NewsHour:

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@cat_static @TonyStark Talk is cheap, giving them aid is what they need.

TheMetalDog, to music
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@gogmagog @TheMetalDog Excellent! Thanks

Frankc1450, to random
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br00t4c, to random
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@br00t4c Time for women to kick some ass!

br00t4c, to random

'This Really Was a Debacle': CNN Legal Analyst Says Trump 'Made Important Concessions' in His 'Inherently Contradictory' Testimony


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It was perfect testimony. The best testimony ever. Everyone says that.

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