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TikTok users worry about losing their social media platform, but First Amendment rights are on the line, too. There's a good argument for free speech protection of TikTok and its owners in this case, writes 2 law professors.
Imagine if the government told Jeff Bezos that he had to sell The Washington Post because it was worried that he might push a particular agenda.
Courts have long ruled that that sort of worry about future problems is unconstitutional:


Imagine if Jeff Bezos were a Russian citizen and stooge of Vladimir Putin. Would we allow him to run an influential social media/entertainment/news app whose algorithm is completely opaque?

lauren, to random avatar

I have yet to see any indication that the TikTok app is any worse in terms of privacy than any of the other major social media apps and a vast number of other apps both in the iOS and Android ecosystems. What we're seeing in Congress now is just protectionist China-bashing. There's lots of legit stuff to be concerned about with China, but these attacks on TikTok and DJI, for example, are political bipartisan grandstanding of a very bad kind, and it's disgusting.


@lauren Would you give control of Facebook over to Vladimir Putin? Those two are among the four foreign governments deemed “foreign adversaries. The other two are Iran and North Korea.


@lauren you appear to be arguing from an appeal to authority. I just laid out the simple issue. You can disagree, but don’t start waving appeal to authority as an argument. If I am wrong about the facts or their relevance, please correct me.


My issue with ByteDance specifically is that they’ve already shown a willingness to to bow down to the desires of the CCP to censor what people can say or spread on their platform to suppress criticism of PRC policies. When a Houston Rockets player posted in support of the Hong Kong democracy protestors, all Houston Rockets references were suddenly removed from the platform, but no other NBA franchises suffered any similar “outages”.


@lauren I respect that. I don’t think domestic data brokers and social media should escape scrutiny either. I am just particularly wary of these foreign adversaries, and this one in particular as my family fled China because of policies very much like this. One prominent family member died in a CCP prison for his dissent.

luckytran, to random avatar

Six students have measles in an outbreak at a Florida elementary school.

How did Florida's health department respond?

Their Surgeon General sent out a letter that supports parents sending unvaccinated children to school during the outbreak and doesn't recommend vaccination.


@MHowell @luckytran
Neither the AMA or the AAP license physicians. That’s up to the individual state Boards of Medicine. Plus, Ladapo was trained in internal medicine, not pediatrics. So you need the Florida State Board of Medicine to suspend his license. Guess who appoints the Florida Board of Medicine?

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Too soon?


The sign should also be in Russian and Arabic.

philip_cardella, to random avatar

I'm telling y'all. You need to be terrified of

Talking to my buddy who is absolutely a voted for Obama twice and is so worried about 's age he'd vote for .

I'm trying to convince him Haley will gleefully implement (which he's never heard of--if I told you his job title you'd shit, he's swinging a big stick) but he's a prime example of why she's so dangerous.


@philip_cardella @lovelylovely
He’s not leaving the race because he sees it as his sure way to avoid imprisonment. He’ll run even if he’s incarcerated.

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  • Gregnee,

    I could see something like this having utility for an orthopedic surgeon. It’s pretty common for orthopedists to have to leave the operating table to look at imaging studies or references re: the particular hardware they’re implanting or working with.


    Thankfully, surgery isn’t something that happens quickly. Framerate isn’t a problem as long as there isn’t a lot of latency. Equipment failure is always a risk with anything used in the OR, not just with potential headsets. Having the fracture modeled in 3D overlaid on the patient could be very helpful, especially if we’re also overlaying a prosthetic. I’m not an orthopedist, but I’ve scrubbed on enough ortho cases to see the potential benefit here.

    BTW, a lot of surgery is already done arthroscopically or endoscopically, which is also looking through a screen 100% of the time.


    In fact, remote robotic surgery is becoming a “thing”, which is not only looking through a screen 100% of the time, but also performed from far away. That has a far higher failure rate than using a headset in person.

    lauren, to random avatar

    I suspect VR headset manufacturers with pass-through capabilities are going to have to try find ways to minimize or ideally prevent drivers wearing them while driving. It's not going to be easy to do this while not preventing passengers from wearing them, but the specter of a driver going literally blind instantly when a headset crashes or pass-through is otherwise disabled is nightmarish.


    Saw one post whose Vision Pro experienced a OS crash, but the passthrough continued to operate normally.

    You can't prevent people from being stupid, just try to limit the consequences for others when they do stupid things.


    Of course. Anything can happen, but userspace crash is by far the most “system" crash most computer users experience. That they've mitigated that scenario is good safety design, much in the same way that the RT OS for automotive control is separated from the car's entertainment OS.


