Welcome to Erset La Tari, a world where death is a constant companion and the future is uncertain. The Land of No Return is a full cast audio drama that takes you on a journey through the different regions of this dying world. From the cities teeming with life to the barren wastelands, each series explores a different story that delves into the themes of morality, power, and survival. In Erset La Tari, the line between good and evil is blurred, and the struggle for survival is a constant battle.

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KierZh, to random

Pretty burnt out people. Been working knees to chest for the last 3 weeks and had little energy for anything other than sleep.

Haven’t been able to work on the show for almost a month! 😲

Can’t wait for a rest and a chance to work on the next few episodes

KierZh, to random

Wooo! It’s been a while!

I know I said Anderkant would be back in 2024 but this episode was burning a hole in my pocket! 😂

So, enjoy episode 7 of Anderkant: I Have No Idea What Is Happening!

Amazing performances by Krissi Williams, reprising her role as Gnilfeit and Gemma Maclean-Mair, introducing the mythical Thae Oraen!

KierZh, to random

Tried to surprise the audience with a double ep drop today…

Backfired big time 😂

Most people went straight for the finale episode… and missed the one before it…

The show is confusing enough without missing the entire set up for the finale 😆

Lesson learned I guess!



Whenever I have ‘double dropped’ in the past they have been for different stories!

This was originally one (very long) episode but I split them to make it more digestible.

I should have put a gap between the releases!

It’s all a learning process 😆 I will make sure not to do it again 😋

lowqualityfacts, (edited ) to random avatar

I apologize for passive aggressively gaslighting you all into believing that I am Snoop Dogg. They're right, it's time for me to come clean.

The truth is that I am actually Sandra Bullock. I am deeply sorry for deceiving everyone earlier today. I just wanted you all to like me.


I loved you in gravity!

KierZh, to random

A very weird and upsetting thing happened to me today.

My mind stopped working.

For most of the morning…when I was required to communicate, plan, problem solve and resolve conflict… I was unable to form sentences or coherent thoughts.

It was deeply upsetting.

I felt the urge to hide under a desk but realised this would be ineffective and so locked myself in a store cupboard for 40 minutes and lay on the floor in a spiral of emotion.

I think I might be ‘stressed’… I don’t like it at all.

KierZh, to random

It’s !!!!

I’m relistening to Evergreen By Sam Russel

Listened to this a couple of years back when it was releasing but now it’s complete I’m going to give it another go!

Great story, great narration great take on myths and legends in a neat comedic package!

Then I’ll be catching up with Regina Prime- an awesome Sci-Fi mystery by Jess Burgess

What are you listening to today?

KierZh, to random

KillFM3 Is going live now baby!

No Return even has a segment 😉

Deidzoeb, to Podcast

Hey, Podvibers or any or creators, where do you promote your podcasts for free? I shout about mine on social media & belong to a few Facebook groups like Audio Drama Hub. That's like preaching to the choir-directors. I suspect the membership of that group is mostly podcasters.



Other thank sharing WIPs and releases on here I gave up using SM to promote.

I use SM to network with other creators and promote through feeddrop and exchanges.

Whilst I’m sure someone has worked out the dark magic of AD promotion on SM- I certainly couldn’t master it & I’ve seen an incredible increase in listenership and engagement since I switched tack.

That said, AD lab is full of AD producers working this stuff out together. If you haven’t joined yet:

lowqualityfacts, to random avatar

Slightly confusing, but somehow true.



And that’s why Cilantro is Mongolian for Coriander

KierZh, to random

I DID IT!!!!! I DID IT!!!!

I finally finished one of my stories!!!! ... (Well part 1 of it 😂)

Written over a year ago, 3 hours and 20 minutes of absurd comedy and lore dumping but it's finally all out there!

Thanks to everyone who made The Nymphaeum (Part 1) possible!

Boy it feels good to have this beautiful creation out in the world :)

Now it's time to finish....

The Orillian Regiment


The Steg

The Ansa Enclave


Anderkant... haha!

KierZh, to random

We released a short episode of The Nymphaeum to tide you all over whilst we recast The Dissident!



BBCRadio4, to random

Hello everyone! 👋 We've joined the fediverse as part of an experiment with our friends from BBC Research & Development. Read more about it here:



Welcome BBCRadio 4 !!!

MrF, to Seiyuu avatar

How's my fledgling career going? Well I just recorded a few minutes of my best (terrible) impression of a certain green frog puppet doing very uncharacteristic things for a podcast.

This is not where I expected to end up, but I can't say I'm disappointed.


@MrF 😂

KierZh, to random

As the sun sinks, ceding the sky to the moon,
The world does not rest, it simply shifts, revealing a new face,
The dance of the day yields to the nocturne's gentle notes,
In nature's realm, there is no end, only endless change. Will you embrace the journey?"

😜 hehe clogged up your feed with my lore dump 😆

KierZh, to random

Thus, the grand tapestry of the natural world unfolds,
In its silent sighs, its storms, its steady stride,
From the oak standing against the storm, to the ant on its tireless trail,
Each part echoes the essence of existence, a symphony of the sacred. Will you listen to its call?

KierZh, to random

On today's KILL FM showcase episode we are happy to drop you off at the

It's pretty spooky in there so try to panic, travelers.

And we will see you again, friends, very soon.

KierZh, to random

KillFM are showcasing the work of those creators who collaborated on KillFM Episode 2!

Today, it’s Project Gnosis!

You can check it out at:

KierZh, to random

Wide-End Episode 4: Someone In This Family Needs to Dare!


Brucco and Ysenda get closer and enjoy a sumptuous feast. Anzhlo loses his cool with his henchmen but his plan is coming together. the Little Luiren Families are getting involved.

KierZh, to random

Another strange episode of The Steg is out now!

The already unreliable magical storytelling device seems to be on the fritz, I really do wish Sam would stop messing with it, so we could get on with the story!

At least we got to see Lt Xu and the Dockmaster meet and see a little more of that ‘odd’ curmudgeon’s strained relationship with the city guard.

KierZh, to random

Spoiler free sneaky peak at the next episode of The Nymphaeum!


KierZh, to random

Things really sped up the last few months!

KierZh, to random

So! Mastodon should autotoot when I release an Ep now!

Unless I did it wrong 😑 👀

KierZh, to random

Is this how to monetize? 🤣

I’ve moved all the bonus content clogging up the No Return feed and I’ve put it all on Patreon!

Now the channel is much easier to navigate but you can still get your bonus content and lore fix over at:

You’ll even get early access to all of the Saga of Thadene Orillian episodes!!!

KierZh, to random

I finally had a free evening and so produced ‘The Saga of Thadene Orillian’ the legendary story which forms the foundational and unifying mythos of the No Return Universe.

It’s a lyrical poem… within accompanying ’expert’ analysis… it’s the most self indulgent I’ve ever been (and that’s saying something :joy:)

The characters in the show often reference the saga but it has been thus far little expounded.

No one asked for it, no one wanted it, except me… and that was enough :rofl:

It will be released in 6 parts over the next 6 weeks

Feedback is welcome but not required- this was very much just for me!


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