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For me it's been take cover but keep moving. Get close and hit hard. Have med packs ready to use and don't be afraid to use the numerous buff consumables.


$20 is amazing. I hope it comes to Canada!

Why did Activision remove games from GeForce Now? - The Verge (

Kotick discusses the removal of Activision games from GeForce Now after the brief beta period. “When they [Nvidia] launched the service commercially we removed our titles,” says Kotick. It sounds like Activision wanted a commercial deal with Nvidia or the games would disappear. In an internal Activision 2020 email, Kotick...

What counts as "Cloud Gaming"? (

Does playing Nethack on a public server count as cloud gaming? I realize playing an online only game doesn't count or every web game would. But with Nethack the processing is all server side, my machine is just displaying text basically, I can save and continue from any other device (with ssh or telnet or whatever)....


Yeah it's fun to think that perhaps BBS games from back in the day were the original cloud games. 🤣

I think your post is perfectly fine. I'm mostly just happy to see people engaging. 😁


Thanks for all your efforts! I'm sure all the issues will get fixed in due course. Definitely take time for yourself!

SteveDinn, to fedia

FYI, I am not sure that the "don't show NSFW" option is working for the "Random" box at the bottom. I didn't take a screenshot, but I definitely saw a cock down there.

Note: this is a repost because I think I screwed up the first time and posted in a different location. I deleted the original.


@chris that explains alot. I just assumed NSFW instances don't enforce the tag. Despite blocking the entire NSFW Lemmy domain, some of their magazines still make it to my random box.


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