    To a certain extent, sure. But we don't sue car manufacturers responsible when drunk drivers kill people, right? We currently don't sue phone manufacturers for traffic damage, even though one of the most common causes of accidents now is distracted drivers using their cell phones.

    danilo, to VisionPro avatar

    So what is it Apple is trying to accomplish with ?

    What's the underlying experience that only this technology can deliver?

    It’s nothing short of science fiction. But the reality will be more challenging to pull off. v1 products are tough.


    @glyph @danilo
    The Apple Watch’s “killer app” of health data was only clear in retrospect. Remember “Digital Touch” and how much time they spent on it during the presentation? Something here may end up being the “killer app”, but we just can’t see it yet.

    moira, to USpolitics avatar


    Guy I knew had a phrase, "can't stand prosperity." It refers to people who can't take good news, who have to turn it into bad news.

    That's a lot of you. STOP IT.

    See link. Is this a complete victory? No. Is it a step? Yes.

    The response of a lot of lefties is "that's not perfect so it's shit, and you're shit for being happy about it." Not those exact words, but close, and it's exactly the attitude.

    If that's not what you mean you react that way, then here's the correct response:

    "Fuck yeah! Now let's make them do [the next step]."

    Because "that's shit and you're wrong for being happy?" THAT'S NOT ANALYSIS, THAT'S SELF-SABOTAGE AND AIDING THE ENEMY.



    @1dalm @chiclet @moira
    I just assume a lot of those “leftists” on social media not voting for Biden are Russian troll farms.

    kraigschmidt, to Sony avatar

    @jsnell @gruber @viticci @imyke @siracusa

    Gents. I’ve been thinking about buying a (now the L) for years.

    The 65” is $3500 (before Black Friday sales, if there are any).

    Interestingly, this is the same price as the .

    I don’t feel particularly compelled to get a VP, though I do have a boatload of other gear, natch.

    Is it crazy to consider getting a VP instead of a killer qd-oled TV? Are TV and movies enough of a use-case, by themselves?


    @kraigschmidt @jsnell @gruber @viticci @imyke @siracusa @jamesthomson
    Depends completely on your use cases. You already have a pretty good TV, it sounds like. So is the $3500 worth the marginal improvement over what you have? For me, the 3D recordings are going to be the selling factor, as I have multiple small kids. I want to start capturing and experiencing those moments in 3D NOW. I already look back at their earlier years and wonder how many of those old photos and videos would have been so much more compelling in 3D/VR.

    viticci, to random avatar

    Apple online event confirmed – October 30!

    "Scary fast."


    5 pm Pacific time? I don’t recall an Apple event in recent memory that wasn’t 10 am or something around there. 5 pm on a weekday is weird.

    freeformz, to random avatar

    @gruber Has Kagi gotten any better in the last few months? I tried it for a while but my search results were terrible enough that I ended up switching back to Google after a few weeks.


    @gruber @freeformz
    It’s not just quality Apple has to worry about. How many search engine companies could reasonably handle the TRAFFIC of being the default on mobile Safari with crashing constantly? I can think of only 2 companies running search engines that can handle that scale.

    grammargirl, (edited ) to random avatar

    Do you ever deal with an edit that won't leave you alone?

    I have a sentence like this:

    The company that invented the device was located in the same building as ...

    I took out the word "located." It shouldn't be necessary. "In" means the same thing. But now it doesn't feel right to me, and I keep thinking about it.

    [Update: I changed it to "worked out of," and now I'm happy with it.]


    @grammargirl I think it’s more specific. “In” can imply a figurative state of being, e.g. “in transit” or “in a fugue”. “Located” makes it clear you’re talking about a physical state of being.

    rebeccawatson, to random avatar

    Sabine Hossenfelder tried to use the story of penicillin to prove her thesis that capitalism leads to scientific progress. Here, I quote Ernst Chain, who won the Nobel Prize for his work on penicillin, to prove her wrong.


    Yeah, penicillin is a terrible example of capitalistic motivation for scientific progress. A better example is the development of biological therapies for autoimmune diseases, such as Remicade or Humira.

    paul, to random avatar

    I almost spit out my $5 coffee when I saw the $1200 starting price for a phone.


    The Google Pixel Fold STARTS at $1,699.

    jamesthomson, to random avatar

    I snark, but this is pretty damn effective, and better than the last one where people were being eaten by bears etc.


    What’s more effective than people being eaten by bears?

    mike, to random avatar

    It occurred to me, if Elon just wanted to shit post to his followers all day why didn't he just start a Mastodon instance? He could have saved himself a few billion dollars and donated it to something actually cool.


    @mike right. That’s exactly what Trump did.

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