ArchLinux, FreeBSD, auto, pi tinkerer. InfoSec by day. Python, home automation, & occasional OSS contributor.

Atypical geek, #runner, #cyclist, & outdoor enthusiast. Husband & father, #veds ❤️‍🩹 (Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) caregiver & supporter.

Music lover – just about everything, #punk #country #hiphop

libertarianish, riding #bluewave

Here for mostly tech & humor, misc interest, and lite politics. #athiest

Freedom for all humans - E pluribus unum 🗽🏳️‍⚧️

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JSkier, to random

Got a decent in on last Friday while on vacation. I have been doing plenty of runs on a treadmill at work lately. I know I should probably go outside more with the nicer weather. So glad I got out, hopefully another one today!

twizzay, to random

Hope all the SO :stackoverflow: bois are having a stress-free Thursday solving problems on their own.


@twizzay @fedops To the Internet Archives! 😏

Hah, seems up now.

tehjessica, to Cats
@tehjessica@mstdn.social avatar

Pretty Sakura ❤️


@tehjessica Absolutely adorable 😻

verge, to random
@verge@mastodon.social avatar

@verge Paid execs excessively and fleeced taxpayers? 🤔

selea, to homeassistant

What kind of temperatur and humidity sensors do you use for measuring outdoor and/or in the attic?

#homeassistant #askfediverse #askfedi


@derek @selea I also use these, they seem pretty reliable, and yes, good battery life.

JSkier, to music

Random people: Do you actually like just about any music there is?

Me: This playlist only partially sums it up 😄

StampedingLonghorn, to random

I'm tired of all the sports betting ads. I'm all for legalizing stuff, but being subjected to these ads makes me want to not have them legalized.


@StampedingLonghorn Agreed. I don't fit the target market for gambling, so it's moderately annoying, if I happen to catch them (usually I try to multitask and do other things to avoid commercials).


@StampedingLonghorn @teamtuck If you look at salaries in the NFL, the monies gotta come from somewhere. Not trying to justify it, other than an observation that it's out of control. The NFL team owners already fleece for public subsidized stadiums too 😔

emarktaylor, to NFL
@emarktaylor@thecanadian.social avatar

🏈 @nfl

Baker picked again.


@emarktaylor @nfl Such a smooth pick off 😍

MaryAustinBooks, to random
@MaryAustinBooks@mstdn.social avatar

Life in America be like... 🌪️ 🔫 😬 🏃‍♀️


@MaryAustinBooks Makes gotta catch 'em all have a whole new meaning 😳

twizzay, to random

Just realized I haven't been following @satan this whole time.



@twizzay @satan Satan is very busy, but the chicken sacrifice may help get their attention 👀

selea, to random

Found an Netgate 1100, and to my dissappointed it does looks like they stopped deliver updates to it because them brick themselves lol


@selea Can it run opnsense then? 🤔

MichaelRoss, to random

@MichaelRoss Good read. Never heard of Greene before, but I enjoyed his insight and style with this peice. Seemingly worthy blog to follow.

Not many men (self included), ask themselves this question, really ponder, and answer it. Life is crazy, it's so easy to lose sight of what matters.

StampedingLonghorn, to random

Was reading comments on Facebook about someone wanting to change their electric company. I loled when I read the comment about getting an electrician to check if he had a bad ground wire that was causing expensive bills.


@StampedingLonghorn Nah, rates are going up everywhere, and no competition. No comment on the ground line 😂 I dislike this utility, but not as bad as an ISP, even though most are at least a duopoly now.

jerry, to random

Eevee getting ready for the approaching cold front


@jerry Get that cat a heating pad, stat 😃

dangillmor, to random
@dangillmor@mastodon.social avatar

Reminder that no one should buy a printer from HP, ever: https://www.theregister.com/2024/01/19/hps_ceo_spells_it_out/


@dangillmor Switched to Epson after the custom ink replacement kits stopped working on the old HP months ago. Pleased with the move. Individual ink tanks work just fine, less hassle.

Gina, to random
@Gina@fosstodon.org avatar

Convinced that the 7th circle of hell is an airport.


@Gina Not wrong. Makes my blood boil most of the time. Especially if TSA is in the mix 🙃

twizzay, to random

One of my old homies back in the midwest bought an ambulance and turned it into a house.

ambulance unmarked
counter with a dang sink and AC


@twizzay That is super cool! When the kids get older, I thought about doing this with a school bus, but an ambulance seems a bit more reasonable 🙂

GossiTheDog, to random
@GossiTheDog@cyberplace.social avatar


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  • JSkier,

    @GossiTheDog I'm waiting for the FAA mod to be a thing 😆

    tehjessica, to random
    @tehjessica@mstdn.social avatar

    Y'all, our HVAC thermostat is on 70 (because with our old insulation and single pane windows, that usually gets our house to 68) and my office was 66 this morning with the outside temp around 20. I have a space heater set to 74 in here and nearly 3 hours later it's reached... 70. 🙃 Usually I don't set the space heater that high, but my walls are cold omg. Texas infrastructure was NOT built for cold. Not at all.


    @tehjessica Yeah, 20 is too cold for Texas. We've been around below 0 F lately in Minnesota, and our very old but well insulated house keeps up, but the boiler is working very very hard.

    evanprodromou, to movies

    I’ve been prompted by the Netflix algorithm pretty aggressively to watch Leave the World Behind, the 2023 apocalypse film — it said I was a 98% match for the movie. I’ve taken it in over the last couple of days, and I have to grudgingly admit that the algorithm was correct; I really liked it. Here are my impressions; spoilers ahead.

    The film’s premise is straightforward — a middle-class Brooklyn couple played by Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke take an impromptu family weekend trip to Long Island in a surprisingly posh rental house. Things start going wrong immediately — an oil tanker grounds itself on the beach where they are sunbathing; then Internet and mobile phone service go out.

    That night, they’re awakened by the Black owners of the house, a father and daughter played by Mahershala Ali and Myha’la respectively. They’ve come from the city, where there is a severe blackout; they decided not to stay in their Park Avenue home, but instead come back to their country house. The renters, initially reluctant, even when offered a refund, relent when they see that all the television channels are on the emergency broadcast system.

    Over the course of a few days, the families settle into an uneasy truce, as they realise that a serious attack on the United States has taken place. They endure sonic attacks, crashing airplanes and runaway self-driving cars, and increasingly strange animal behaviour. Ultimately, as the children suffer greater and greater hardship, they find a bunker in a nearby mansion to settle into, as mushroom clouds rise over the Manhattan skyline in the distance.

    The underlying premise is fairly direct — that a foreign power, or a coalition of them, has used cyberattacks to weaken America’s resolve and spread terror. With a frayed social fabric, Americans may do the job for the attackers by turning on each other. What leadership there is in the country abdicates any responsibility, moves their investments electronically, and moves off to what we can expect is comfortable exile.

    The acting was masterful. With only the faintest of brushstrokes, Roberts shows off the racist assumptions of white culture (she insists that the owners are really scammers, or maybe the handyman and housekeeper). Hawke’s character is easy-going and cavalier about his privilege. The gender dynamics in their relationship is roiling and unstable.

    All the relationships are telling — between the renter dad and the owner’s daughter; between the owner and the mom; between the mom and the owner’s daughter. Probably the most difficult is the one between the renters’ older son and his younger sister, who dangles perilously at the margin of the social group. Her disconnection, and her resolve to start looking out for herself (inspired by an episode of West Wing), drives the story to its conclusion.

    I was pretty deeply troubled by the story, in the shadow of the war currently underway in Gaza. I could not help but notice the parallels — absence of medical facilities, destroyed roads, information blackouts, bombings — between the experience of the TV characters and the real experience of the civilian population there. The characters’ absolute befuddlement that such attacks would happen to Americans, without understanding that they happen to people around the world every day, is richly ironic.

    Most of all, I found the natural world’s disruption unsettling. Roberts’s character has a monologue at the end where she notes how little Americans actually care about the effects of their own actions on other people in the world or the animals and plants in it. It’s a little blunt and heavy-handed, but so well-written and delivered so expertly that it definitely broke through.

    I’d recommend the movie if you’ve got Netflix (and sorry for the spoilers). It’s definitely given me a lot to think about.



    @evanprodromou I figured there were spoilers in your post, so tstopped quickly 😆 Half way through the book, planning on watching it next. It may turn out to be a good book / good movie, which is rare these days.

    sidereal, to random
    @sidereal@kolektiva.social avatar

    Wow look it's exactly what happened when we got rid of the streetcars. Aged extremely well


    @sidereal Used to have them in the US too, especially the city where I grew up and live now (before my time though). I would say this has aged very well, beyond Canada. We have a street car museum in this city, and it looks like the automobile forced it out, combined with terrible city planning and no forethought to the implications of paving over the tracks. They redid light rail where the old lines were, but the size of trains means even more congestion on major arteries. Big regret 😔

    twizzay, to random

    Does anyone else have family members that try and act super pretentious about really random things?

    They'll say things like:
    > This 'dish' has more 'sodium' than my 'pallete' can handle

    like heck yeah it does, bro. It's Maruchan Cup of Noodles.

    Shut up and eat it so you can get back to your job at the warehouse.

    Maybe your pallets will be developed enough to not fall off the forklift today.


    @twizzay Oh god, I have one who's pretty bad like that, with the added crazy Minnesota passive aggressiveness 😆

    WTL, to running
    @WTL@mastodon.social avatar

    Thursday: 110 seconds of plank, 5 minutes of kettle bells, followed by 10.1 km of (-9°C with a windchill of -13°C), and picked up some groceries and walked home - which led me to regret being on for fifteen minutes. 🤣

    All that slush from yesterday has now frozen solid, making most of the recreational paths … challenging.

    of the day was Ships in the Night’s World Turned Cold.

    1) Rideau River, frozen over with what look like waves (lines of snow), and a beautiful colourful pore-sunrise sky. 2) Recreational path covered in snow and ice. 3) Pylon on recreational path saying “No sidewalk plows beyond this point”.
    Apple Music playing Ships in the Night’s World Turned Cold


    @WTL Dang, that is too cold for me to even run in 😏 I need at least 0°C or above, no wind, and sunny.


    @WTL Very true 😃 And it changes with time. 25 years ago I would be right there with you on the shorts, no regrets either 😆

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